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2019 Fantasy Football Week 7 Vampire League Starters


Welcome back vampires to the 2019 Fantasy Football Week 7 Vampire League Starters article. I hope you were victorious last week.

I’m cursing the Rams offensive line. All I needed was for Malcolm Brown to catch one pass, and I would’ve acquired Ezekiel Elliott from my opponent. In the fourth quarter, Brown caught a pass for three yards, and it was called back because of a holding call. It’s moments like this that make me question why I thought being a vampire would be fun. It’s full of hair pulling and cursing, but it is worth it when you win and steal a player from your victim.

Let’s interject the fun back into our lives by adding a “W” in Week 7.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 7 Vampire League Starters

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Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

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Josh Allen will be playing the Miami Dolphins, a team that allows 24.82 Fantasy points per game. The Dolphins have allowed 1,372 yards and 14 touchdowns to QBs so far this season.

They have the worst passing DVOA, and it’s by a large margin. Miami has an 85.1 passing DVOA; the next worst team (Cincinnati) has a 41.1 passing DVOA.

Don’t expect Allen to have a ton of rushing yards against Miami. It’s not because their defense is good against rushing quarterbacks, its because they allow everything in the air.

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy G has had one decent start this season, and that was against a terrible Bengals defense. The Niners will faceoff against the Washington Redskins in Week 7, a notoriously bad defense.

Washington has allowed 19.59 Fantasy points per game, 1,603 yards, and 14 touchdowns to quarterbacks. Plus, they are ranked 28th in passing DVOA.

Running Backs

Frank Gore, Buffalo Bills 

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The decrepit corpse known as Frank Gore keeps finding ways to be a minimally productive running back. There are three things you can count on in life, death, overused cliches in lousy writing (like this one), and Gore getting 60 yards rushing in any given game. 

As mentioned above in the Josh Allen section, the Miami Dolphins are bad. Their defense is allowing 34.56 Fantasy points per game to running backs.

Devin Singletary is back from injury, So Gore’s days as the leading back for the Bills could be coming to an end soon. Even with Singletary returning, there is still a high probability that Gore will receive the majority of the red zone work, especially against the terrible Dolphins.

Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are facing the divisional foe, the Houston Texans. The Texans’ defense has been fantastic at stopping the run. The way the Texans offense has been slinging the pill (see another cliche), it’s developing a game script where the defense stuffs Marlon Mack, and the Colts are playing from behind. That game script plays well for Nyheim Hines.

Even though the Texans have been great against the run, they have allowed the most receiving yards and red zone targets to running backs. The defense has also allowed nine targets per game to running backs.

So, if the game goes as predicted. Hines will be very active on the field in Week 7.

Wide Receivers

John Brown, Buffalo Bills

Have you noticed the theme of this article? You should start players who are playing the Dolphins. 

Not only have the Dolphins allowed a lot of points to quarterbacks and running backs, but also a lot of points to wide receivers. The Dolphins are allowing 37.44 Fantasy points per game to wide receivers.

Brown has a 25 percent target share, and a 20 percent red-zone target share, so vampires should expect a massive day from Brown. The Bills’ upcoming schedule is filled with juicy matchups, so John Brown should be started in the next couple of weeks.

Golden Tate, New York Giants

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One thing we’ve learned from the Giants’ loss to the Patriot is that Daniel Jones has a great connection with Golden Tate.

That connection will be full frontal in the Giants’ Week 7 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are allowing 36.27 Fantasy points per game, 960 yards, and 7 touchdowns. They have allowed 17 red-zone targets to wide receivers.

There’s a good chance the G-men will be without a few of their core receiving options, which means a heavy workload for Tate.

Tight End

Darren Fells, Houston Texans

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As I said before, the Texans have been throwing the ball an excessive amount. Their Week 7 matchup against the Colts will play into a productive workload for Fells.

The Colts have allowed 16.68 per points per game to tight ends. 

Fells has the same target share and red zone target share as Jordan Akins, so both could be great starters. I lean more toward Fells since he has more touchdowns than Akins.

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Honorable Mention

Rhett Ellison, New York Giants

Evan Engram will probably miss another game since the Giants are facing the Cardinals who are the worst defense against the tight end, Ellison could be worth a start. Last week, Ellison was on the field for all the Giants’ offensive snaps.


Deebo Samuel, San Francisco 49ers

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Another theme in this article, start players in the 49ers and Redskins game.

Deebo Samuel is Jimmy g’s favorite target outside of Kittle. He has a 15.17 percent target share, the highest among San Francisco wide receivers.

Washington has allowed 41.70  Fantasy points per game to wide receivers. So far this season, Washington has allowed 945 yards and 10 touchdowns to wide receivers.

Defense/Special Teams

San Francisco 49ers

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The Niners have proven that they are a legit defense with their performance against the Rams.

They shouldn’t have any problem creating some turnovers against the Washington Redskins.


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