2019 NFL Free Agency Breakdown

by Bobby Shepherd
2019 NFL Free Agency Breakdown

After what seemed like an eternity of free agency rumors, the 2019 NFL Season officially started and we have seen numerous big name players sign with a new team. We even saw two of, if not the best, wide receivers in the league get traded!

It seems like there has been more excitement so far in free agency than there was during the Super Bowl!

It is once again time to look at all the moves made and see whose 2019 fantasy football outlook is trending up/down. That is of course before the NFL Draft takes place this April in Nashville and starts a new cycle of rumors and trade to breakdown!

2019 NFL Free Agency Breakdown

Trending Up

Odell Beckham, WR, Cleveland Browns (Trade)

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He is arguably one of the best receivers in the league and is now playing with one of the top young QBs. This change in scenery is absolutely great for his potential productivity. Despite the fact that he is likely to have a diminished target share compared to his years past, the potential efficiency makes up for any changes in volume.

His presence on the team is likely to eliminate any reliability from any pass catchers outside of Jarvis Landry. But it means great things for Baker Mayfield's fantasy relevance as well.

Le'Veon Bell, RB, NY Jets

Lev has finally found his home. His potential, however, has taken a big hit. To leave a team with Big Ben and Antonio Brown means he is going to not only be the primary concern for defenses but now he'll be almost exclusively the concern.

Bell will still not only be relevant his expected volume should keep him easily in the top 10, with a realistic floor hovering around the top 15. This, however, does mean Sam Darnold and the receiving core in New York are likely to get a bit of a bump in fantasy production.

Nick Foles, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

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I'm not convinced Nick Foles is going to be some long term savior for the Jaguars. But he is an immense improvement over Blake Bortles. While Foles himself likely won't have value outside of a streaming option, he does help improve the fantasy stock of basically every player on the offense.

Dede Westbrook, Keelan Cole, and Marquise Lee all have the potential for a breakout and Foles has demonstrated an ability to support fantasy relevant receivers. But it's no sure fire thing to see success, and it's even more unclear as to who will benefit most in this receiving core. However, all in all, the team as a whole is trending up with this move.

John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills

Brown was a very pleasant surprise last year while playing with Joe Flacco. His productivity, however, ended with Joe Flacco's tenure in Baltimore. But with a new Home in Buffalo Brown could once again see some relevance as he joins the high flying Bills passing attack.

Josh Allen had some serious efficiency issues that limit his real-life football abilities, but his affinity for deep passes means he can easily provide a few big games for Brown this season. Browns week to week consistency might be unpredictable, but his overall numbers should improve dramatically.

Other Players Trending Up

Players Trending Down

Antonio Brown, WR, Oakland Raiders (Trade)

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AB is still AB. He's also going to have all the volume he can handle now that he is without Juju. But going from Big Ben to Derek Carr is a huge step-down. His relevance is still pretty much guaranteed but his productivity will be justifiably in question.

This move, however, is good for Carr as he has a prolific talent to help him. It also bodes well for Juju Smith-Schuster and Vance McDonald who will take over as the primary receivers in Pittsburgh unless the Steelers address the position in the draft.

Kareem Hunt, RB, Cleveland Browns

For real-life football, this was an amazing move by the Browns. As it relates to fantasy football production this was a bad move for Hunt. There are most likely going to be too many mouths to feed on this team even while Hunt serves his suspension. But when he returns, who knows what this offense will look like.

So while the Browns are all of a sudden likely making a deep playoff run, their player's fantasy production may be unpredictable.

Adam Humphries, WR, Tennessee Titans

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Just when it was starting to seem like a good time to be on the Bucs, Humphries was shipped out of town. Let's be honest, Marcus Mariota is not a good QB. So Humphries will have a little PPR relevance but even the talent already on the team struggled for relevance last year.

This move does open up a lot of targets for Chris Godwin and OJ Howard back in Tampa. But as far as the impact in Tennessee, it seems to have further diluted the limited opportunity for the Titans fantasy production.

DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles is gone and the safety net for the Eagles pass attack has gone with him. While Jackson is still an immensely talented player, Carson Wentz has shown his primary target is absolutely going to be Zack Ertz.

Jackson is an improvement over Mike Wallace, who you may or may not remember did play for the Eagles last year. The reason you may not remember that is because Wallace had literally no impact and failed to catch a pass in his 3 targets over 2 games.

The Eagles don't seem to be the deep passing team that Jackson needs to have success. So apart from a few big plays Jackson likely won't make too big of an impact in Philadelphia on a week to week basis.

Other Players Trending Down

Players We Have to Wait and See

Mark Ingram, RB, Baltimore Ravens

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I'm aware that Ingram is automatically the most talented back on this team. But the whole offense isn't particularly good. Add to that the high likely-hood of stacked boxes every time he takes the field, his potential seems pretty tightly capped as a mid-tier RB3 at best.

This is bad news for all the RBs in Baltimore. It remains to be seen if anybody will have the sufficient volume necessary to be genuinely relevant moving forward. But if Ingram gets enough touches, he could possibly reach the mid-RB2 range, making him the one in this group with the highest ceiling.

Cole Beasley, WR, Buffalo Bills

Another move by the Bills that I personally like. Beasley was criminally under-utilized in Dallas. He now could prove to be an effective safety blanket for the Bills offense and put up Julian Edelman like stat lines. He might also be borderline irrelevant and put up the same stats from a year ago.

Either way being on a team without Zeke and without a clear number 1 receiver is a good thing for Beasley. His floor is still quite low, but his ceiling has greatly improved.

Mike Davis, RB, Chicago Bears

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Mike Davis is a talented player. He had the talent to be an excellent complimentary piece in Seattle but never got a real chance to demonstrate his abilities. Being part of Matt Nagy's offense is one of the few teams I consider an improvement for Davis.

All of that being said, If Jordan Howard remains on the Bears and this is another three-headed backfield Davis might not measure up.

Tevin Coleman, RB, San Francisco 49ers

It's hard for me to not be excited for Tevin Coleman. He's reunited with Shannahan and has the potential to make a huge impact. But at the same time like all the other running backs in this category, he doesn't have a clear path to the touches he needs.

I am still of the opinion that Jerrick McKinnon isn't very good, and Matt Breida isn't very durable. So, Coleman is the one in this group I'd say has the highest floor.

Jesse James, TE, Detroit Lions

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Clearly, the Steelers prefer Vance McDonald over Jesse James, but James is still talented. The Lions are trying to recreate the Patriot way in the locker room by signing all the ex-Patriots they can. But it remains to be seen how the offense will change under the new OC.

James could be the dollar store version of Gronk, or he could be entirely overlooked. At this point in time, it's basically a coin flip which way it'll go. But seeing as how the tight end position is a wasteland after the top 5, he is worth the risk as a late round sleeper.

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