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2019 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up Stock Down: The PFF Match-Up Edition


Normally I write a list of players who are trending up or down, but the format seems less useful come playoff time. That is why for the 2019 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up Stock Down post, I decided to switch things up.

If you’re looking for advice on who to pick up our guy Jonathan Chan has a guide to your waiver wire that you can read here. 2019 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up Stock Down

Instead of the usual format I figured I’d take a look at who has the best and worst playoff match-ups this week.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up Stock Down

QB vs. Defensive Coverage

The formula here is pretty simple. It is the difference between a QBs PFF rating and the defense’s coverage rating.
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QuarterbackDifference in Rating
Baker Mayfield+35.6
Derek Carr+30.5
Tom Brady+27.8
Daniel Jones+24.1
Eli Manning+21.9
Ryan Fitzpatrick+21.0
Ryan Tannehill+20.8
Jimmy Garoppolo+20.4

The Takeaway

Baker likely isn’t available in your league. But he should find his way into your DFS lineups as often as possible this week.

Since taking over as the starter Ryan Tannehill has been playing exceptionally well. He is averaging 264 passing yards, 30.4 rushing yards, and 2.1 passing touchdowns per game. At this point, Tannehill has proven himself to be a must start option for anybody with a question mark at QB this week.

A matchup against the Jags made Phillip Rivers look as youthful and energized as he was 7 children ago. Now Derek Carr gets turn to take advantage of the prime matchup. As the second highest differential in rating he is a relatively safe bet bet to score some big numbers this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown some serious ability lately. I’m not brave enough to predict it will continue, but all signs point to him having another big week.

Either Eli or Daniel Jones is set to have a big week against a very soft Dolphins secondary.

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QuarterbackDifference in Rating
Gardner Minshew+17.4
Carson Wentz+17.0
Kirk Cousins+16.4
Jameis Winston+14.6
Deshaun Watson+13.7
Russel Wilson+12.3
Lamar Jackson+10.4

The Takeaway

Lamar Jackson, Russel Wilson, and Deshaun Watson are clearly the stand out names here. You don’t need me to tell you to play them.

Minshew has the best matchup, but might find it hard to repeat his earlier success with DJ Chark banged up. So his health is worth keeping an eye on if you’re rolling him out this week.

Wentz is down to one healthy wide receiver. But the Redskins are bad at covering every position and the Eagles may have found a role for Boston Scott. His high ceiling does come with one of the lower floors.

Kirk Cousins plays the Chargers and Jameis Winston plays the Lions. Either game could be a high scoring shootout or a low scoring disaster. But both QBs have big potential.

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QuarterbackDifference in Rating
Drew Brees+8.9
David Blough+4.9
Kyler Murray+3.4
Aaron Rodgers+1.4
Dwayne Haskins-2.1
Drew Lock-2.3
Pat Mahomes-4.4
Jared Goff-6.8
Dak Prescott-9.0
Phillip Rivers-9.2

The Takeaway

Pat Mahomes, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers aren’t going on your bench week 15. Just lower your expectations a bit as the games are tough but still very manageable.

Everyone else on this list is essentially only relevant in 2QB leagues or DFS bargain plays.

David Blough, Drew Lock, and Dwayne Haskins all have small sample sizes to grade so far this season. So they could dramatically outperform or under-perform their expectations. But the only one I’m rolling with is Drew Lock.

As for everyone else listed, the name of the game this season has been inconsistency. They could get you 30 points or 3 or anything in between. If it’s an option I’m avoiding them this week.

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QuarterbackDifference in Rating
Jacoby Brissett-10.0
Mitch Trubisky-12.2
Devlin Hodges-18.1
Kyle Allen-20.9
Josh Allen-23.3
Matt Ryan-23.3
Sam Darnold-24.9
Andy Dalton-37.7

The Takeaway

In your 1QB leagues the only one your really considering here is Josh Allen. But with a tweaked ankle in last weeks game against the Ravens, his rushing upside took a huge hit.

Matt Ryan is facing a top 2 defense with banged up receivers and is barely an option in 2QB leagues.

In my opinion, Mitch Trubisky has the most potential out of this group in what will be a passing heavy game. He might be able to sustain his recent success but the Packers are going to make him work for it.

Everybody else is a hard no for me. If you have another option, take it.

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