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2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy: Win Now-Win Later


You may be thinking “win now and win later; how’s that possible?” Well it is. In the 2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy I’ll touch on different tips, tricks, players, and strategies to help you not only win in fantasy now, but win for years to come.

2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy

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Investing in a QB early is a NO GO

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This is a big one. I preach this not only in dynasty but almost any format – ESPECIALLY redraft. With dynasty, you draft for today and 10 years from now.

That said, players like Mahomes and Jackson cost too much capital in dynasty [3rd round ADP]. Drafting either of those guys isn’t a bad thing. It’s just not a great use of capital if you plan to win now.2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy

It’s best to target value at the position. You want to avoid drafting players like Brady, Brees, or Rodgers. They are too old if you are trying for a win now and later approach. You also can’t draft players like Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray with 5th round ADPs. People are going bananas for them this season.

Too much hype around a player only leads to bad things and not much fantasy value. Eventually, the hype builds large enough to where expectations become too large to match on the field. Just take a look at Baker Mayfield last season. Mayfield was arguably the most hyped player coming into the season – he ended up finishing as QB21. This is why I tend to advise staying away from heavily hyped players and instead go with a value play.

Wait to draft a QB

2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy
Players like Drew Lock and Daniel Jones offer insane upside with high floors. Currently, both are coming off the board as low as the 10th round and as high as the 8th round. These are the sweet spots for QBs. By then you should have your roster planned, filled out with upside and talent, and on your way to fantasy happiness.

The great thing about drafting these guys is that they are both sophomores. They flex high upside with solid floors – incredibly attractive for fantasy. Last year, Jones was QB23 and scored 213 fantasy points.

Although that doesn’t jump out at you, it should. He only played 12 games. If Jones were the starter in all 16, he would rank QB6 and on pace for 284 fantasy points. Players like Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley, and Sterling Shepard missed time from injuries – depleting Jones’ arsenal. Assuming better health and new additions along the offensive line could mean even more exciting things for Jones.

If by chance you don’t get Jones or Lock it’s perfectly okay to draft a player like Stafford, Goff, Garrapolo, or Cousins. Each one of these guys have at least five years left in the league and flashed fantasy greatness at times.

If however, you do draft one of these guys especially Stafford or Cousins, I would highly suggest taking someone like a Jordan Love or a Tua. Pairing a veteran quarterback with a solid floor along with a high upside rookie who is a few years from greatness is a smart idea. The key with the quarterback position and value is EVERYTHING.

Make sure you draft for value, never reach for a quarterback unless they fall into your lap, like Mahomes slipping to the 4th, or Murray slipping to the 7th.

Running Back is the ONLY way in the 1st Round

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You can never have enough running backs. It may not be the most important position on the field, but it is for fantasy football. With this strategy, it depends on the draft position you have. It’s a no brainer to take McCaffrey or Barkley if you have one or two but it might not be as simple if you have a lower draft position.

Guys like Clyde Edwards-Helaire are low end first, but don’t offer quite enough first-year pop for you to win now and win later. If you are going to draft high, you really can’t go wrong with the top-end talents, i.e. CMC or Kamara.2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy

Drafting those guys are no brainers. That said, if you have a later pick, guys like Aaron Jones and Josh Jacobs are the way to go. Both are young and exciting they can be great assets for your team this season and for years to come.

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Following this strategy, you should try and avoid guys such as Jonathon Taylor, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and J.K. Dobbins. Not that any of these guys aren’t exciting or even offer high fantasy returns. The whole point is they don’t have quite the potential 2020 season return like Aaron Jones.

The middle rounds get TRICKY, DRAFT RBs

I can’t tell you how your draft is going to go, they are all different, people like certain players, teams, and so on and so forth. The only thing I can advise is to draft running backs, and as much as you can in every round.

A great example of a mid-round “win now and win later” fantasy running back with booming upside are running backs like Kenyan Drake and Cam Akers. Both have 3rd to 4th round ADP and can be fantasy starters not only from day one but for 5+ years to come.

Drake is a bit older, but his situation is ideal with little or no competition. Akers is a rookie, but has to fight off an RBBC around him. Running back depth is truly key. How many running backs do you ever find on the waiver wire that are worth much? Unless you’re really talking about injuries and backups they might be 2-3 backs a year that even sniff fantasy relevance.

If you put in your time and research and you might be fortunate and get one. Hopefully. Instead of worrying about depth, just draft them as much as possible. Its a lot easier to pinpoint wide receiver and quarterback breakouts and find them on waivers. Guys like Derrius Guice (7th Round ADP), Zack Moss (10th Round ADP), Raheem Mostert (10th Round ADP), and Matt Brieda (12th round ADP) all offer massive upside for such low value in dynasty leagues.2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy

Pairing a few of these guys with two top end backs like McCaffrey and Drake means not only a better set at the position for this season, but possibly for years to come.

Upside wins championships

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Have you ever heard the phrase “upside wins championships?” Well if you didn’t before, then you are now. That phrase stands the test of time. When you think of fantasy league winners, they own guys with major upside. Last year, players like Lamar Jackson, DJ Chark, Austin Ekeler, Mark Andrews, and Darren Waller were all drafted around the 5th round or lower, not just in dynasty but redraft leagues as well. It’s better to draft guys like this than holding on to hopes that someone like Corey Davis, Jared Cook, or Alshon Jeffery gain fantasy success.

Besides, its a lot sexier to think what you could’ve had with Darren Waller then what you have with Jared Cook. Your arent drafting to be a middle of the road team you are drafting to be the best. As stupid as it sounds, guys like Devonta Freeman and Antonio Brown offer more intrigue in any format than wasting your last pick on a backup kicker or defense.

For example. It’s round 14 of your draft. Both of the above are still on the board. Are you taking the Bears Defense or Antonio Brown? Although he isn’t on a team and may remain suspended, I would still tell you, Brown. What player do you know that you can draft in the 14th round that can be a WR1 in fantasy? None. Literally none.

The point is to take your time. Do your research when drafting. Guys like Brown and Freeman are sexier than a defense or a kicker. Draft upside and draft to win, this is fantasy, you play to win.2020 Fantasy Football Dynasty Strategy

Value, Value, Value

My first suggestion is to put a certain value on a player. There are several websites (including ours) that offer you values for players, stat predictions, etc.

Once you have a certain idea of where a player is going, or how you view the player, then its time to get serious. When you are in a draft, it’s important to compare players, team outlook, future, league outlook, your opponents, everything. A great example of value is comparing teammates.

Matt Brieda and Jordan Howard. Both play for the Dolphins. Let’s compare them, Brieda is going in the 10th and Howard in the 12th. Personally I always take the cheaper guy.

Would you rather waste a 10th rounder on a guy who might flame out or a 12th? Basic math says 12th. Besides, the 10th is much more valuable and offers a lot more high-class league winning players, would you rather have Brieda and Jared Cook or Howard and Hayden Hurst. I’m going with upside and value. Hurst and Howard all day every day for me.

Another great example of value says you have a player like Josh Jacobs rated as a 1st round player, and he slips to the bottom of the second. Are you going to take someone like Mike Evans who is arguably a WR2 on his team or are you going to take a young exciting improving second-year player who you value more in Josh Jacobs?

Value is key. Even if you already have five running backs and two wide receivers, it’s a lot smarter to take a guy like Howard in the 12th then reach for a guy like Corey Davis who has the same ADP. Just be smart with how you draft, always get upside and value because it wins.

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