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2019 Fantasy Football Week 2 Vampire League Starters


Welcome back Vampires to Week 2 of the 2019 Fantasy Football season.

Hope you were victorious in your first matchup and got to steal a player from your opponent.

I just acquired Dalvin Cook from a poor soul.

If you didn’t claim a victim last week, let’s change your luck.

Before we get into Week 2 starting options, I need to address the elephant in the room. As a self-appointed Fantasy analyst, I need to be accountable for some of my bad calls.

In Week 1, I had some bad calls. I mean really bad. As bad as Keanu Reeves’ English accent in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But now we have definitive proof of what NFL teams’ offenses will look like for the rest of the 2019 season. So, all my Week 2 suggestions will be 100 percent correct.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 2 Vampire League Starters

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Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

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When looking for starting quarterbacks, you can’t really go wrong with QBs who run, and Josh Allen loves to run. He had 10 rushing attempts and a rushing touchdown in Week 1 against the Jets. Vampires should expect that same kind of rushing workload (maybe with more rushing yards) against the Giants.

In 2018, The Giants allowed over 300 yards rushing to quarterbacks. If they hadn’t let Dak Prescott throw all over the place, he would have run all over them in Week 1.

Speaking of New York allowing big plays in the passing game, Josh Allen could have a big day in the air against the G-men. The Giants allowed seven passes over 20-plus yards, and two of those plays were over 40-plus yards. Everyone knows Allen has a big arm, and it’s time for him to use it to carve up the Giants’ secondary.

The most significant criticism of Josh Allen is his accuracy, 52.8 completion percentage in 2018. So far in one game this year, his completion percentage has improved, he had 64.9 completion percentage.

It’s not the highest completion percentage, but if Allen can complete most of his passes, especially the long ones to John Brown, (foreshadowing) and breaks off a few runs, he could end up being a Top 10 quarterback in Week 2.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Can you guess who leads the NFL in passing yards right now? Surprise, it’s Andy Dalton (maybe not so surprising since I asked the question in his section). I only mention it because I delusionally believe he’ll still be the passing leader after Week 2.

The Bengals face off against the 49ers, and I still don’t think the defense is good. The Niners’ defense wasn’t really tested in Week 1 since they did not face a professional offense or quarterback. The Bengals offense looked good, and the Red Rifle looked good in Week 1. He had over 400 passing yards against Seattle, a much better defensive team than San Francisco.

The workload will be there for Dalton, considering he threw 51 passes in a close game in Seattle. He might be asked to throw more if running back Joe Mixon misses the game due to injury.

Fantasy owners have seen Dalton have flashes of fantasy excellence, and I expect Dalton to flash Fantasy owners…with…a…big…fiery…performance.

Running Backs

Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers

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Tevin Coleman is out for a while with an injury, meaning a running back spot in a Kyle Shanahan offense is available. Matt Breida is the starter, but he is injury prone, and Shanahan likes to use two backs, which leaves the door open for Raheem Mostert to be a fantasy asset for vampires.

In Week 1, Mostert was the more efficient running back than Breida. Mostert had nine carries for 40 yards, and Breida had 15 carries for 37 yards. If he continues that kind of efficiency, he won’t need a bunch of touches.

The rushing game isn’t the only part where¬† Mostert shines, he is the best pass-catching option in the Niners’ backfield until Colman returns. When you consider the Niners could be playing from behind in their upcoming schedule, (Bengals, Steelers, Browns, and Rams) it makes Mostert an incredibly valuable running back for vampires.

Raheem Mostert will be a weekly starter for vampires until Tevin Coleman returns from injury.

Adrian Peterson, Washington Redskins

Derrius Guice will not play for a few weeks, which means Adrian Peterson will be Washington’s starting running back. He was a viable running back last year in this system and should have that same kind of success while Guice is out.

Wide Receivers

John Brown, Buffalo Bills

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As previously mentioned in the Josh Allen section, The Giants defense looked terrible in their first game. But they have been exceptionally terrible against number one wide receivers.

The Giants were 26th DVOA in 2018 against number one wide receivers, allowing 7.7 receptions per game and 69.5 yards per game to WR1.

Brown is Allen’s number one target; Brown had 10 targets in Week 1 against the Jets. Plus, Brown lead Bills’ wide receivers in snaps, he was on the field for 86 percent of Buffalo’s offensive snaps. That’s 10 more snaps then runner up Cole Beasly.

So far the 2019 season is the year of the burners, and John Brown is one of the league’s fastest wide receivers and has a quarterback who loves throwing deep, and targets Brown in copious amounts.

The John Brown and Josh Allen stack will be an exceptional pair to led vampires to victory.

Randall Cobb, Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys put up a dazzling display of offense against New York, and they should continue that success against Washington in Week 2. The Cowboys’ slot receiver will be a fantasy star for vampires.

In 2018, Washington was 26th in DVOA against slot wide receivers, allowing 6.7 receptions and 52.7 yards per game to the slot. Despite what we all saw Week 1, Washington’s secondary is better defensively against outside wide receivers, which means Dak will be throwing inside for much of the game.

You have a defense that struggles against the slot and the opportunity to start one of the NFL’s most consistent slot wide receivers, a perfect medley for Fantasy gold.

Tight End

Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Jordan Reed might possibly be out for another game (This can’t be happening, he was entirely healthy for a whole…second).

If Reed is out, vampires need to start old man Davis against Dallas. The Cowboys were torched by Evan Engram (11 receptions, 116 yards, and a touchdown) in Week 1. Davis has shown that old age hasn’t caught up to him yet with that incredible touchdown, and he could set fire to the Cowboys defense in Week 2.


Malcolm Brown, Los Angeles Rams

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You have to resist the urge to overreact to Week 1 performances, but sometimes it’s tough when it comes to Rams running backs. Especially when the backup running back scores two touchdowns over Todd Gurley.

One thing to note about Brown’s usage, he was only on the field for 27 percent of the Rams offensive snaps. When Brown was on the field, he got the ball 52 percent of the time. He might not be on the field a whole lot, but when he is, Sean McVay puts the ball in Brown’s hands.

In Week 2 the Rams face off against the Saints. New Orleans defense allowed 180 rushing yards to the Texans‘ “so-so” running game, just imagine the havoc the Rams’ running game could cause on the Saints’ defense.


Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers will be facing off against Jameis Winston, and last week is proof that he will continue his love of throwing to defensive backs. Based on Week 1, the Panthers should get at least one pick-six, possibly more if Winston is feeling generous on Thursday night.


In Week 1, I suggested Tyrell Williams, Mark Andrews, and Chris Thompson. This week I suggest you hold on to those players for Week 2.

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