2020 Fantasy Baseball FSGA Draft Analysis: Rounds 16-29

by Mike Sollicito
2020 Fantasy Baseball FSGA Draft Analysis

Welcome back for the 2nd Part of my analysis for the 2020 FSGA Fantasy Baseball Draft. This time, Rounds 16-29 will be the main focus. This is the meat and potatoes of the draft. Sure, the early rounds are very important in drafts, but it's the late-round players that help you win. By finding a diamond in the rough with one of your last picks, it can help put your team over the edge.

If you haven't had a chance to read the first article on Rounds 1-15, be sure to check that out.

To give a recap below is the draft order of the 14 teams taking part in this 2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft.

  1. Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm
  2. Josh Hayes and Real Talk Ralph, RotoBaller
  3. Tim Jensen and Charlie Wiegert, RTSports.com
  4. Ray Flowers, SiriusXM
  5. Dr. Roto, Full Time Fanta
  6. Jeff Erickson, RotoWire
  7. Jordan Paulson and Mike Lazaru, Yahoo Sports
  8. Steve Gardener and Howard Kamen, USA Today Sports
  9. Greg Ambrosius and Scott Fish and Tom Kessenich, NFBC
  10. Chris Towers, CBS Sports
  11. Trevis Waters and Anthony Carson, DFS Karma
  12. Brent Hershey and Ray Murphy, Baseball HQ
  13. Anthony Perri, Fantistics
  14. Glenn and Rick and Stacie, Colton and The Wolfman

2020 Fantasy Baseball FSGA Draft Analysis

The FSGA Fantasy Baseball Draft is a yearly occurrence in which the top experts in the Fantasy Baseball community come together and perform one of the first Fantasy Baseball Drafts. This is where a lot of people gain their insight into sleepers, rankings, and players that can fall in drafts. If you'd like to take a look for yourself at the draft, just click here.

If you're like me and use many resources to get ready for your Fantasy Baseball Draft, then, by all means, take a look at Fantasy Six Pack's 2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings. For our dynasty players, take a look at our dynasty rankings as well.

The One Hit Wonders

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Every year in Fantasy Baseball, you come across players who had a career year the year before. Track record might suggest that they aren't worth drafting at their price. However, sometimes a player made a change that helped them take their talents to a new height.

It is often difficult to decide whether these players are worth it or not. The good news is that you can draft them later in your drafts. This helps soften the blow in case they are a bust. But it also makes it a lot better if you hit on that player. Being able to provide a nice mixture of risk and consistency on your fantasy baseball team is important.

Players like Ian Kennedy seem to have reinvented themselves. Kennedy was a starter for as long as he's been in the league. However, last year, the Royals converted him to the closer role, and he provided some sneaky fantasy value in that case.

Gio Urshela, 3B, New York Yankees

Another player like Gio Urshela falls into this category. Urshela was always known as a glove-first Third Baseman. Originally on the Indians, he was designated for assignment and signed to the Blue Jays before being traded once again to the Yankees.

On the Yankees, Urshela had a career year, hitting .314 with 21 HRs. This kind of production was seemingly unpredictable, however now he is being drafted. Last year, he was a waiver wire pickup, and now he is being drafted.

It is up to you if you want to draft players like this, who broke out in some way last year but have never shown this kind of talent beforehand. Whether you're up to take the risk of drafting some of these guys is up to you. But tossing a dart at one of them in the later rounds could prove super beneficial.

The Youngsters

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Every year, Summer and September call-ups are always interesting. Sometimes, you get Rhys Hoskins or Matt Olson type players the second they're called up. Players like this hit the ground running and are often intriguing players the following year come draft time. However, it seems that last year we were given a bunch of these types of players.

Some of these youngsters may have either performed well at the end of last year or showed enough promise that they may make an impact the following year. Well, it's now the following year, and it's up to us to decide if these players are worth our time drafting, or if they can be left undrafted.

Players including Jose Urquidy, Nick Solak, Nico Hoerner, and Dylan Cease are just a few of the names that come to mind for this upcoming 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Jose Urquidy, SP, Houston Astros

Jose Urquidy pitched very well last year in Triple A for the Astros. He was called up during the summer and ultimately had two stints in the majors. The first one was forgettable, but the second stint is what has everyone intrigued.

He pitched relatively well in the second stint, well enough to make it onto the playoff roster for the Astros. Urquidy ended up pitching in the World Series, and the team liked what they saw from him. Basically locked into the 4th rotation spot for the Astros, look for Urquidy to prove that his postseason dominance was not a fluke.

Nick Solak, DH, Texas Rangers

Nick Solak is another player who came up last year and hit the ground running. Solak hit .293 in 33 games for the Rangers.

While his spot on the team is up in the air, he is competing for the CF and 1B starting job this Spring. While the Rangers have no clear starter at those positions, Solak is being given a chance to earn an everyday role.

Solak can hit, there is no question about it. Being drafted in the last few rounds of your draft, Solak is worth the dart throw.

Favorite Picks of the 2020 Fantasy Baseball Season

Much like what I did during the First Part of the FSGA Analysis, I will examine each round of the draft. I will give my analysis on who my favorite pick of that round is, and explain why I like that player coming into the 2020 Fantasy Baseball Season.

Round 16: JD Davis, 3B/OF, New York Mets

Embed from Getty Images

JD Davis is a very popular sleeper candidate this year. Having to step up as the Mets dealt with injuries yet again, Davis proved he should be an everyday player.

Davis torched the ball whenever he was up, and he has a great eye at the plate. Match Davis' plate discipline and his overall well hit tool, and he is someone that could provide you with a surplus of value. He has a great eye for the strike zone, and after a few disappointing stops at the MLB with the Astros, it seems consistent playing time may have been the only thing stopping Davis.

While he had consistent playing time last year for the Mets, that may not be the case this year. Davis' only problem at the moment is his playing time, but that is baked into his draft-day price. While he should be the everyday Left Fielder for the Mets, the increasing health of Cespedes may be putting a halt to that idea. Cespedes is seemingly becoming healthier after missing all of last year with ankle injuries.

While the Mets may want to ease Cespedes in if they decide to play him at all, Davis should have a spot in the lineup. An underrated Mets lineup, Davis should be able to provide meaningful counting stats while also helping in the average department to some extent.

Grab Davis where he is being drafted, and if he is able to get some kind of consistent at-bats, he'll be a big help to your fantasy squad. He is one of my favorite breakout players for the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Round 17: Luke Voit, 1B/DH, New York Yankees

Taken by Jeff Erickson of the Rotowire, Luke Voit in round 17 is a steal. He provides some solid power and is the starting 1st Baseman of a prolific offense. While Voit was hampered by a core injury last year that ultimately landed him on the IL for a few weeks, that injury is behind him now.

Voit has said at the beginning of Spring Training that he feels healthier than ever and finally has his full strength back.

Now, I know it is hard to believe a player when they say this because everyone says it. However, in Voit's case, that may just be true. His numbers dropped off significantly after he came back from injury, and it was obvious that he still wasn't fully healthy.

When healthy, Voit provides you with a solid 1B in the later rounds, something that's been increasingly harder to find. Take Voit, his prolific lineup, and developing power and run. Drafting him in the later rounds of your draft for pennies is a no brainer given his great upside. Drafting players like this in great lineups is a sneaky way of squeezing value out of those late rounds.

Round 18: Avisail Garcia, OF/DH, Milwaukee Brewers

Avisail has had an interesting major league career so far, to say the least. On the White Sox, Avisail broke out in 2017 only to follow that up with an extremely disappointing 2018. Acquired by the Rays last year, Avisail provided a nice offensive spark, showing that 2018 was the outlier, not 2017.

Now moving to the Brewers, Avisail should maintain an everyday spot in the outfield that is accompanied by Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich. While the Brewers lineup lost Mike Moustakas and Yasmani Grandal, they still have perennial MVP candidate Yelich to help them out.

The Brewers are looking to stay competitive this year, and Avisail will prove vital to that.

Being drafted later in drafts, Avisail has the chance to provide you with tons of value. He hits the ball hard and should be able to knock out a few more HRs as he calls Miller Park home for this upcoming season.

Draft Avisail with confidence in the later rounds. Because outfield is a very deep position, it's possible to wait until the end to fill out parts of your outfield. Avisail could be one of those players for you.

Round 19: Sean Murphy, C, Oakland Athletics

Embed from Getty Images

Sean Murphy is one of my favorite players to draft this upcoming season. Known for his bat, Murphy has been working on his defense in hopes of being called up sooner.

He was called up at the end of last year and hit relatively well. Murphy has always been able to hit the ball well, as evident throughout the minors and his short time in the majors last year.

In an underrated Oakland Athletics lineup, Murphy should be the everyday catcher for them, and being able to draft a catcher with this much offensive upside this late is amazing.

Catcher is relatively thin after the first handful or so. Murphy is available in the later rounds changes that, as you can pass on a catcher until one of the last rounds in your draft.

While Murphy did have a knee injury, which isn't ideal for catchers, he is presumed to be healthy.

The Athletics may take it easy with Murphy to start the year, but he should be good to go during after being eased in. Grab Murphy as your catcher and reap the benefits of grabbing a top 10 catcher with one of your last five picks.

Round 20: Luis Arraez, 2B/OF, Minnesota Twins

Luis Arraez has always had a penchant for hitting the ball. Being called up relatively early last year by the Twins, all he did was hit. While Arraez does not have the power some would like, you're looking at someone who should consistently compete for the batting title.

The Twins have revamped their offense this offseason, bringing in a few key pieces like Josh Donaldson. Arraez is penciled in as the everyday 2nd baseman for the Twins, and adding OF eligibility is a nice touch.

A career .331 hitter in the minors, Arraez hit .334 upon his arrival to the bigs. Hitting in a prolific lineup like the Twins', this should provide him with some nice counting stats to go alongside his high batting average.

Drafting Arraez this late in the draft like the guys at NFBC did is a bargain. If Arraez is able to develop any more power, you're looking at a great fantasy player. Even if he doesn't gain power, his ability to hit for a high average and provide you with dual eligibility should be enough of a reason to take Arraez.

Round 21: Dylan Cease, SP, Chicago White Sox

Basically penciled into the White Sox rotation this year, Cease makes for an intriguing high upside pick. While his floor is relatively low, as shown last year, he can help provide you with some nice strikeouts and possibly even some wins. With an upgraded roster from years past, the White Sox are many people's favorite team this year to exceed expectations.

Cease struggled mightily last year, especially during his first few starts. He had a rollercoaster first experience in the majors last year, and if he can just harness a bit more control he may be able to go deeper into games.

In fact, this offseason Cease has made it his priority to work on his command, specifically the command of his fastball. A great pitcher in the minors, it won't be totally impossible for Cease to develop into a great fantasy starter.

I believe that Cease will take one of the biggest steps forward during the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Being taken as one of the last few starting pitchers in the draft, grab him and toss him at the end of your pitching staff. If he exhibits better command, keep him as a backend guy and enjoy the value.

If he is unable to make strides in his command, drop him and don't sweat it. Cease is someone I'm expecting to take a nice jump this year, and he's someone I will without a doubt take the risk on.

Round 22: Domingo Santana, OF, Cleveland Indians

Santana was one of the hottest starters in fantasy baseball last year. He hit the ground running with the Mariners and didn't look back until an elbow injury popped up. This elbow injury sidelined him for a little more than a month, and once he returned he was relegated to DH duties. Now seemingly healthy and a free agent heading into this offseason, the Indians took a risk and signed him.

He should be able to carve out an everyday role in the Indians outfield. While the Indians disappointed last year, they are still a good team with Francisco Lindor.

Having most of the team back and healthy, the Indians lineup should be relatively solid this upcoming season. Santana, who has a problem with strikeouts, should still be able to provide a nice spark in the power department for your fantasy squad.

Much like Avisail Garcia, Domingo Santana is someone you can draft in the later rounds who very well may become an everyday outfielder for your fantasy team.

Grab him in your draft, but be prepared to drop the dead weight if he doesn't knock off some rust. Santana is an interesting player for the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Expendable players at this point of the draft is important. Having someone you can drop if needed is a big help, especially for those fantasy managers who fall in love with their team post-draft.

Round 23: Dylan Bundy, SP, Los Angeles Angels

Embed from Getty Images

Ah, here comes the ghost of Dylan Bundy! It seems like every season I can't give up hope on Bundy, hoping he'll turn it around and show the excellent strikeout upside he once had.

Being traded to the Angels this offseason, Bundy is locked into a rotation spot and in a much better park for pitchers. Pitching at Camden Yards is very hard to do, as it is a very hitter-friendly park.

Moving to Angel Stadium, Bundy will call a better pack home. Also, he will have a great defense behind him, headlined by Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons.

My take on Bundy is that all he needed was to move away from the Orioles. Grabbing Bundy in the draft is a huge risk, but drafting him with a late-round pick as the last pitcher for your fantasy squad is not a bad idea at all.

After all, if he pitches the way he did in 2016 and brings the strikeout upside he had with him last year, Bundy could be a pleasant surprise for both fantasy managers and the pitching needy Angels.

Round 24: Sam Hilliard, OF, Colorado Rockies

Sam Hilliard absolutely torched the minors last year. He hit .262 with 35 HRs and 101 RBIs, not to mention he also added 22 stolen bases. Hilliard offers a special kind of power/speed combo, one that is super helpful to fantasy managers.

While he isn't guaranteed playing time, Hilliard will be given a chance to earn a starting job during Spring Training. While it is important to keep an eye on that, he should definitely be up at some point again this year.

Grabbing Hilliard as the ultimate dart throw could prove extremely valuable. While he isn't a lock for playing time, take him in your drafts now.

Given the chance that he breaks camp with the Rockies and has an OF spot for himself, he will be extra valuable, as hitting in Coors will help his hitting stats. Add on his speed and you're looking at someone who could be a very good player for a long time.

So take the risk on Hilliard, as it may prove to be the difference-maker of 2020 Fantasy Baseball season. Great pick by Anthony Perri of the Fantistics.

Round 25: Pablo Lopez, SP, Miami Marlins

One of the few bright spots last year for the Marlins was the success of their pitching. Lopez was a bit underwhelming last year, but he did show signs that he can be a great pitcher. Lopez has great command, and he has some nice strikeout pitches.

He also should be locked into a rotation spot this year as the Marlins continue to find building blocks for their young team.

Pablo Lopez is a great target during the later rounds as if he is able to bring a bit more consistency to his starts he could be a fantasy darling. While being on the Marlins doesn't always translate to having fantasy value, Lopez is one of the few exceptions.

The only issue is the changing of the field metrics, as the outfield walls were brought in a little bit. While Marlins Park was usually pitcher-friendly, it remains to be seen what these new walls will do. It should still be somewhat beneficial to pitchers, so grabbing Lopez is not a bad idea at all.

His great command and heat are enough to make him an intriguing lottery pick. Don't reach for him, as he may not even be drafted. However, Pablo Lopez is someone you will want to keep an eye on during the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Round 26: Tyler O'Neill, OF, St. Louis Cardinals

Embed from Getty Images

O'Neill has monstrous power, but he has never been given a consistent chance at playing regularly. With the Cardinals losing Marcell Ozuna to the Braves, that opens up some playing time in their outfield.

Expected to serve an everyday role for the Cardinals, O'Neill offers a kind of power that is hard to find. While there is a lot of swing and miss in his swing, the power is undeniable.

While the Cardinals lineup may not be inspiring to the eyes, it could be very underrated. Mike Schildt is usually able to get the most out of his players, no matter who they are. Look for O'Neill to be a consistent player in the outfield. He could hit fairly high in the lineup due to his power.

While his penchant for strikeouts may subdue him to more slumps over the course of the season, he also may go on power surges too.

That 50-50 chance is why O'Neill is a huge risk later in the draft, but he is also someone who could help win you some hitting categories on his own if he is on a surge that week.

Draft O'Neill with confidence that he'll play every day, and watch as the Cardinals finally show the world what their young power-hitting outfielder can do.

Round 27: Travis Shaw, 1B/3B, Toronto Blue Jays

Oh, how the downfall of Travis Shaw happened so quickly. A developing power bat that was traded from the Red Sox to the Brewers, Shaw was a constant force in the lineup, hitting over 30 HRs for his first two years there. However, last year Shaw took a huge step back. He failed to hit the ball at all and was even kept in the minors as he was recovering from injury.

While the hand injury he suffered at the beginning of last year could be responsible for his decline in play, he also changed his stance. The stance change may have also proved fatal for Shaw. But what Shaw offers is a chance to bounceback after a really rough year at the plate.

Now on the Blue Jays and hitting in their solid lineup including Bo Bichette, Vlad Jr, and Cavan Biggio, Shaw could provide an uber of value.

Grabbing players like this who could bounceback is important in later rounds. This is what gets you to your championship, being able to find those players that most think are no longer fantasy relevant.

Taking risks like Travis Shaw could prove beneficial, but it could also prove as a waste. Take him in the last rounds much like Ray Flowers of SiriusXM Fantasy. Don't expect anything from Shaw, just wait and see and you just might be surprised.

Round 28: Corey Knebel, RP, Milwaukee Brewers

Corey Knebel was one of the most dominant relief pitchers in 2018. However, before the start of last season, Knebel's elbow started to bug him, and he ultimately needed Tommy John surgery. Out for the first few weeks of the season this year, it will be interesting to see what Knebel's role will be. After all, he was the closer for the team before he went down with the injury.

The Brewers, however, have Josh Hader, who very well may be their one and only closer this year. However, the Brewers like to use Hader in a multitude of scenarios, specifically the high leverage ones. With Knebel's experience in the ninth-inning role, it is possible he comes back as the closer for the Brewers.

Nothing is guaranteed for Knebel, which is why he is basically going undrafted in drafts. Draft and stash him on an IL spot, with hopes that when he returns he becomes the closer again. Even if he is not the closer, he should still be able to get you holds if you play in that type of league, and he can help lower your ERA and WHIP ratios.

Grab Knebel, or at the very least keep an eye on him during the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Round 29: Nico Hoerner, 2B/SS, Chicago Cubs

Embed from Getty Images

Nico Hoerner was a 2018 first-round draft pick in the MLB Draft. He arrived at the majors last September and hit the ball well. Hitting is what pushed him up to the majors so quickly. A gifted hitter, Hoerner has always been able to put the ball in play. Last year, Hoerner took over at SS while Baez was dealing with a thumb injury.

With the thumb injury behind Baez, it is unclear if Hoerner will be the everyday 2B for the Cubs. The Cubs signed a few veteran second basemen. It seems as though they want to let Nico Hoerner spend more time polishing himself up in the minors.

There is an outside chance that he makes the team out of Spring Training. He will be given every chance to fight for a spot on the roster.

Being a great hitter, Hoerner profiles similarly to Arraez, whom I covered above. Great hitters, with not much pop, but should provide helpful counting stats by hitting in a great lineup. Hoerner is yet again another player to keep an eye on throughout Spring Training. He should be called up quickly by the Cubs.

Grab Hoerner as a last resort option in the last round. You might just have yourself a breakout player on your team for thee 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

Next Time

Be on the lookout for some more Fantasy Baseball articles from the guys over at Fantasy Six Pack. With baseball season right around the corner, you might want to start doing your research. There is no better place to get your fantasy information than from Fantasy Six Pack. If you have any comments, concerns or questions be sure to hit me up on Twitter @MikeSollicito1!

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