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2019 NFL Mock Draft – Top 10 Picks


UPDATED MOCK – 1/23/2019

As the College Football Playoff rankings start national debates and the NFL season slowly starts to see teams clinch Playoff berths, Samir and I will be providing you with NFL Mock Drafts.

As the top of the NFL starts to separate itself from the bottom feeders, our mock drafts will feature more teams.

Our mocks will focus on best player available, along with team needs.

So a mock draft, a Week 11 pre-Thanksgiving mock draft – too early?

The answer is yes. You are correct; way too early. It’s still November. The NFL Draft in April.

Some College kids haven’t even failed their first midterm yet.

We’re not even through bye weeks. We don’t have a clue what the draft order will be!

For those of us cheering on the 2-8s and 3-7s of the world, the next six weeks will be filled with drunken accusations (“The MOB forced Jimmy Garoppolo to take a dive in Kansas City”), aggressive speculation (“Brock Osweiler could totally get the ball to Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley? Right?”), and the classic seasonal melancholy (“Why is this Matt Barkley character f***ing up our draft spot? What could we have done to make him hate us so?”).

Before the advent of the “Way Too Early NFL Mock Draft,” these downtrodden football fans spent the time period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day feeling down and dejected, displacing their frustration as anger on those who dare speak ill of their struggling squad.

But now, thanks to Way Too Early NFL Mock Drafts like this one, even the downtrodden fan has something to be thankful for!

It’s never too early to dream; it’s never too early to make that college player wish list.

So here’s to you, Niners-CardinalsRaidersJetsGiants-Bucs-BillsJaguarsBrownsLions fans!

Here is our best, somewhat educated, guess as to who you’re gonna be thankful for come next Thanksgiving.

2019 NFL Mock Draft – Top 10 Picks

San Francisco 49ers

DISCLAIMER: If ever there were a situation where a team would trade down, the 49ers are that team and this is that situation. With Jimmy G. expected back and healthy, this could be the target spot for any GM that falls in love with Justin Herbert, Drew Lock et al.

John Lynch would not be shamed by a jury of his peers if he decided to keep this pick, despite any outside interest to trade up. Pairing the impact and skill of DE Nick Bosa with DL DeForest Buckner would instantaneously alter the 49ers defensive future.

With youngsters Jared Goff, Josh Rosen and steady vet Russell Wilson occupying the opposing sideline six games yearly, attacking the QB through the trenches is a no-brainer choice for Lynch.

Former first-rounder DL Arik Armstead would most likely be allowed to walk in this scenario, allowing for one of the best cap situations in football to get even better.

The 49ers could pursue an elite offensive wideout to pair with George Kittle, Dante Pettis, and Marquise Goodwin through free agency and/or trade (a la GMs John Dorsey and Les Snead).

As enticing as it would be to pair Richard Sherman as a duo/mentor with/to LSU CB Andraez “Greedy” Williams, Lynch gets to fill his most pressing need confidently with a Bosa.

Top Three Options:

Arizona Cardinals

Protecting Josh Rosen is priority A, B and C for the Cardinals front office this offseason. As tempting as it may be to pick an impact player to add to his pass rush or secondary,  defensive-minded HC Steve Wilks needs to prioritize building around his franchise QB.

Ole Miss wideout A.J. Brown is an option with Larry Fitzgerald possibly returning to mentor and pairing with Christian Kirk to form a formidable wideout stable.

Yet NFL draft history has taught us some major lessons:

  1. Front offices on the hot seat, i.e. the Steve Keim Corporation, draft for impact NOW. No projects and take care of the franchise QB.
  2. Desperate front offices can’t risk their jobs on another first round whiff (Read: The Rise and Fall of Doug Whaley. Foreward by Sammy Watkins).

Keim and Co. will take a long hard look at the absolute best tackle available (Ole Miss OT Greg Little also comes to mind), play it safe, play it right, and take Alabama OT Jonah Williams as Josh Rosen’s personal blindside protection unit.

Law & Order: PBPU. Glendale, Arizona. Next Fall.

Top Three Choices:

  • Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama
  • Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss
  • Quinnen Williams, DE, Alabama

Oakland Raiders

It’s hard to find a great one.” – Jon Gruden, on the dearth of great pass rushers in today’s NFL, after trading a former defensive player of the year entering his prime.

As this quote lives on in infamy, the Raiders, equipped with three first rounders, will fill their biggest need in a pass rush heavy draft.

The Raiders drafted two DTs and a DE in 2018, Gruden’s handpicked kids: P.J. Hall, Arden Key, and Maurice Hurst were all lauded picks.

If Gruden adds Alabama DE Quinnen Williams to his young defensive line, perhaps he can buy back a tenth of the credibility he’s lost with the Black Hole-rs.

Then again, Sunday’s win over the Cardinals was perhaps a direct example of how Gruden and the Raiders can’t even be trusted to tank the right way.

The Mega Wild Card: Derek Carr‘s dead cap number falls from $32.5 million this year to $7.5 million in 2019, so he’s officially on the chopping block.

Can Jon Gruden, the man who did the pre-draft rookie QB camp for ESPN, deny his convictions and refrain from bringing in a “veteran retread,” say, this guy:


Top Three Options:

  • Quinnen Williams, DE, Alabama
  • Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
  • Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

New York Jets

The Jets are really bad on offense, but the best players available at this point are on the defensive side of the ball. They aren’t very good on defense either.

Week 1 against the Lions made them look much better than they really are. They had five interceptions in that one game and just five in their nine games since.

They just allowed a season-high 41 points to the Buffalo Bills, who played Matt Barkley at QB!

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You could make a case for upgrading the offensive line, but they lack a true pass rusher off the edge.

Top Three Options: – 2019 NFL Mock Draft Database

New York Giants

Unless the New York Football Giants trade back in the 2019 NFL Draft, there is no way they should draft a QB in the first round with a top-five pick. If they did not select one when they had multiple options, I doubt they force themselves into the only QB at the top of this draft.

Good thing they need a lot of help on the offensive line and defensive side of the ball too!

Trading Damon Harrison opened up a huge need for a run stopper. They could use an edge rusher opposite Olivier Vernon as well.

Top Three Options:

  • Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss
  • Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
  • Devin White, LB, LSU

Buffalo Bills

The Bills got their “Franchise QB” during the 2018 NFL Draft in Josh Allen. However, they lack all the pieces that will make this marriage work.

The offensive line is one of the worst in the league and they have no real threat at the WR position.

With multiple first round picks, they can address the WR problem with their next pick.

Did you know according to Football Outsiders DVOA, heading into Week 11, the Buffalo Bills have the second-best defense in the NFL with the league’s best pass defense?!

For all the Ed Oliver truthers, he’s a bad man on the field, but he’s starting to trend towards a Nkemdiche like draft day fall:

Top Three Options:

  • Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
  • Trey Adams, OT, Washington
  • A.J Brown, WR, Ole Miss

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s pretty clear we have seen the end of Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay once the season ends. They benched him for Ryan Fitzpatrick and have no faith in the former #1 pick of the 2015 NFL Draft.

If Justin Herbert does indeed enter the NFL Draft, the Bucs have no choice but to draft the kid if he is available with a top 10 pick.

If the front office does decide for some reason that Winston deserves another chance, they better fix their defense.

Top Three Options:

  • Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
  • Andraez “Greedy” Williams, DB, LSU
  • Devin White, LB, LSU

Jacksonville Jaguars

Hand up if you saw this coming? No? No colossal collapse after being 15 minutes away from Super Bowl LII?

A year after rising through the AFC behind a brilliantly constructed defense culminating in a narrow AFC Championship Game loss the Jaguars are firmly entrenched in the top ten of the NFL draft.

As exhilarating a vacation from mediocrity last year was, the Jaguars find themselves back up to their old Jacksonville-y tricks:

A defense that dealt Dante Fowler Jr., the third overall pick of the 2015 draft, mid-season, is now testing the water’s on the fifth overall pick of 2016, Jalen Ramsey, still mid-season.

Ramsey has 1 year left (2019) on his rookie contract, with the fifth-year option (2020) estimated to be ~$23 million if the Jaguars choose to exercise it. This marriage is headed for a troubling offseason.

Fellow stud corner A.J. Bouye has a potential out on his five year $65 million deal after this season with his cap hit lowering significantly from $21 million to $6 million.

Difficult decisions loom out on the swampy jungle. Enter LSU Tiger “Greedy” Williams who can pair with either of the two aforementioned secondary stars to continue Jacksonville’s secondary’s stranglehold.

In the event that all of the Ramsey-Jaguars drama fades to obscurity (it won’t) then perhaps Shahid Khan finds a true Allen Robinson replacement in Ole Miss wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Top Three Options:

  • Andraez “Greedy” Williams, DB, LSU
  • Deandre Baker, DB, Georgia
  • A.J Brown, WR, Ole Miss

Eat, Drink, Sleep Football – 2019 NFL Mock Draft Database

Cleveland Browns

We could very easily be looking at a Cleveland Browns team that was in the hunt for the AFC Wild Card had just a few things go their way this year.

Four overtime games have net them one win, two losses and a tie.

Instead, the Browns are looking for a new head coach – not named Condoleezza Rice – and are looking at a top 10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Browns defense has been solid this year, but they struggle to stop the run.

Top Three Options:

Detroit Lions

The Ziggy Ansah era comes to an, unfortunately, dragged out end this season. Enter Rashan Gary to [fill] the need…the need for speed [rush]. #Maverick

My favorite Rashan Gary fun fact: he is one of three high school football players to be named “top player in the country” unanimously by all four major recruiting networks (Rivals, Scouts. 247Sports, ESPN).

The other two? Jadeveon Clowney (2011) and Robert Nkemdiche (2013).


Everyone loves a local guy staying close to the ole alma mater narrative; that’s like the revenge game narrative! And Bigfoot!

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Gary stays in Michigan and joins the pride. Matt Patricia gets to add a vital piece to his Patriots-Midwest remodeling of Ford Field.

Top Three Options:

  • Rashan Gary, DT, Michigan
  • Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson
  • Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama

2019 NFL Mock Draft – Top 10 Picks

149ersNick BosaDEOhio State
2CardinalsJonah WilliamsOTAlabama
3RaidersQuinnen WilliamsDTAlabama
4JetsClelin FerrellDEClemson
5GiantsGreg LittleOTOle Miss
6BillsEd OliverDTHouston
7BucsJustin HerbertQBOregon
8JaguarsGreedy WilliamsDBLSU
9BrownsDevin WhiteLBLSU
10LionsRashan GaryDTMichigan

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