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2019 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up-Stock Down


Welcome to the 2019 Week 2 edition of the Fantasy Football Stock Up-Stock Down series.

How does one even begin to break down all of the surprises we saw this week.

There were so many surprises this week that it is almost hard to cover them all in one article.

From Lamar Jackson giving a convincing impersonation of Russell Wilson, to Baker Mayfield and the Browns being humbled by a Titans team that seems to have found it’s groove on offense.

And really, is Case Keenum going to be a thing this year?!

2019 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up-Stock Down

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Stock Up

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DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

DeSean Jackson seems to have whatever genes keep Larry Fitzgerald and Tom Brady young. Depending on your leagues scoring he was only bested by John Ross or Sammy Watkins.

Jackson is a high-quality deep threat and essentially the only piece this team needed to add. In addition to that, Carson Wentz might be the best QB Jackson has ever played with and his ceiling is sky-high moving forward.

The Ravens Offense

Let’s be honest, they aren’t playing Miami every week and shouldn’t be expected to drop almost 60 points again. But damn did they look good.

After the vicious beatdown to start the season everybody on this offense seems to be in a great position to succeed. But if you were thinking of trading for any Ravens, their cost may be a bit too pricey for it to be worth the trade.

Everybody With The Last Name Brown

Marquise, Malcolm, John, and Antonio all have reason to be very, very excited this season.

Marquise Brown looks like he’ll be successful for years to come in this apparently high flying offense. His week to week consistency is still a concern of mine but he showed us what we can expect on his best days. According to PFF, Hollywood averaged 18.38 yards per route run!

Malcolm Brown seems to be the 2nd string back to own in L.A. I do however think this situation might best be left alone if you don’t already have pieces of the Ram’s backfield. It is likely going to be very irritating playing RB roulette week in and week out.

John Brown seems to be an excellent fit for the Bills offensive game-plan. That plan being, make Josh Allen throw deep and hope it works out.

This may not be an offense I want a lot of, but with the struggling offense as a whole, John Brown seems like a solid and cheap(ish) trade target if you’re hurting at wide receiver.

Antonio Brown in a spectacular display of craziness and/or Oscar-worthy acting, AB got cut and within hours signed to the Patriots.

If he can figure out the Patriot way, he may be the best playmaker on a team that showed us Sunday night that it’s going to score a lot of points.

this was submitted prior to news breaking Tuesday night – the NFL is investigating the allegations

Honorable Mentions

Not Quite Convinced Yet But Had A Good Start

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The Cowboys Receivers Not Named Amari Cooper

Dak isn’t a bad QB and he clearly has the best receiving core he’s ever had. But he’s never been elite and this game’s stats might not be sustainable in the long run. I’m buying into the breakout for now, but tread carefully.

Randall Cobb and Michael Gallup may have a hard time both being relevant week to week.

Case Keenum and His Receivers

I’m not sure what to make of this game, but if there is a random guy who I can route for it’s Case Keenum. We’ve seen Keenum have success before in Minnesota and maybe he’ll do well again this year.

If you really need receivers and can’t seem to grab any of the big-name guys, Terry Mclaurin looks promising. But I’m not sure this wasn’t just a one time fluke.

Stock Down

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The Bucs Offense

San Francisco may have some great pieces, but they aren’t a particularly elite defense. Jameis looked very, very bad on Sunday and might prove to be a big flop this season.

There will no doubt be brighter days ahead for this offense, but their overall ceiling has taken a huge hit.

Darrell Henderson, RB, Los Angeles Rams

He appears to be, at least at this point, a true handcuff to Todd Gurley. As time goes on Henderson may have an increased role, but the efficiency and goal line usage of Malcolm Brown is very worrisome at this point.

I personally had expectations of Henderson that it seems will not be coming to fruition any time soon.

Vance McDonald, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers did not look like themselves on Sunday night. And while the team as a whole will likely bounce back, it was very telling how few looks went McDonald’s way.

I’m not quite ready to cut and run from the Steelers as a whole or admit my bold take was wrong. But McDonald’s hype in the offseason may prove to just be hype.

Honorable Mentions

  • Any Dolphin you thought might be good (Baltimore is a tough defense but they seemed outright bad)
  • The 49ers pass catchers (Pettis and Goodwin in particular)
  • Kerryon Johnson (bell cow hype might have just been hype)

They’ll Figure It Out

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The Browns

As a Patriot’s fan, I’m no stranger to being humbled by the always underrated Titans defense. This team has bounce-back potential in every aspect on both offense and defense. And if you were looking to acquire any of their players now might be a good chance to buy low.

But keep in mind that their success isn’t as automatic as we assumed it would be.

Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta Falcons

This game was very bad for him. He appeared to be the most inefficient RB on the field. But it’s week one and he played the Vikings, no real reason to sweat just yet.

The main takeaway from this week is he isn’t the matchup-proof, must start player that he once was. Also, get ready for some Ito Smith related headaches.

Honorable Mention

  • DJ Moore (tough matchup)
  • Brandin Cooks (there are a lot of mouths to feed, but none as efficient as him)
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster (the Steelers will be on the warpath with easier matchups ahead)

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