2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Cactus League Update

by Josh Mantel
2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Cactus League

The 2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Cactus League Update starts here. After the first, now only, three weeks of the season and a couple of rounds of demotions in the books. We are starting to get a better understanding of who is going to make the 26 man roster.

If you have not read it yet, go back and read my 2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 1 Cactus League Update. and even 2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Cactus League Update.

This week I am going to spice it up more than the Coronavirus is spicing up the major league season. I am going to discuss some hitting position battles that are heating up! Keep an eye on these battles, the winner may provide you some positive results to lead you to a championship.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Cactus League Update

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Position Battles

Ronald Guzman vs Greg Bird, 1B, Texas Rangers
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So far in Spring Training Guzman has had a batting average of .212 with one home run and three RBI's in thirty-three at-bats. While his biggest challenger in Bird has had a batting average of .103 with zero home runs and zero RBI's in twenty-nine AB's in Spring Training.

The real question now is who sucks less? In fact, the manager Chris Woodward is so disappointed in both of their production they are considering looking elsewhere in the organization for a starting first basemen to start the season. So what started out as two-man competition between Guzman and Bird could now add a third individual to the mix.

With the acquisition of Todd Frazier in the offseason and the stellar Spring play of Catcher, turned third-baseman, of Isiah Kiner-Falefa the Rangers are discussing moving a long time third baseman Frazier to first and starting Kiner-Falefa at third. Keep in mind this is not exactly what the Rangers were looking to do but if Kiner-Falefa keeps up his torrid pace look for him as a strong candidate for a waiver wire pick up.

Ryan Braun vs Avisail Garcia, OF, Milwaukee Brewers

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It is old man cheater/MVP Ryan Braun versus long time White Sox player Avisail Garcia. With the other two outfield positions locked in with Christian Yelich in Right Field and Lorenzo Cain in Center. The only space that is up for competition is in Left Field.

Garcia the younger of the two players at 28, is hitting .158 with zero home runs and zero RBI's. While the Hebrew Hammer (more like broken Hammer) is batting much better at .333 however, he also has zero home runs and zero RBI's.

With no other Outfielder in camp really making a name for themselves for that third outfield spot. Expect it to be a battle between these two for Left Field.  If I was a betting man (which I am duh!) I would put my money on Garcia having the spot on opening day. I mean look at his spray chart when he has hit at Brewers Stadium.

Franklin Barreto vs Jorge Mateo vs Tony Kemp vs Vimael Machin, 2B, Oakland Athletics

A four-way race that is actually pretty decent (between two of them)!  Franklin Barreto who was played sparingly last year behind Jurikson Profar had a nice Spring. He has a .308 batting average and has a decent output for a second baseman with four RBI.
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What Jorge Mateo lacks in batting average he makes up for in stolen bases. He has four stolen bases to go with his poor .231 batting average. In my opinion, he has little chance of winning the 2b spot. His lack of experience in the majors and his poor showing in Spring Training does not make his odds great.

Tony Kemp the former outfielder for the Houston Astros has now made it interesting for the Athletics' second basemen job. Kemp's stats through 29 at-bats have been pretty good with a .345 batting average with one home run. Kemp has made a good transition to the second base position, expect him to play a decent amount even if he is not the starter on Opening Day.

Machin, who is basically an unknown coming into camp has had a decent Spring Training with five RBI's so far. His .333 Batting Average is also nothing scoff at either. Unfortunately, Kemp and Barretto are better players overall so I do believe that they will be the top guys for the Athletics.

As I see it this is how I see the final order at the second base position:

  1. Franklin Barreto (Makes Roster)
  2. Tony Kemp (Makes Roster)
  3. Vimael Machin (AAA)
  4. Jorge Mateo (AAA)

Next week we will be tracking pitchers who are in a position battle for a roster spot or rotation spot. Comment down below on who you think fantasy owners should have an eye on in the coming weeks!

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