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2020 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings


2020 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings after an off-season like this one will be even more important than in previous years. Combined with the fact that defense tends to show more turnover and change in circumstance year to year than offense does.

This year will be an intriguing one while playing through a pandemic. With news breaking seemingly every minute it’ll be that much more important to know the next man up.

Opportunity and skill often equates to IDP gold. Some players are easy breakout predictions while some you have to dig for.

As we near your Fantasy drafts tune back into these IDP rankings for updates. Also, be sure to check for my future IDP content while you’re here

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2020 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings

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Here to shed some light on the IDP side of Fantasy Football. With years of experience I intend to expand the horizons of players and show them how exciting IDP can be in their leagues, as well as providing a reputable source to those who play in IDP leagues already but may want to see a differing opinion or may be looking for further details and research

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