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2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List


Welcome everyone to the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List. What a week that was for NBA fans huh? There was an absolute monster trade that went down involving four teams (Rockets, Pacers, Nets, Cavaliers) that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets to create a super team with Durant and Irving.

I’m not going to get into all of the specifics of the trade but there will be some new faces on some teams. The Houston Rockets received Victor Oladipo, Rodions Kurucs, Dante Exum, and a bunch of draft picks. The Cleveland Cavaliers are getting Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince. As for the Indiana Pacers, they will be getting Caris Levert.

Unfortunately for Caris Levert and the Pacers, there was some bad news they received. They found a small mass on Levert’s kidney and he will be out indefinitely. That’s enough with NBA news so let’s get to the drop list.

As always I will be putting a few players down that you can feel confident in dropping and I will also provide a few players in the danger zone. These are players you should monitor in the coming weeks. So without further ado welcome to the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List.

2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List

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Lou Williams, SG, Los Angeles Clippers – (45% in Yahoo Leagues)

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This is kind of cheating, I think because Lou Williams has been injured the past few games but I have had it with him and it looks like the NBA fantasy universe is starting to turn on him too.

Sour Lou (that is what I call him now) has finally dipped below 50% owned in Yahoo leagues. He now sits at 45% owned which I feel like is way too high still. If you are in category leagues you can drop him right now and not feel bad about it. He doesn’t fill out the stat sheet enough and we don’t know how he will perform coming back from this hip injury.

Darius Bazley, SF/PF, Oklahoma City Thunder – (51% in Yahoo)

Other than a three-game stretch where he averaged 18.3 points on 13.3 shot attempts a game and 10.6 rebounds, Darius Bazley has been struggling.

In his last five games, he has only scored over 10 points once and that was a measly 12 points. Darius Bazley has also failed to reach the double-digit mark in rebounds in those five games. With Darius Bazley currently ranked at 141st in category leagues, you can probably feel good about dropping him.

Jeff Teague, PG/SG, Boston Celtics – (26% in Yahoo)

Now that Kemba Walker is back, there is no reason to have Jeff Teague on your roster. He played 17 minutes and was held scoreless in Kemba’s return. Let’s be honest here. Jeff Teague was playing poorly even with Kemba Walker gone. He was averaging only 7 points a game on 33% shooting during Kemba Walker’s absence. Please drop him.

Danger Zone

Welcome to the danger zone fantasy basketball friends. Do not drop these players just yet but you should be keeping a close eye on them. Lou Williams finally graduated (not in a good way) from the danger zone to the drop list. James Wiseman is now living in the danger zone and he will be welcoming another player to the list.

The rookies aren’t great for category leagues it seems like unless your name is LaMelo Ball.

Anthony Edwards, SG, Minnesota Timberwolves – (49% in Yahoo)

This is the life of an NBA rookie in his first season. Anthony Edwards has been having an up and down year just like most rookies go through.

Although he is averaging 12.5 points a game on 38% shooting, Anthony Edwards is currently ranked at 267 in category leagues. That is because he doesn’t do anything else on the stat sheet and I mean nothing else at all. Anthony Edwards is only averaging 1.9 free throws a game, 2.9 rebounds a game, and 1.9 assists.

James Wiseman, C, Golden State Warriors – (81% in Yahoo)

James Wiseman is having a solid rookie year in terms of real basketball but for fantasy basketball, it has been a struggle for the big man.

Currently ranked 140 in category leagues, James Wiseman is averaging 11.3 points and 6.3 rebounds a game. Wiseman also adds 1.6 blocks a game but that is where his contributions stop.

He will not be filling out the stat sheet in most games unfortunately so I feel like every week he is getting closer and closer to being on the drop list instead of the danger zone. Keep him on your teams for now but keep an eye out for him.

*Honorable Mention*

Tyrese Maxey, SG, Philadelphia 76ers – (45% in Yahoo)

Tyrese Maxey has been incredible for the COVID-depleted 76ers roster. In his last six games, he is averaging 30.5 minutes and 18.3 points a game. Tyrese Maxey is also adding 3.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists during that stretch. I’m not saying drop him right now, but he is someone you will have to monitor.

That should do it for the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List. I hope to see you back here again for Week 6 of the NBA fantasy season.

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