2020 Best Ball Draft Strategy: 1st Overall Pick

by Davis Peng
2020 Best Ball Draft Strategy: 1st Overall Pick

2020 Best Ball Championships are about to begin. I have written this article describing my Best Ball Draft Strategy for the 1st Overall Draft Pick.

Suppose you're revving up for Fantasy Best Ball and haven't kept up with who and when to draft each player. Luckily for you, I created this article.

I will reference the other draft positions while explaining what I believe is one of the better strategies for a top pick.

2020 Best Ball Draft Strategy: 1st Overall Pick

Position 1 (Pick 1.0)

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Congratulations, you possibly have the most significant advantage that the position one has ever had in the last ten years. The natural number 1 pick this season is Christian Mccaffrey; Mccaffrey outscored the second-highest running backs in 2019 by 118 points. I will point out that players who have been number one in a skill position have never repeated. The fact isn't to get the player to repeat. It's about getting the best consistency and upside for your draft capital.

Mccaffrey's total fantasy points were so high in 2019 that he beat every player in every position from 2010 up until 2020 besides Peyton Manning's record TD season in 2013 and Lamar Jackson in 2019. This has never been accomplished by any other player in any different position.

You can get cheeky and select anybody else, but I wouldn't recommend it doing so. I do not believe Mccaffrey repeats with 417 points, but I doubt he finishes worse than a top 3 running back if he plays all 16 games. If any running back can ever finish back to back seasons as the No. 1 fantasy running back, Mccaffrey would be the one to do it. Mccaffrey on points per game averaged seven points or more than any other running back.

With the selection of Mccaffrey, you will have many more draft options than any other draft position. The advantage of being position #1 this season is hard to beat, but Fantasy Football is unpredictable. Don't be discouraged if you aren't in this draft position but cheer for yourself if you are.

This all in strategy can also work and may even be more favorable as a later pick. I would say between second and fourth overall if you can get Mccaffrey, Saquon Barkley, or Ezekial Elliott.

Second - Third Round Targets (Pick 24-25)

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With Mccaffrey stashed in your lineup, you will get to double pick at 24 and 25. I would estimate that any player between ADP 18 - 30 will be in this range. Many players can slip to you or be reached for. You can go one of two directions at this point. For this scenario, I will be going with option two.

Option 1

You can go the safe and standard route by selecting the two best running back on board. This will generally be Aaron Jones to Jonathan Taylor range or one running back and a wide receiver such as Kenny Golladay or Deandre Hopkins.

This is the safest bet for fixed points and gaining position dominance in the running back. It is a sound strategy, but you will be leaving a lot of points on the board by taking a second running back here as your Rb2. These players may put up the same points as the running backs in the 4th and 5th rounds.

Option 2

Your second option and this is my favorite, by far, is to go for the trifecta in position domination by not grabbing a second running back until your 4th and 5th round pick as those running backs have a chance to finish in the top 16. Instead, this is your chance at grabbing the best WR on board.

Likely candidates at this point are Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkins, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay, and Amari Cooper. I preferably would go with Kenny Golladay because I believe he will receive the most targets out of the five. Golladay will likely play in games where the Lions are coming from behind and will be forced to pass.

The WR selection is up to you, but I would recommend checking your rankings and picking who you believe is the best WR on board.

With your 3rd pick, go with the best QB on board in either Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. This is one of the few times I will recommend selecting a QB this early. Having McCaffrey gives you this luxury. At this point and time, you may be winning in three positions for the rest of the Best Ball season, and as you currently have the 2019 No. 1 RB, No. 1 QB, and a top 5 WR. On a week to week basis, you can be No. 1 in 3 of 8 position lineups every week. This will set you up for having the highest score by the end of the season. I call this the "all-in" strategy.

Fourth - Fifth Round Targets (Pick 48-49)

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Great, we made it this far; I am on my fourth and fifth-round pick with my team consisting of Mccaffrey, Golladay, and Mahomes. On the board is anything from ADP 41 - to ADP 60.

  1. Running backs on board in order of current ADP - Leveon Bell, David Johnson, D'Andre Swift, Mark Ingram II, Kareem Hunt, Cam Akers, and Raheem Mostert.
  2. Wide Receivers on board in current ADP - A.J Brown, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Terry Mclaurin, Tyler Lockett, DJ Chark Jr, DK Metcalf, Courtland Sutton, Marquise Brown, Devante Parker, and Will Fuller.
  3. Tight Ends on board in order of current ADP - Mark Andrews, Zach Ertz, and Darren Waller if you want to reach a bit further.

I would round out my team by selecting a 2nd and 3rd running back. If Johnson and Akers are on board as they currently are the running backs I feel have the best upside out of everybody in this bracket.

Still, if I had to pull for a WR2, it would be Robert Woods, DJ Chark, A.J Brown, and Devante Parker in that order. If only one running back is on the board, I will grab a back and then a wide receiver.

Follow your rankings for your preference picks, but at this point, you select your RB2 and either a WR2/Flex RB. Your team will be rounded out to move on to the sixth and seventh-round picks.

Sixth - Seventh Round Targets (Picks 72 - 73)

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Round six and seven, my team as of right now is Mccaffrey, Kenny Golladay, Patrick Mahomes, Cam Akers, Devante Parker. I hope David Johnson had slipped to me, but this will be less likely the closer we get to the season start. Especially with Leonard Fournette falling further down due to his Tampa Bay news.

Now that we are at this stage, you need to continue to round out your team. If you have three RBs already, I won't draft a 4th one till you have 3WR and a TE. My targets will be Darren Waller and Jarvis Landry if they are still on the board. To give my team consistency and to continue position dominance as Waller is a borderline elite TE. I recommend following your rankings, but I currently have Jarvis as a strong WR3 and an overall borderline WR2.

In the event you end up with just two RB, you will need to dive into the deep water with Jordan Howard. Maybe try a risk pick with David Montgomery as your sixth round. Running backs are not deep, and losing a starter will be a season-ender. Since I ended up with Akers and Waller was taken off the board, I will go for a double WR pick and grab two of my underrated choices Jarvis Landry to be my WR3 and Marvin Jones to be my big flex play.

I will say, if possible, get the tight end advantage with Waller any chance you get. He has the potential to finish the season as the No. 3 tight end again. While at the same time being drafted 3+ rounds later than Mark Andrews.

Eighth - Ninth Round Targets (Picks 96 - 97)

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The current lineup consists of Mccaffrey, Kenny Golladay, Patrick Mahomes, Cam Akers, Devante Parker, Jarvis Landry, and Marvin Jones. If you are weak in RB depth, this is where you have to make a selection. I prefer at least want a starter; this can be Marlon Mack or Jordan Howard; followed by an upside pick in RB/WR. The depth pick is up to you, but since I have Akers and not Johnson, I will have to force double RB here.


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The goal is to win the most points of the season and by consistently maintaining the highest points per position. I have attached a photo of my draft that went precisely this way. Every draft is different, but if you have a top-three pick, you are in line to win the Best Ball bracket by completing a position domination strategy

If I could get Waller at pick 72, I believe that on a week to week basis, I could beat most players in 4 out of 8 positions every week. Based on what these players outputted last year and Mahomes 2018 season you are on pace to be ahead by 20 - 23 points per week in just five positions. By week 12 that could be 240+ points that your opponents need to make up in three positions. That allows a lot of wiggle room for the team to fail in some positions.

This concludes my Best Ball draft strategy for the 1st overall pick. If you haven't read up on my Best Ball draft strategy article you should take a look to get a better understanding of how to draft in Best Ball.


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