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2020 Fantasy Football F6P Final Mock Draft


When looking at our in-house 2020 Fantasy Football F6P Final Mock Draft, you might want to use it to help devise your own draft strategy. The irony is that very few of us actually had a strategy going into this draft.

Some of it has to do with the fact that we all know whom each other like. But trying to strategize and counter-strategize often leads to conundrums on the same level as debated by Bill and Ted

The draft was 12-team, 0.5PPR, 1 QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX. Our head honcho Joe Bond thinks no kickers and defenses are the correct way to play (he’s wrong, but that’s a whole other topic), so no kickers or defense.

For this draft, we mixed up the order and decided to give Baby Eddy the first pick amongst other changes. Here was the order:

  1. Dave Eddy – @CorporalEddy
  2. John LaPresto – @TheJohnLaPresto
  3. Kevin Huo – @KevinMHuo
  4. AJ Applegarth – @ApplegarthAlgar
  5. Mark Strausberg – @MarkStrausberg
  6. Dennis Sosic – @CALL_ME_SOS
  7. Keith Lott – @WeTlkFntsySprts
  8. Joe Bond – @F6P_Joe
  9. Richard Savill – @RRSSavill
  10. Jon Witt – @JPW2542
  11. Michael Tomlin – @Tomlin3
  12. Jonathan Chan – @JChan_811

Let’s got the details like the draft order and the results! Feel free to compare these results to our May Post-NFL Draft mock.

For a comprehensive list of our consensus draft rankings, click here.

2020 Fantasy Football F6P Final Mock Draft - Full

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2020 Fantasy Football F6P Final Mock Draft

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Round 1:

  1. Dave Eddy – Christian McCaffrey, RB1, CAR
  2. John LaPresto – Saquon Barkley, RB2, NYG
  3. Kevin Huo – Ezekiel Elliott, RB3, DAL
  4. AJ Applegarth – Derrick Henry, RB4, TEN
  5. Mark Strausberg – Alvin Kamara, RB5, NO
  6. Dennis Sosic – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB6, KC
  7. Keith Lott – Michael Thomas, WR1, NO
  8. Joe Bond – Dalvin Cook, RB7, MIN
  9. Richard Savill – Davante Adams, WR2, GB
  10. Jon Witt – Joe Mixon, RB8, CIN
  11. Michael Tomlin – Julio Jones, WR3, ATL
  12. Jonathan Chan – Kenyan Drake, RB9, ARI

Embed from Getty Images

This round looked a lot like a lot of other Round 1s are going to look.

The biggest change came from our May mock courtesy of Dennis Sosic, who got a little aggressive and went after rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Dennis mentioned that he hates picking in the middle so he went with the “trendy pick of CEH.” Dennis has the support of Football Editor Kevin Huo who cited the CEH pick as his favorite of the draft saying, “It’s bold, but I think it is the right choice. He is a do-it-all first-round talent that is going to step right into 250+ touches with tremendous touchdown upside.”

Of course, not everyone loved it. Keith specifically mentioned that he would not want to be in a position like Dennis where two of his first three picks were rookie running backs. On the other hand, Dennis’s decision helped Keith make “the easiest decision any Fantasy owner will make this draft season: drafting Michael Thomas at seven.” He fell from fourth overall in our May draft.

My Pick:

Embed from Getty Images

This mock draft might be the only time I pick out of the 5th slot this year and I have to say I kind of like it.

More often than not you either have the choice of the top WR on the board or picking the last of what I define as the clear cut Tier 1 RBs in a PPR League. In traditional leagues, this tier grows to include a few others, but in a PPR it’s those five. I was very happy to grab Alvin Kamara here.

In general, I was fairly happy with my team. I don’t think I “won” this draft, but my team will be competitive. And I’m not alone in that.

Mr. Risk-Taker himself Dennis said, “If I had to pick a winner I would go with either Mark or John L. Mark has top 2 players at their positions in Kittle and Lamar Jackson to go with Kamara who will explode this season after an injury-riddled 2019 season. He might be a little weak at RB2 with Mostert and Moss but if they can provide anything, his team will be fighting for the championship.”

Round 2:

  1. Jonathan Chan – Tyreek Hill, WR4, KC
  2. Michael Tomlin – DeAndre Hopkins, WR5, ARI
  3. Jon Witt – Miles Sanders, RB10, PHI
  4. Richard Savill – Todd Gurley, RB11, ATL
  5. Joe Bond – Josh Jacobs, RB12, LVR
  6. Keith Lott – Nick Chubb, RB13, CLE
  7. Dennis Sosic – Austin Ekeler, RB14, LAC
  8. Mark Strausberg – George Kittle, TE1, SF
  9. AJ Applegarth – Allen Robinson, WR6, CHI
  10. Kevin Huo – Travis Kelce, TE2, KC
  11. John LaPresto – Chris Godwin, WR7, TB
  12. Dave Eddy – Aaron Jones, RB15, GB

So is it possible that risk-taking is the way to go? Because there were very few surprises in this round. Every player taken in this round went within 2-4 picks of their expected ADP, outside of Allen Robinson to AJ Applegarth at WR6.

Applegarth and Bond have repeatedly touted Robinson on the Fantasy Six Pack Hour as one of their favorite receivers headed into the draft, noting his consistency and what should be improved quarterback play.

My Pick:

Embed from Getty Images

Yet I might have chosen the biggest surprise, having grabbed George Kittle where I did. I was leaning towards a WR but I had the next five receivers pretty close in my rankings and figured one might slip to me; and I knew neither Kittle nor Kelce was getting back to me.

I don’t like my teams when I grab either TE in the first round, but I love them when I grab them in the second. And I think Kittle edges Travis Kelce out this year. Maybe I’m wrong. But I’ll take that chance, especially in a mock!

Round 3:

  1. Dave Eddy – Kenny Golladay, WR8, DET
  2. John LaPresto – D.J. Moore, WR9, CAR
  3. Kevin Huo – Mike Evans, WR10, TB
  4. AJ Applegarth – Leonard Fournette, RB16, JAX*
  5. Mark Strausberg – Lamar Jackson, QB1, BAL
  6. Dennis Sosic – Jonathan Taylor, RB17, IND
  7. Keith Lott – Patrick Mahomes, QB2, KC
  8. Joe Bond – Chris Carson, RB18, SEA
  9. Richard Savill – David Johnson, RB19, HOU
  10. Jon Witt – JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR11, PIT
  11. Michael Tomlin – Robert Woods, WR12, LAR
  12. Jonathan Chan – Le’Veon Bell, RB20, NYJ

The most noticeable development here may be the two notable omissions here in this round versus our third round from our mock in May. Both Devin Singletary and Mark Ingram were part of the third round, but have seen their ADP steadily decline over the last few months and rightfully were not grabbed in this round.

As those two have fallen, Jonathan Taylor has seen his ADP slowly improve and given Dennis’s man-crush on Taylor it was little surprise to see Sosic pull the trigger on him. It was surprising to see him pair two rookie RBs together, but that’s on him.

*It should be noted that AJ took Fournette at RB16 thinking he would still be the bell-cow for the Jaguars. Since then, Fournette has been released and joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’d expect him to fall maybe two to three rounds if this draft had been conducted with that knowledge.

My Pick:

Embed from Getty Images

Shockingly, all five wide receivers I wanted to take went in eight picks between my second and third round picks. But that’s what happens in a draft, real or mock, sometimes.

You can also pretty much bank on Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson being grabbed in this round. Most of the options after the top 25 have either a high floor or high ceiling, but not both. However, Mahomes and Jackson both give you that.


Keith and I were quite happy to take the QBs where we did. Keith mentioned that he rarely finds himself grabbing a QB this early but he was very comfortable with Chubb as his RB1 and with 17 RBs off the board already didn’t like the value at the position.

Round 4:

  1. Jonathan Chan – James Conner, RB21, PIT
  2. Michael Tomlin – Odell Beckham Jr, WR13, CLE
  3. Jon Witt – Amari Cooper, WR14, DAL
  4. Richard Savill – Calvin Ridley, WR15, ATL
  5. Joe Bond – Adam Thielen, WR16, MIN
  6. Keith Lott – Melvin Gordon, RB22, DEN
  7. Dennis Sosic – D.K. Metcalf, WR17, SEA
  8. Mark Strausberg – Tyler Lockett, WR18, SEA
  9. AJ Applegarth – Keenan Allen, WR19, LAC
  10. Kevin Huo – A.J. Brown, WR20, TEN
  11. John LaPresto – Cooper Kupp, WR21, LAR
  12. Dave Eddy – Terry McLaurin, WR22, WAS

Embed from Getty Images

Our fourth round was dominated by WRs and you can expect yours to be too. In a 12-team PPR draft expect all of the top 20 WRs to be gone by end of the round.

Even Joe who started off his draft with three straight RBs grabs his first WR here with Adam Thielen. Joe expounded on his strategy saying, “I like my teams that start heavy at RB much more than the ones that I don’t. The WRs I can get in the middle rounds are easily WR2 with weekly WR1 upside. I think I did exactly what I wanted to do perfectly. Started out with three RBs, then followed with three WRs”

Well, that’s certainly one way to skin a cat – or win a draft, if you will.

Round 5:

  1. Dave Eddy – Kyler Murray, QB3, ARI
  2. John LaPresto – Zach Ertz, TE3, PHI
  3. Kevin Huo – Mark Ingram, RB23, BAL
  4. AJ Applegarth – Kareem Hunt, RB24, CLE
  5. Mark Strausberg – Raheem Mostert, RB25, SF
  6. Dennis Sosic – Courtland Sutton, WR23, DEN
  7. Keith Lott – DJ Chark, WR24, JAX
  8. Joe Bond – DeVante Parker, WR25, MIA
  9. Richard Savill – Cam Akers, RB26, LAR
  10. Jon Witt – De’Andre Swift, RB27, DET
  11. Michael Tomlin – David Montgomery, RB28, CHI
  12. Jonathan Chan – Mark Andrews, TE4, BAL

Here’s where things start to get really interesting! Michael Tomlin went with WR his first four picks but finally grabs a RB in this round. And it seems to have worked well, as Richard pointed out: “Mike Tomlin’s approach drafting 9th going zero-RB for the first three rounds netted him a fairly strong team.”

John LaPresto grabbed the league’s third TE in Zach Ertz which allowed Jonathan Chan to steal Mark Andrews at the end of the round. This is the round where nearly every pick has at least one serious question mark.

My Pick:

Embed from Getty Images

And that includes my pick, Raheem Mostert. Nobody knows if and or how Shanahan is going to rotate his RBs this year. I don’t think Mostert is going to see 25 carries a game, but I think he will average at least 15 a game. And given his efficiency with a chance of double-digit touchdowns, I’ll take that as an RB2.

Round 6:

  1. Jonathan Chan – A.J. Green, WR26, CIN
  2. Michael Tomlin – Devin Singletary, RB29, BUF
  3. Jon Witt – Stefon Diggs, WR27, BUF
  4. Richard Savill – Russell Wilson, QB4, SEA
  5. Joe Bond – Julian Edelman, WR28, NE
  6. Keith Lott – Darren Waller, TE5, LVR
  7. Dennis Sosic – Tyler Boyd, WR29, CIN
  8. Mark Strausberg – Jarvis Landry, WR30, CLE
  9. AJ Applegarth – Dak Prescott, QB5, DAL
  10. Kevin Huo – Ronald Jones, RB30, TB
  11. John LaPresto – J.K. Dobbins, RB31, BAL
  12. Dave Eddy – T.Y. Hilton, WR31, IND

Round 6 in an absolute mixed bag from a positional perspective in typical drafts and ours was no different. We see rookies like JK Dobbins go, along with well-seasoned vets like AJ Green.

My pick:

Embed from Getty Images

Most of the players in this round are high floor players. That includes my own with Jarvis Landry who has never had less than eighty catches in a season. Presuming Baker Mayfield rebounds this year I think Landry gets closer to 100 and in a PPR that’s a nice floor.

Round 7:

Starting with this round, I’m not going to go through each round as I did above. Instead, I will be highlighting some of the more interesting picks/trends to me

The Seventh round is where owners start taking players that make you make the bitter beer face:

Everyone has their own version of that questionable player. QBs with accuracy questions, the underside of an RBBC,  WRs with only half a dozen TDs over two years, TEs coming off an injury-marred season, players playing on their fourth team in five years….we got all of that in Round 7!

I myself grabbed Brandin Cooks who is coming off a disappointing year. But Deshaun Watson (who went in this round too) is an upgrade over Jared Goff in my opinion. I think he can bounce back to his 1,000 yards seasons of 2015 through 2018. But if he doesn’t improve on the 583 yards he had last year, his owner will be quite bitter as well!

Round 8:

Just as our faces were starting to return to normal, however, round 8 ended with a pick that might have been the biggest head-scratcher of the mock.

Head honcho Joe Bond was dumbstruck when, with both Hunter Henry and Jared Cook, still on the board, Dave Eddy grabbed Rob Gronkowski. When Joe asked Dave why he did that, the answer was simple: “I like him better!” Asked and answered your honor!

My pick was Kerryon Johnson who I was happy to have as an RB3 at the time of this draft. However, with the benefit of time and hindsight, I think that’s a pretty bad pick. However, I do like the upside of my RB4, Zack Moss, who might be one of the most valuable rookie running back this year! Which of course brings us to the later rounds…..

Rounds 9 through 16:

Embed from Getty Images

There were certainly picks I liked better than others, but a few picks stood out to me in the back part of the draft.

Of course, the “Mr. Irrelvant” pick of Ryquel Armstead by Dave Eddy turned out to be what could be a very interesting pick as this draft was completed before news of Fournette’s release hit the waves. Expect Armstead to go much, much higher in your upcoming drafts.

Also worth noting is that not all but nearly everyone took two quarterbacks, with Dennis taking three. What’s also interesting that second quarterbacks comprised half of the picks of our 16th round. The length and dynamic of your draft will likely dictate a different result. However, the fact that 22 QBs were drafted is a good over/under for your typical 12-man PPR draft.


Thanks for tuning in to our 2020 Fantasy Football F6P Final Mock Draft! We hope this was a good primer for your upcoming drafts and you can learn something that brings you plenty of fantasy success!

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