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2020 Fantasy Football Drew Brees Injury Replacement Options


Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Drew Brees Injury article. Sadly, it’s not good news that brings you here! Much like Dak Prescott‘s injury this is a big blow to your team, but even worse as it’s later in the season.

You may be sitting at the bottom of the waiver priority list and think, “Man, there’s no way I’m going to be able to get Jameis Winston.”

However there’s hope on the horizon. There are some capable streaming options that may be able to get you to the finish line, and ultimately into the Fantasy Football Playoffs. In fact you may be surprised to learn that I don’t believe Jameis Winston is one of them.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming weeks and see what we can dig up!

2020 Fantasy Football Drew Brees Injury

Week 11:

Keep in mind it’ll be very ugly at the jump. But it’ll get better as we go! I promise!

Note: All Roster Percentages are pulled from Yahoo!

Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys Vs. Minnesota Vikings (5% Rostered)


How unsexy can you get? Well, it starts here. Streaming QBs isn’t always pretty, unfortunately. What is fortunate is that the Dallas Cowboys showed signs of life against an undefeated team from Pittsburgh heading into the Bye Week.

If the offensive line can get healthy and Andy Dalton can get comfortable under center, this offense can rip the Minnesota defense to shreds. Minnesota’s young corners struggle heavily in coverage, and there’s no way they’ll be able to keep Cooper, Lamb, and Gallup all under wraps all game long.

After Week 11, the stream train stalls as he faces Washington and Baltimore. Those games won’t be as pretty.

Alex Smith, Washington Football Team Vs. Cincinnati Bengals (5% Rostered)

Hear me out before you discredit me and leave this page. Alex Smith was an absolute stud in Week 10. While he didn’t throw for a touchdown, he did throw for 390 yards, and managed to not get killed over his 55 attempts.

That was against a Detroit defense that isn’t considered a favorable matchup. Now, the Bengals aren’t considered overly favorable, but they’re more favorable than not.

This offense looks a whole lot better with Alex Smith under center. I foresee a similar game type in Week 11 between Washington and Cincinnati as we saw between Washington and Detroit. A shootout between two teams that aren’t great, and I’m here for it.

Week 12:

Still here? Good! As promised, Week 12 is much more favorable for streaming options and also may contain a pick I like for the long haul.

Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers Vs. Minnesota Vikings (46% Rostered)

Naturally, after putting up a stellar week, Bridgewater gets injured. While I expect him to miss this week, it sounds as though he can make a strong return in a REVENGE GAME the following week.

There is some concern that he might miss more than one game. In which case I’ll probably pass on the Carolina QB room altogether. Pun intended.

In Week 11 the Panthers face Detroit, which as I mentioned before, despite Alex Smith’s great play against them they’re not deemed a favorable matchup. Then, following Week 12, the Panthers have a Week 13 Bye Week.

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Jets (45% Rostered)


Tua is my number one waiver priority if I just lost Brees and I need a QB. I wasn’t sold on him coming in, but I’ve changed my tune. Through three games he has impressed and looked sharp.

While Week 12 is his best matchup over the remaining weeks, he has a decent matchup against Denver in Week 11 and Cincinnati in Week 13.

He’s highly rostered, sure. However, if he’s available you need to change that.

Week 13:

See? Much better? Just gotta have faith. I got you. Let’s roll on to Week 13!

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders Vs. New York Jets (37% Rostered)


Derek Carr would be my number two priority at QB on the Waiver Wire this week. I think he’s got solid matchups over the next three weeks but I love his Week 13 matchup.

I feel like I’m just beating up on the Jets but hey, if the shoe fits. Sorry, not sorry.

Carr faces Kansas City in Week 11, a matchup that’s bound to have some fireworks. However with the Chiefs having a chip on their shoulder from the upset earlier in the season, and an extra week to get healthy and get prepared, I could see an uphill battle for Carr in Week 11. However, then he pulls Atlanta in Week 12, and the aforementioned Jets in Week 13.

Daniel Jones, New York Giants Vs. Seattle Seahawks (30% Rostered)

“Gah, Bob you were doing so well! What happened?!” Yeah, yeah; I know. Daniel Jones is the definition of inconsistent, especially if you’re in leagues that heavily penalize turnovers.

However, Seattle is the WORST defense against opposing QBs. On the flip side, I can definitely see Jones having a ton of turnovers in this game.

If you’re desperate, Jones might be your best option for Week 13. The good news is, nobody should be looking to add him this week since he’s heading into his Bye Week.

However, he has a somewhat favorable matchup against Cincinnati that will draw some attention to him. So you might have to grab him ahead of that matchup, and either stream him through Week 12 as well or stash him to get through to Week 13.

If you’re that desperate, Jake Luton or Gardner Minshew are options with favorable matchups Vs. Minnesota in Week 13. Depends on how you want to play it. Luton or Minshew likely have a lower ceiling but are far less volatile than Jones, whereas Jones’ ceiling is far higher than Luton or Minshew.

Two For The Road:

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints (2% Rostered)

Weeks 11-13: ATL, DEN, ATL

Here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for, “Why don’t I like Jameis Winston as the number one option to replace Brees?” Well, here it is: I don’t think Winston really fits this system. Sean Payton‘s system is based on efficiency and precision. That’s not Jameis Winston.

Drew Brees has been the perfect QB for Sean Payton and the system they’ve created is very deeply ingrained in both of them. He’s a surefire Hall-Of-Famer when he’s all said and done.

You may say “Well Teddy Bridgewater filled in great for Brees when he went down last year!” This is true, but that’s partly due to the fact that Bridgewater had a full year learning the system, and he identifies more as a precision passer. Similar to Brees. Not close to his level, but similar.

Winston is a gunslinger. Is it possible that this opens up the offense and Winston comes out blazing and is a Fantasy Football Star reborn? Absolutely. Do I find it likely? No.

I will say his matchups are decent. Maybe I’m being contrarian here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean Payton straps on the training wheels and relies on a heavy rush attack, at least in the first week or two. You’re also playing with the possibility of Brees returning. I’d much rather take options like Tua Tagovailoa and Derek Carr; two players I know are going to be here and starting outside of an injury.

Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts (22% Rostered)

Embed from Getty Images

Weeks 13-15: HOU, LV, HOU

What if I told you Philip Rivers may be the most stream effective quarterback for Weeks 13-15? He has three dome games and three games against very beatable defenses.

Rivers has been up and down all year so far, but he could make hay at the end of the Fantasy Football Regular Season and set people on the path to a championship in Weeks 14 and 15.

He gets Green Bay in Week 11 which lines up as a tough matchup, but he could fare well if Green Bay’s starting corners continue to miss time.

Then in Week 12, he faces off with Tennessee in a quick rematch game from Week 10. He was able to show well against Tennessee last week but I’m not so sure Tennessee will allow another defeat so easily.

Thanks for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Drew Brees Injury article!

Thanks for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Drew Brees Injury article! As well as a special thanks to Keith for giving me this opportunity! I hope you all enjoyed the read and were able to take away some valuable information despite facing a tough situation!

Please be sure to check out my IDP Content if you play IDP!


What did you think of my picks? Do you have a favorite streaming candidate to fill in for Brees? Do you play IDP? If yes let’s talk about it, if not let me know why not on Twitter @ Bbab_FFB! I am Bob Van The IDP Man and my DMs are always open to discuss anything Fantasy Football! Answer all my questions there! Follow me and DM anytime!

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