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2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings


After much uncertainty and more to come, unfortunately, the 2020 MLB Season is happening. Time to present to you my 2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, the shortened season edition!

I rank the top-350-plus overall along with at least the following at each position:

  • Catcher: 35
  • First Base: 50
  • Second Base: 50
  • Third Base: 50
  • Shortstop: 50
  • Outfield: 120
  • Starting Pitcher: 120
  • Relief Pitcher: 60

With a 60 game season, things are going to be very interesting. There are already players I had to remove over the last few days because they are sitting out. There will be more coming and more that test positive as the season goes on and will have to miss time. Missing 14 days due to a positive test is almost a quarter of the season, so it is pretty detrimental to a player’s value.

With all that said you can’t predict positive tests so keep that in mind with these rankings. They are very likely to be wrong at the end of the season, as is everyone’s because nobody can predict positive tests and they will be coming. Everyone, including myself, is simply doing their best to rank the best they can with the information we have at the time.

We also have Dynasty League rankings by Dave Eddy for those who play. Also don’t miss out on the 2020 Draft Kit, which includes position previews and more. Most of the content is from before the shutdown, but there is still plenty of value in what was written.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

*Note: Be sure to use the filter when on the position rankings to filter by host site. This ensures the list of players you are using for your rankings match the site you are using for your league.

About Joe Bond

Not just another "Average Joe" when it comes to Fantasy Sports, he is the fantasy brain trust behind the website. Joe is included in the FantasyPros Consensus Rankings for Football, Baseball and Basketball and finished well each year. This includes a top-3 in-season ranking for Football in 2020 and top-5 in 2019. You can find him on Twitter, @F6P_Joe, where he is waiting by the keyboard for your question.

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