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2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 1 Stock Up/Stock Down


Welcome to the 2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 1 Stock Up/Stock Down.

The future is now. The future is 10 years from now. Also, the future is tomorrow. In dynasty, you need to draft for now, for later, for tomorrow, for yesterday, for forever. It’s all about long term potential.

In this article, I’ll be breaking down the stock of a few players that have changed since trades, free agent signings, and cuts from NFL teams.

2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 1 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Jonathan Taylor, RB, Indianapolis Colts

The amount of love this guy is getting is starting to become more and more clear. With the Colts not bringing in any competition at RB and Taylor slowly becoming the starter, it’s clear that his stock is rising.

Let’s face it Marlon Mack is an oft-injured RB and has failed to put up the numbers behind an elite offensive line.

Once the Colts start feeding Taylor the touches his elite speed and talent will prevail over Mack. With the addition of Phillip Rivers, a healthy TY Hilton back, and an elite offensive line I can see Taylor being a no brainer top 15 RB in the short team, and a top 10 RB long term.

Draft this guy and trade for him in every format that you have.

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

At this point, what is there to hide? Its no secret I love this kid. I’ve written several articles in the offseason telling everyone to draft him, how much I love him, how high his upside is, how he will be an elite fantasy player, and so on and so forth.

After the news not only last week but the news that just broke today, in my mind, there is no reason why Rugg’s can’t be an elite play in fantasy, for now, and years to come.

The news of the Raiders putting WR Tyrell Williams on injured reserve and shipping Lynn Bowden the team’s third-rounder to Miami it opens up major playing time and snaps for Ruggs.

The other bit of news that bumps Rugg’s is that Broncos star pass rusher Von Miller is out for the season. With the Broncos losing him and Bradley Chubb the teams other elite pass rusher hurt, they could be hurting on defense causing major secondary break downs. This will help Ruggs who is working behind an elite offensive line and has burner speed to get by corners who will have to work extra hard with no pass rush.

Lack of competition and the division being weak on the defensive side of the ball, I’m rising quickly on Henry Ruggs and his value for fantasy this season. Look for him to be a top 40 receiver in week 1, and maybe a top 30 the rest of the season. As for the long term, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Stock Down

Ronald Jones & Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB’s, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

These guys go hand and hand with each other. Everyone was banking on one of these guys to do something this fantasy season. In camp, you heard whispers of Jones looking great and being the clear cut No. 1 back. You also heard whispers of Vaughn not looking great and on the verge of possibly even being cut.

The Jones thing was a clear lie, while the Vaughn thing must have been accurate. Because the Buccaneers decided to bring in veteran RB LeSean McCoy and also brought in former 2017 4th overall pick Leonard Founrette, who the Jaguars had cut just last week.

If Arians was a fan of Jones or Vaughn he clearly wouldn’t have looked to grab two veterans off the street.

Fournette is a solid but not great running back. He did average 4.2 yards per carry on over 1000 yards last season. The good thing for these two guys is that Fournette only signed a 1-year deal. However, if Fournette is able to have a great season you could see that the Buccaneers resign him in the offseason, killing any hope that Vaughn and Jones have.

I think the window for Vaughn is a bit bigger than Jones because he is a rookie and Jones is entering his 3rd year of clear unproductive play in his first two.

I’m souring quickly on both, especially for this season. Vaughn has zero value this season, Jones could have slight value but in the long term, I’m not buying either. It may take 2+ years for Vaughn to come onto the scene, but for now, I’d trade any share of Jones I have for about anything I can get.

D’Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions

I’m not overreacting on this, just slightly adjusting is all. Earlier last week the Lions signed future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson to a 1-year deal. Although Peterson has no long term value, he does in the short term.

All of a sudden the backfield is crowded, whereas before it seemed like a one-two punch with Swift and Johnson. Not anymore. With this signing, Kerryon Johnson becomes all but unusable and unrosterable, whereas Swift takes a big hit in the run game where he was set to take a big jump in.

The good news for Swift is he won’t have much competition in the passing game at running back. Peterson isn’t a good pass catcher by any means and Johnson struggles at time with that and his ability to stay on the field.

I’m cautious about Swift and his value this season. Long term he could be the workhorse back that they drafted him to be but something spooked them about him so they clearly felt the need to get Peterson.

Sony Michel, RB, New England Patriots

I’m so down on this guy its not even funny. I’m ready to bury him 6 feet under and just pronounce his fantasy career as officially dead. Lucky for him is the Patriots just put RB Damien Harris on injured reserve for the first three weeks of the season.

That being said Michel has value in the short term, and when I say short I mean SHORT. Three weeks, or whenever Harris comes back.

Its clear the Patriots really like Harris. After redshirting him in his first season, stood out in camp. Beat reporters like Albert Breer and Greg Berdard both gushed about Harris in interviews saying how great he has looked at training camp. And he wasn’t the only one, head coach Bill Belicheck had great things to say about him as well.

Michel is approaching the last year of his contract, the Patriots do have a 5th year option on Michel but they currently have White, Harris, and Burkhead and spend one the top 5 most money the position. Sell Michel in all formats right now. Damien Harris is the guy for now and the future once he is back off IR.

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