2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List

by Mike Bonni
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Drop List

Welcome everyone to the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List. We are nine weeks into the NBA season and the heavily scrutinized All-Star game is just weeks away.

The trade deadline is just a month away so let's buckle down for a wild month plus of basketball news. We are already hearing some potential trade rumors, but the biggest news is what the Cleveland Cavaliers announced.

The Cavaliers have said that they will be benching Andre Drummond until they can find a trade partner for him. This is kind of shocking news because Drummond has been playing very well for the Cavs(17.5 pts and 13.5 rebounds). Andre has a massive contract so it will be interesting to see how many suitors are out there for him.

Enough about the news around the league, let's get into the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List.

As always I will provide a few players that you should be dropping from your teams, I will also be putting a couple of players in the danger zone. These players are at serious risk of being on the drop list and I would suggest monitoring them this week.

2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List

Duncan Robinson, SG/SF, Miami Heat - 66% in Yahoo Leagues
Current Ranking: 149

This one might be a little controversial but Duncan Robinson has been playing terribly and if you are in category leagues he doesn't contribute at all to most of the categories. He averages only 0.4 steals, 0.3 blocks, 1.6 assists, and 3.7 rebounds while also hurting you in the turnover department (1.5). The minutes are there (32) but he has been struggling shooting the ball with a 42% on the year. The good news is that he is hitting the three-ball pretty well (39%) but that is where the good news stops.

In the month of February, he has only scored over 10 points in three out of seven games. In his last ten games, he has only scored over 10 points just four times. With Duncan struggling to secure the ball and his inability to contribute in the other parts of the game it is time to start dropping him off your fantasy teams.

Naz Reid, C, Minnesota Timberwolves - 27% in Yahoo Leagues
Current Ranking: 84

This is an easy one considering Karl Anthony Towns is officially back. This is going to hurt Naz Reid's playing time tremendously. In the three games with Towns back Naz Reid has yet to play over 20 minutes. Yes, he had that big game on the 10th (23 points) but that was Towns' first game back so you have to figure that was just an outlier. In three out of his last four games, he has failed to score over 10 points. In other bad news, Reid hasn't had double-digit rebounds since Feb.3 which isn't great for category leagues.

You can officially drop Naz Reid now, for a little while there he was a fantasy savior, but now it is time to part ways.

Jae Crowder, SF/PF, Phoenix Suns - 32% in Yahoo Leagues
Current Ranking: 133

Jae Crowder has now played three games since returning from injury and it's been a struggle for him to say the least. He is getting the minutes (28) but is having a tough time shooting the ball (39%) or contributing in any way other than rebounds (8.6). He usually doesn't get this many rebounds, so I expect that to go back down to normal (5.1). With Jae's scoring not there either (10.1 pts) it is best to probably drop him from your team.

He isn't much of a contributor in the category leagues either with a low assist total (2.1), steals (0.9), and blocks (0.2). Let him go now and don't feel bad about it.

Danger Zone

Consider dropping them if they start to struggle more.

R.J. Barrett, SG/SF, New York Knicks - 84% in Yahoo Leagues
Current Ranking: 122

Oh boy, is R.J. having a very rough time right now! Hopefully, he can turn things around but as of right now you might want to start thinking about getting him off your fantasy team. He is losing minutes for some reason, he has had four straight games with under 30 minutes played. In those four games, he is shooting 26% and has scored over 10 points just once (13 points). He contributes a little bit in the rebound (6.2) and assist category (3.1) but other than that he doesn't really do much for category leagues; hence his 122nd ranking. Monitor him in the coming weeks. Hopefully, he can break his shooting spell.

Jeremy Lamb, SG/SF, Indiana Pacers - 45% in Yahoo Leagues
Current Ranking: 185

This is all speculation but with him losing his starting spot, I don't know if he will be able to have the same value as he does right now. His usage rate is going up now that he doesn't start but as of right now we don't know if this will lead to more success for him.

That should do it for the 2020-21 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List. I will see you all here next week for Week 10.

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