2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List

by Mike Bonni
2020-21 Fantasy Basketball week 2 Drop List

First off I want to say welcome to the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List article. As a result of there being only one week of fantasy basketball, the drop list will be somewhat short this week. I'm sorry guys! Don't riot against me please. The good news is that there are still some players you guys need to drop, so we got that going for us. Cheers to that.

Before we get into the drop list I would like to tell you guys that I won't be adding injured players to this list. I feel like it is a given for you to drop the player if he has a major injury. I don't mean to blunt about it, but it's a true statement.

Enough with the boring introduction, let's get into what you came here for, the drop list. Again it will be a somewhat limited, but it should get more important as the weeks go on. So without further ado welcome all to the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List.

2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List

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Nerlens Noel, PF/C, New York Knicks - 46% rostered in Yahoo

Nerlens Noel has had a rough few games to start the year but there is one good thing going for him at least. That would be the fact that he has appeared in all three of the Knicks' games so far. The good news stops though. As of writing this Nerlens Noel has averaged only 9.3 minutes per game. Nerlens' has done nothing with those minutes as he is only averaging 2.7 points along with 3.7 rebounds and one block.

This is terrible production from a guy who was suppose to be big time in this league. Please drop him from your teams. I don't think you guys' will be missing him either.

Norman Powell, SG, Toronto Raptors - 55% rostered in Yahoo

Norman Powell is only averaging six points a game with a line of .125/.167/.875 but this isn't why I would be dropping him. I would be dropping him because he only has one rebound and one assist per game along with zero blocks and 1.5 steals a game.

Norman Powell doesn't fill out the stat sheet enough to warrant a spot on your team. I do expect him to pick up the scoring and all that, but he just doesn't do enough. You can get him off your teams' for someone that can fill that stat sheet up a little bit more.

Davis Bertans, PF, Washington Wizards- 75% rostered in Yahoo

Why is his roster percentage so high? He can score and hit threes, but that is about it. Davis Bertans doesn't fill out the stat sheet and this will hurt you if you are in a category league. Currently averaging only 9.3 points along with two rebounds and one assist, it just doesn't look like a good fantasy asset. He doesn't block or steal the ball either. I believe his scoring will come around but not by drastic amount so it would be best for you guys to get him off your teams.

Brook Lopez, C, Milwaukee Bucks - 76% rostered in Yahoo

This might be a surprising one for readers, but to me this is an easy one. Brook Lopez's roster percentage doesn't fit with the way he performs on the court. He will never be the guy who will fill out the stat sheet. I feel like a broken record when I keep saying this but filling out the stat sheet in fantasy basketball is huge.

Brook Lopez is only averaging seven points, three rebounds, and zero assists on the year so far. He doesn't add any steals to the mix, but does add about 1.7 blocks a game. This isn't enough to warrant this high of a roster percentage. Please drop him, there is no reason to have him on your team right now. He doesn't score in bulk, hasn't topped seven rebounds a game since 2015, and doesn't dish out assists with any frequency. Do I need to say more?

Danger Zone

Keep these guys on your team but please monitor these guys because they are currently boarding the struggle bus. I'm not sure when they are planning to get off either.

Kelly Oubre Jr, SF/PF, Golden State Warriors

This one hurts to be honest. I was wrong about Kelly Oubre in so many ways. Kelly Oubre has been struggling tremendously this year, averaging just 5.7 points a game. Wait, what? Only 5.7 points a game? This is because he is currently shooting 17% from the field and there is absolutely no chance it stays that low.

It is not going well for the young man so far. As of right now he has only played an average of 25 minutes a game, I expect that to go up along with his scoring numbers. Keep on your team for now.

Eric Bledsoe, PG/SG, New Orleans Pelicans

Not worthy of a drop just yet, but he has made the danger zone list. Eric Bledsoe has had a terrible start to the season, averaging a mere 10 points a game along with just four assists and two rebounds. To make matters worse, he is turning the ball over around three times a game. This is just barely under the amount of assists he gets.

This is not good to be rostering someone like this right now, especially if you used a middle round draft pick on him. I would wait on dropping him because he is still averaging 32 minutes a game and still shooting the ball. I would suggest keeping a close eye on Eric Bledsoe though.

Lou Williams, PG/SG, Los Angeles Clippers

DO NOT DROP YET! I feel like he is going through a rough patch so I wouldn't be freaking out about it that much. I am going to say some bad things about him though, so buckle up.

Lou Williams is only averaging 6.3 points along with just two assists and two rebounds. His shooting is horrendous right now with a 35% field goal percentage and he doesn't get steals or blocks. Not to mention Lou Williams is only shooting 33% from the FT line. All in all this is just looking bad for sweet Lou. Don't overreact just yet, but please keep an eye on this guy.

That should do it for Week 2 of the Fantasy Basketball drop list. See you next week for Week 3

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