2020 Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets: Best Late Round Gets

by Mike Sollicito
2020 Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets

In fantasy baseball, Quality Start (QS) category has been becoming more popular in H2H Category Leagues. I like leagues where QS is a category, either with or without wins. While wins are the usual category in traditional 5x5 category leagues, I prefer QS to wins. Below will be some of my favorite Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets for the 2020 season.

While wins are a fun Fantasy Baseball category, they are hard to predict. The pitcher can lose their win even after leaving the game. The bullpen can come into a game and let up enough runs to lose the game. If that happens, the pitcher simply does not get their win. This leaves fantasy players frustrated, as wins are not something that you can rely on week in and week out.

One of the main reasons why I find the QS category better is because a pitcher can leave the game, and still earn their quality start no matter what. The Quality Start is given to a pitcher whenever he pitches six innings while allowing three runs or less.

This gives us fantasy players a category that has some predictability. You are usually able to find players who will reward you with QS every time they pitch.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets

When looking to draft pitchers who will help in the QS category, it's obvious that the aces of the league will be a great help. Max Scherzer, for example, is considered one of the QS Kings. He is as consistent as ever and is always up there for most QS. However, it is those later round pitchers that make the difference.

While you could go pitching heavy at the beginning of the draft to lock up some pitching categories, there are some later guys that you can grab who will help you just as much.

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Marco Gonzales, Seattle Mariners

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Last season, the Mariners were sort of lost hope. A rebuilding team who sold off a few pieces, finally got some prospects to build around.

However, what the Mariners noticed before anyone else did. That is an unforeseen building block for their pitching staff, Marco Gonzales. Gonzales may not be flashy, but he gets the work done for the Mariners.

While Gonzales pitched to a 3.99 ERA last year, he went over 200 innings, only striking out 147 people. Hurt for most of the beginning of his career, Gonzales has been able to stay durable throughout a full season.

Locked into a rotation spot for the Mariners, Gonzales is a case of someone who would only be good for QS leagues and not win leagues. After proving he could throw 200 innings, Gonzales will look to continue his consistent run.

While his ERA and strikeouts may not be too flashy, it's his QS that is most intriguing. Gonzales had 19 QS last year, tied with the 7th most in the league.

Gonzales is a consistent albeit underwhelming option at the pitching position. He is, however, someone you can get in the later rounds who should help you win the QS category.

Marcus Stroman, New York Mets

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Stroman has been a consistent fantasy pitcher for a while now. After being traded to the Mets last year, Stroman was solid and continued to rack up his QS.

On a team that should be competitive, but is no lock to be, he should play a pivotal role. Stroman will be the team's No. 3 starter behind Noah Syndergaard and Jacob DeGrom.

Stroman accumulated 18 QS last year to the tune of a 3.22 ERA. While I am not expecting Stroman's ERA to be that low, expect him to have an ERA in the 3s. He may not be an especially overpowering strikeout pitcher, but he typically gets the job done.

He won't be drafted super early, and you should be able to grab him towards the middle part of your draft.

These are the types of players that should be on your watchlist during Fantasy Baseball drafts. They may not light up the scoreboard, but pitchers like Stroman are players you can count on. These types of consistent pitchers are the best Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets.

Mike Minor, Texas Rangers

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Mike Minor is someone I'd never think of writing about, but he is yet another consistent arm.

Minor threw 208 innings last year after throwing 157 innings in 2018. On a team that should be rebuilding but has the pitching to contend, Minor will clog up a rotation spot for the Rangers.

While his team may not provide the offense needed to get consistent wins, he should be able to rack up some quality starts.

Not an overpowering pitcher like Stroman, Minor does not strikeout many players, but he is a durable pitcher who has a rotation spot locked up. Pitchers throwing over 200 innings in baseball are not as common as they once were, as teams like to save their pitcher's arm for the postseason.

Minor had 16 QS last year and given his usage, he should be able to at least come close to replicating that.

I would expect over 180 innings at least for Mike Minor this season, given he's healthy. While his ERA last year may be an anomaly, he should still have around a 3.60 to 4.00 ERA.

Being drafted later in drafts, he is one of the arms you just may be able to count on. Grab Minor and expect to get a consistent and durable arm who should get you more QS than you thought you'd get out of a later round pitcher.

Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs

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One of the more boring fantasy baseball pitchers, Hendricks may just be the definition of bland. He is a consistent pitcher who should put up around a 3.40 ERA with a mediocre strikeout total.

Again, not an overpowering pitcher, Hendricks is consistent, which is what you want when looking for QS targets. Throwing at least 175 innings in four out of his first six major league seasons, Hendricks has been as durable as anyone in baseball.

Hendricks had 16 QS last year, and while he did fall victim to a shoulder injury, he came back after only missing a few weeks. He still pitched 177 innings last year, and there's no reason to believe he won't do it again.

Hendricks has cemented himself as a consistent arm in fantasy baseball, so don't pass on him because of his blandness.

He may not have the pizzazz as others do, you at least know exactly what you're getting with him.

Kyle Hendricks is one of the better Fantasy Baseball Quality Start Targets for where he is going.

He is going right around where you would expect someone as consistent as him to go. Grab him if he is in your range, but don't reach on him. Hendricks may be a boring fantasy option, but he will help win you the QS category, and what's more important than winning?

Aaron Civale, Cleveland Indians

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Aaron Civale is one of my sleeper candidates for this upcoming Fantasy Baseball season. He should be fighting for a rotation spot this spring. However, after a strong start to his major league career last season, Civale should be able to lock up a spot.

With Mike Clevinger injured for six to eight weeks and no concrete 5th starter, there's enough room for Civale to insert himself as a fixture in the Indians rotation.

A pitcher who induces a lot of weak contact, Civale could be something really special. While his sample size was small last year (57.2 innings), he definitely should be given a chance to show that last year was not a fluke.

Civale had six QS last year in ten games started. Even though he won't have that success rate this year, he definitely should be able to get you some QS given he gets a rotation spot.

Civale has always had great command throughout the minors, and he continued to show that in the majors.

Plus, Civale has the luxury of being on an Indians team who knows how to handle their arms. With the uncertainty of the Indians rotation, Civale is a great sleeper candidate who you can draft for basically free.

On The Lookout

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