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2019 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters


Welcome back, vampires to the 2019 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters article. I hope you were victorious against your opponent and acquired a new player on your roster.

I’m happy to announce the newest member of my team, Odell Beckham Jr. Between Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins, I’m set for wide receivers for the rest of the season and looking to crush more of my opponents with this one-two punch.

Week 8 is filled with juicy starting options for vampires; you can’t really go wrong, but here are some of the best starting options.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters

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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

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Stafford has been decent (would be a top ten quarterback this season if T.J. Hockenson would stop dropping touchdowns), but in Week 8, he’ll have an epic performance against the New York Giants.

The Giants are allowing 18.66 fantasy points per game, 1,926 yards, and 10 touchdowns to quarterbacks. This defense is leading the NFL with 13 red zone touches to quarterbacks this season. All signs point to Stafford slicing and dicing the G-men’s secondary.

Vegas has this game’s over/under set at 50 points; vampires should expect a high scoring game.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

October has been an excellent month for Kirk Cousins, and he has completely turned around his game from the first couple of games. The only logical explanation for this production is Cousins loves pumpkin spice lattes. As soon as the pumpkin spice season started, he started throwing touchdowns. Coincidence, I think not.

Cousins has thrown for 976 yards, 10 touchdowns and one interception in October. He has a 76.6 completion percentage right now in October.

Need another reason to start Cousins? Two words, revenge game. He will be facing off against his former team, Washington Redskins. It’s the perfect opportunity for Cousins to show Daniel Snyder that he should have paid him by destroying Snyder’s QB-desperate team.

Running Backs

Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals

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David Johnson‘s injury looks to be a lingering issue for him. The Cardinals have brought in both Jay Ajayi and Spencer Ware to work out, so, DJ could miss a few more games.

Chase Edmonds is a must-start until Johnson returns, and no scrub off the street is going to steal touches from Edmond either.

Ty Johnson, Detroit Lions

Kerryon Johnson is heading to the IR, which allows Ty Johnson to become a valuable Fantasy asset for vampires for the rest of the season. His Week 8 matchup against the New York Giants will be his first chance to prove himself.

If you think the Giants’ defense is terrible against the passing game, they are even worse against the run. They are allowing 27.86 fantasy points per game, 807 yards, and seven touchdowns to running backs. Surprise, Surprise, New York has allowed 31 red zone touches to running backs, so there’s a strong possibility Johnson scores a touchdown.

Wide Receivers

DK Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks

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Speaking of teams bad against wide receivers, the Seahawks are facing off against the horrible Falcons.

Atlanta allows 41.99 fantasy points per game to wide receivers for the season. They’ve allowed 55.80 fantasy points per game to wide receivers in the last two weeks.

Metcalf has all the elements in Week 8 to be a superstar. He has an MVP quarterback throwing to him and a juicy matchup; what more do you need for success?

Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills

Last week, I suggested John Brown, and this week I’m recommending his teammate, Beasley, because the Bills are playing one of the worst defense against wide receivers, Philadelphia Eagles.

Philly is allowing 44.96 Fantasy points and 198 yards per game to wide receivers. They’ve allowed 11 touchdowns and 22 red-zone targets to wide receivers, which means the Eagles are allowing wide receivers to score on half of their targets in the red zone.

Tight End

Darren Waller, Oakland Raiders

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Waller has already proven himself to be a weekly starter for vampires, but Week 8 adds extra incentive for vampires to insert Waller as their starting tight end.

First off, Waller is Derek Carr‘s number one target, and Carr’s number two target (Tyrell Williams) is injured. Waller is the only receiving option that any kind of chemistry with Carr.

Second, the Raiders are facing the Texans, a defense that doesn’t mind if a team shreds them through the passing game.

Third, Vegas is high on this game with the over/under set at 51.5 points. Vegas isn’t in the business of being wrong, so if they are calling for a high scoring game, you have to pay attention.


AJ Brown, Tennessee Titans

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If you ask a Dolphins fan if Ryan Tannehill is good, they will answer back with a “maybe.” Tannehill “maybe” a better option for the Titans offense than Marcus Mariota. He is better for AJ Brown.

In his first game with Tannehill, Brown had eight targets, six receptions for 64 yards. That’s a pretty decent stat line, and Brown should have a better stat line against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs are allowing 44.10 fantasy points per game to wide receivers, and Brown will tower over Tampa’s tiny cornerbacks.

Defense/Special Teams

Indianapolis Colts

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The Colts will face off against the Denver Broncos in Week 8. The Broncos have scored over 20 points twice this season, and Joe Flacco has been sacked 23 times.

The Colts are going to trample Flacco into the ground all day.

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