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2019 Fantasy Football: Which QB Will Have the Most Passing Yards?


As much as Fantasy Football fanatics know how important a running back or wide receiver can be to success, all of your hopes rely on the guy in the pocket.

You can have the best WR in the game, but if their QB cannot find them and toss him the pigskin, they will be of no value to you.

He may have bad days on the field, but for your running back or wide receiver to rack up the yards and touchdowns, the ball needs to go through the offenses’ commanding officer.

Focusing on QBs, their bread and butter are passing yards. A great day of pin-point accuracy can secure your team a win easily in fantasy football. While there are many elite QBs in the NFL, which player will record the most regular-season passing yards?

According to Betway (as of August 15th, 8:00 a.m. est*), Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan and Patrick Mahomes are all listed at +400 to record the most regular-season passing yards.

It’s no surprise that this trio of QBs have high expectations. Mahomes finished second in passing with 5097 yards, while Ryan tossed 4924 and Andrew Luck secured 4593 yards last season.

The other two players rounding out the top five of 2018 were Ben Roethlisberger (5129) and Jared Goff (4688). Entering 2019, Big Ben is listed at +750, while Goff is down the line at +1600.

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Baker Mayfield has helped turn the Cleveland Browns around and they are a legit threat entering 2019. With the addition of Odell Beckham Jr, combined with David Njoku and Jarvis Landry, Mayfield will have an arsenal of weapons to rely upon. Mayfield started just 13 games (but appeared in 14) last year and still racked up 3725 yards. I could see him easily breaking 4000 this year and potentially even 4500 yards as well. Mayfield is listed at +1200 to lead the regular season in passing yards.

Can the first overall pick come into the NFL and make a statement? I’m sure Kyler Murray knows of his expectations after selecting football over professional baseball. However, he’ll need to lead the regular season in passing yards with a team that went 3-13 last season. Times and players have changed, but Murray is still a long shot at +5000.

At least for Murray’s sake, he has better odds than veterans Matthew Stafford (+6600), Russell Wilson (+8000) and Cam Newton (+10000).

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Aaron Rodgers is looking to take care of business once again in Green Bay. The Packers finished 6-9-1 last year, with Rodgers tossing 4442 yards in 2018. Despite the Packers picking up 6 wins, Rodgers threw for the second-most passing yards in his career. Rodgers will need to be dominant for the Packers to reach the postseason in 2019. Betway has Rodgers listed at +650 to lead the NFL in passing yards at the end of the regular season, which should give Green Bay fans hope for this season.

How about the guy who is seemingly the arch-nemesis of the league (outside of New England)? Tom Brady is back for another season and if TB12 is here to do anything, it’s to prove he can still hang with the kids. As Brady ages, he has shown time and time again that he can still roll in the NFL.

Brady is listed at +2500 to lead the NFL in passing yards but is still a threat when he’s on the field. However, not having TE Rob Gronkowski as an option this season may hurt his production. Knowing Brady and Bill Belichick, they will create a star out of someone and the Patriots will be back in business.

Drew Brees (+1200), Jameis Winston (+1600) and Carson Wentz (+3300) all can do some damage this season, but Betway isn’t necessarily on their side when it comes to passing yards and leading the league.

Will someone listed be a shoo-in to throw the most passing yards this season, or will a QB step-up dramatically and have the season of their lives?

Mahomes was dominant in Fantasy Football this past season, which leads me to believe he will be near the top or even finish atop the leader boards in 2019. Who is your pick to lead the NFL in passing yards this season?

*All odds are from August 15th, 8:00 a.m. est.

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