2020 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

by Joe Bond
2020 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

The Seahawks have had a lot of success over the last decade with a record 100-59-1. This is tied for second-best, behind, you guessed it the New England Patriots. We look into if that success can continue, especially in the Fantasy Football world in the 2020 Seattle Seahawks Preview.

It seems year after year there are question marks coming into the season for the Seahawks. We've seen it from:

  • Can Russell Wilson continue his efficient play with new weapons?
  • Can the running game continue to thrive, despite a lot of rollover?
  • Is the defense going to be able to keep reloading?

This year we again have similar questions. We will cover these in the preview below.

2020 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

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Wilson has been one of the best and most efficient quarterbacks over the last eight years.

Early in his career the Seahawks heavily on the running game and defense. This allowed Wilson to be good but did not have to pass the ball as much as he has in recent years.

In those recent years, the defense and running game have been good but not as dominant. This, along with Wilson becoming even better has led to him throwing for 30-plus touchdowns in the last three seasons. Yes, the running has slowed down, but he using it when he needs to now instead as more of a panic move.

This year I don't see this changing for him. Lockett and rising star Metcalf are going to help him keep his touchdown rate above six. The only worry with Wilson is he does take a lot of sacks, but He has never missed a game so I guess we can not worry about that one.

Running Backs

There are a lot of question marks around the running back position this season.

  1. How healthy is Chris Carson?So far reports from multiple Seattle sources are saying the team is expecting to roll with Carson as their starter. However, we are not hearing much about how his rehab is going.If we knew he was going to be healthy all season I would have put him inside my top-12 RB.

    We don't know, so I and the rest of the staff rankers have him outside that.

  2. What does the signing of Carlos Hyde mean for Carson?Honestly, this is an insurance signing to me and nothing more. Yes, I know he rushed for 1,000 yards last season, but if Carson is healthy Hyde sees backup work and probably not much of it.This is more of a telling sign for Rashaad Penny's availability. Which brings me to my last question.
  3. Can we rely on Penny this season?I'm going to say no to this one. Penny had an ACL tear in Week 14 and that is late in the season for him to return for 2020.Even if he does return, I would bet they bring him along slowly. This is especially true with Hyde in the mix.

Wide Receivers

Last year was a tale of two halves, for Tyler Lockett. Through the first nine weeks, he was WR4. After that, he finished WR61. Not exactly something that makes you too thrilled to draft him entering the 2020 season.

However, you have to remember he suffered a pretty nasty leg injury in Week 10. The thought was he would miss significant time at first, but he wound up only missing two weeks and zero games. It was clear though he was not the same player for several weeks though. The Playoffs proved to be a different story for him so there may be hope after all.

D.K. Metcalf was very hit or miss in the regular season. However, he finished with a very respectable 900 yards off 58 receptions. The downside is it took 100 targets to get to that much.

That is not a good catch percentage, yet a fantastic playoff has his ADP all the way up at WR23. There are a few guys I like ahead of him than ADP does, but others behind him have just as many question marks without the massive upside, so why not go for it.

The rest of the guys are just role players. Injury would be the reason either one would have much of a role in anything other than super deep leagues. My first go-to is Dorsett as I think he is the more talented receiver, but they are super close in my rankings.

Tight Ends

Embed from Getty Images

The tight end position is such a cluster for the Seahawks. Just another position clouded by injury, Dissly is trying to return for Week 1 after suffering a torn Achillies in Novermber of 2019.

Remember, this is the same player that had a torn patellar tendon in 2018. These are two very bad injuries and there is no guarantee that if he does he will be productive.

In comes Greg Olsen. Far from the player he was, and injury-prone himself, Olsen is there to provide insurance for Dissly.

Honestly, I don't want either of them, as it looks like they will be protecting Dissly, using him in two-TE sets to help block. This leaves Olsen to catch more passes. With Olsen way past his prime, no thanks. It is a shame too since Dissly was providing TE1 numbers last season before the injury.

Final Verdict

The Seahawks had a great 2020 season, finishing 11-5 and reaching the NFC Divisional Playoffs. They, unfortunately, lost to the Green Bay Packers in a tight 28-23 game.

They should be very good again this season. Vegas agrees, giving them the eighth-best chances to win the Super Bowl.

As for Fantasy Football, the Seahawks have a lot of options to draft. Wilson is the safest of the bunch, but as someone who usually waits on QB, I doubt I will have him.

Carson, Lockett and Metcalf are all very good options, but have a lot of risks as well, as previously mentioned. I bet I will have some of them on my various teams, but they are not must-haves of mine.

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