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2019 NFL Week 2 ThriveFantasy Prop Bet Picks


Nothing caresses the nostrils like the sweet smell of victory. And that aroma emanating from my computer was a 4th place finish, more than quadrupling my initial $2 investment. So please allow me a few seconds more to bask in the warm fragrance before getting to the 2019 NFL Week 2 ThriveFantasy Prop Bet Picks, Ahhh……

Okay, finished. But it was a sensation I need to relish because the ThriveFantasy Week 2 slate of props definitely feels tougher than Week 1. I was actually hoping to invest a little more this week. But after reviewing the slate, the prudent move is to repeat our initial $2 investment.

Before getting to our ThriveFantasy Week 2 picks, just a quick review of what ThriveFantasy is. Similar to a regular DFS game, the entry with the most points wins a large percentage of the pot. The dollar amounts continue to descend with only a minority of the entries winning.

What makes ThriveFantasy different is that you are not putting together a lineup. Instead, there are approximately 20 prop bets about specific players of which you have to pick ten. Those bets are then given points. If your bet is correct, you win those points. Follow?

Last week I gave you one bet I was staying away from and four bets I really liked. Of those four I hit on three. So I will do the same thing again this week for ThriveFantasy Week 2 picks.

However, let’s start with the one I am staying away from, which is part of what makes the ThriveFantasy Week 2 slate so much tougher.

2019 NFL Week 2 ThriveFantasy Prop Bet Picks

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Stay Away

Todd Gurley O/U 90.5 Total yards

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ThriveFantasy is going to have either set a completely different line or entice me with some heavy points in order to bet on or against Gurley.

I have a pretty good feel for most players in the NFL this year. Gurley is not one of them. I will bet on him once I get a sworn affidavit from Sean McVay how he plans to use Gurley this year. Or perhaps if I get his complete medical records and opinions from three different independent doctors.

Of course, the odds are better of me actually playing in the NFL than either of those things happening. Therefore, I am staying away from all bets involving Gurley.

Grab ‘Em

Jimmy Garoppolo – 0.5 Interceptions – 110 points – UNDER

In order to cash you need to get at least one aggressive pick right. And this is my most aggressive pick of the week. But is it?

In ten career starts, Jimmy Garoppolo has nine interceptions or just about one a game. In four of those games he did not throw a single interception. So it’s just about a coin flip that he throws an interception.

But we are getting an extra 30% on this bet. Additionally, the Bengals only had 12 INTs last year and I’m not seeing any evidence of upgrades in the Cincy D. To cash you have to go big somewhere and I am happy to do it with this bet.

Chris Carson – 77.5 rushing yards – 90 Points – OVER

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We know Seattle likes to run. Yes, the Steelers stopped the Pats rushing game in the red zone, but outside the red zone, the Steelers run defense looked bad. Other than Carson getting injured, I am hard pressed to see a scenario where Carson doesn’t get at least 80 yards rushing.

But this is not even the bet I’m most confident about. Believe it or not, it that bet involves Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott – 266.5 total yards – 100 Points – OVER

I don’t think Prescott is passing for over 400 yards in back to back weeks. But I don’t see any reason why he can’t pass for 300+.

He did pass for 289 and 273 yards in his two games against the Redskins last year. Throw in another 10 to 20 rushing yards on average that Dak gives you, and we are looking at a number far closer to 300.

At even odds, I’ll gladly take the over here.

Dalvin Cook – 75.5 rushing yards – 110 Points, OVER

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Expecting Cook to match the 111 yards he had last week is overly optimistic. Especially knowing Green Bay absolutely stunted the Chicago rushing game last week.

However, I think that was more the inability of the Chicago offense than the Green Bay Defense. The beauty is we don’t even need Cook to get to 80% of the way of the century mark for this bet to pay off.

There are not many bets I like on the board for the ThriveFantasy Week 2 slate, but this one I do.

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