2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Sell-High Candidates

by Paul Anderson
2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Sell-High Candidates

Despite only being three weeks into the baseball season, we’re a third of the way done. Well for most teams.

The Cardinals are only 10% finished. The Marlins are nearing the quarter mark. The Reds may be stuck at 20 games for the next month. It’s a mess.

At any rate, the MLB trade deadline is rapidly approaching which means your league's deadline is too. This season is a sprint, so you’ve got to make a quicker than normal decision if you are in it, or you’re a seller. If you fall into the seller category, here are some great Fantasy Baseball sell-high candidates for your dynasty leagues.

If you’re in it, still keep reading. Dynasty baseball is about toeing the line of pushing all your chips into the middle and still saving some for future hands. Even if you’re a playoff hopeful, you may find trading these guys beneficial for you in both the short and long-term.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Sell-High Candidates

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Kyle Seager, 3B, Seattle Mariners

From 2012-2015 Kyle Seager slashed a respectable .263/.329/.438. During the 2016 season, he took a big step forward, mashing 30 home runs with a .278/.359/.499 line. Entering his prime, Fantasy owners expected even more growth that never materialized.

In the previous three seasons, he has struggled to replicate his earlier success. He cratered in 2018 finishing with an abysmal .221/.273/.400 showing.

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Every year he puts together a solid stretch somewhere in the season. Every year I add him as his hot streak comes to an end. He hurts my Fantasy team for two weeks and then I drop him again.

This year’s mirage is just showing in the form of a hot start. Nearly all of his underlying stats are unchanged from previous years. His ground ball rate has risen by 11%. I suspect this hot start will come to an end soon. Go ahead and find a trade partner whose willing to take him while you still can.

A.J. Pollock, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

Once a five-category contributor, A.J. Pollock had some stellar campaigns before injuries took a toll. 2015 saw him hit .315/.365/.498 with 20 home runs and an eye-popping 39 steals. At age 32, that Fantasy star is gone.

Last year for the Dodgers, he swiped only five bases in 342 plate appearances. So far in 2020, he’s hitting .283/.348/.617 with five home runs. Batting in the four spot behind Cody Bellinger in that potent Dodgers line up, he is having a good year that should continue.

With the speed gone and given his age, he’s a great option to trade to build for your future. Plenty of teams should want his bat for a playoff run. Most owners won’t want to give a young MLB player but you should get a solid prospect or two in return.

Lance Lynn, SP, Texas Rangers

Does anyone know what to make of Lance Lynn? I sure don’t. He put together five solid years of a 3.37 ERA for the Cardinals. Tommy John surgery knocked him out of the 2016 season and he returned in 2017 to 4.77 ERA.

Entering his age 31 season and pitching in a notorious hitter’s park, nobody expected him to finish fifth in the Cy Young Award voting. I didn’t expect him to repeat that success in 2020 but alas, here we are.

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Lynn looks like a Fantasy ace with a 10.02 K/9 rate and a 1.11 ERA. If we look under the hood though, there are some red flags.

A .141 BABIP is unsustainably low. So is his 89.6% strand rate, both of which contribute to his xFIP being 3.92.

He’s now 33 years old but maybe he takes the Rich Hill path and can be effective late into his career. I’m not banking on it and I advise you not to either. It’s hard to guess the return for Lynn as I suspect opinions on him vary widely. Regardless, top tier pitching is in high demand so you will find someone who wants Lynn.

Charlie Blackmon, OF, Colorado Rockies

Another former five-category contributor, Charlie Blackmon is having a monster season. He’s also 34 years old, which for dynasty is dinosaur territory.

He will always have Coors Field to fall back on as long as he plays there. That will realistically be in 2021 and 2022. He’s not picking up his 2023 player option for $10 million. This is all assuming he isn’t traded before that, which would hurt is value more.

He’s currently hitting .447. There’s some debate going about how it will be viewed if hits over .400 during this 60 game season. He’d be the first since Ted Williams in 1941. That’s good for you, any buzz about a player helps.

I can’t see his value ever being higher than it is now. If you’re giving up on this season, use the opportunity to line yourself up for the future. Aim high, the current No. 3 according to ESPN’s player rater should bring back some exciting young talent.

Joe Schmo, RP, Every Team

Seriously, you should consider selling any reliever. Imagine what you could have gotten for Edwin Diaz after 2018. Compare that to after the 2019 season. Relievers are the most volatile position in Fantasy.

Go back to any season and look at the save leaders and compare them to the following year. The turnover is remarkable. If you are planning to go into a full rebuild, you could be three years from competing. Unless you have a crystal ball, it’s near impossible to be right on relievers that far down the road.

If you are “reloading” and plan to go for it next year, it’s still the right move. You can always be active on the waiver wire and find the relievers you need. If you are in the thick of the race next year, be a buyer.

Trading Diaz after 2018 could have landed someone three excellent prospects. They could have turned around in 2019 and traded two of them for Roberto Osuna. The owner would have been much happier with Osuna and still netted the other prospect.

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Be patient and make good trades. You don’t have to sell these guys if you can’t find a reasonable offer. Don’t settle on something you don’t actually like because you feel you have to trade them. Remember though; there’s a solid chance they all, including Joe Schmo, are close to peak value right now. Take advantage and set yourself up for the long haul.

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