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2020 Fantasy Football Transaction Tracker


NFL Free Agency is officially underway! We will be updating the Fantasy Football Transaction Tracker with all the signings and trades from around the NFL.

As of today, March 16, the NFL Draft is scheduled to go on, as scheduled, despite Las Vegas hotels shutting down due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The San Francisco 49ers acquired the 13th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, trading DeForest Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts.

Our Fantasy Football analysts, Kevin Huo (@KevinMHuo), Mark Strausberg (@MarkStrausberg), Richard Savill (@RRSSavill), Tyler Mulligan (@TyMulligan), Jonathan Chan (@jchan_811), Keith Lott (@WeTlkFntsySprts) and Joe Bond (@F6P_Joe) will be here to share their thoughts on the major moves and how it shakes the Fantasy landscape.

The Dallas Cowboys and Amari Cooper have agreed to a five-year $100 mil contract.

Tom Brady announces his “football journey will take place elsewhere….” – like Tampa Bay!

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2020 Fantasy Football Transaction Tracker

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Rob Gronkowski comes out of retirement, Pats trade him to Tampa Bay

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Brady to Gronk is the story that never ends. In what seemed like 15 minutes, Gronk went from “wanting to return to football” to “traded to Tampa Bay”.

Of course, Gronkowski took the year off last year to rest the laundry list of injuries that caused him to lose a step the last time we saw him on the field. He posted the worst per game stats of his career (since his rookie year) in 2018, catching 47 passes for 682 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games.

There’s no way to know what Gronk will look like coming off his brief WWE career. What we do know, is that he’ll be walking right into one of the most dangerous passing offenses in recent memory. Along with Brady and Gronk, Bruce Arians can dial up plays for Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, O.J. Howard, and Cameron Brate.

While Gronk might take 60-70 targets away from Evans and Godwin, the star receivers are now licking their lips at the prospect of single coverage, especially if Arians decides to use multiple tight ends sets. Their values likely remain in the same area, trading off some volume for increased efficiency.

Gronk is going to be very polarizing this season. Tight end is still a very shallow position and there’s a legitimate argument to put him into the top 10 above guys like Jared Cook and Tyler Higbee.

What an upgrade for Brady. Sorry Jules.

– Jonathan Chan

Texans Trade DeAndre Hopkins to Cardinals for David Johnson

Embed from Getty Images

Bill O’Brien strikes again! His first move as the official general manager of the Houston Texans is to trade his best player away and potentially alienate his franchise quarterback. I don’t think its hyperbole to say this is the worst trade we’ve seen in a long time. We haven’t seen a debut this bad since Brandon Weeden threw four picks in his first start for the Browns.

The Texans are hoping that David Johnson – who averaged 3.7 YPC and lost his job to Kenyan Drake in 2019 – can reach back to 2016 (the last time he was a Pro Bowler) and revitalize his career. This, at a position where they got 1,000 yards out of Carlos Hyde who they literally pulled off the street.

They’ll definitely be looking to target a wide receiver in this deep draft class with their first-round pick their second-round pick. They can’t go into the season with inconsistent Will Fuller as their top option. Deshaun Watson is good enough to make it work for fantasy owners, but if I were him I’d hold out. This franchise says they want to give him the help he needs to make a Super Bowl run, then turns around and trades his best weapon. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals absolutely fleeced the Texans. Kyler Murray is the biggest beneficiary of this trade as he gets a safety net and a clear-cut go-to guy. He’s shaping up to be a nice QB1 selection with upside next year. Hopkins will continue to be a beast and might even see more upside running routes from all over the field in that Air Raid offense.

– Kevin Huo

Houston Texas Acquire Brandin Cooks from the Rams

Bill O’Brien continued to raise eyebrows around the league. Just before Easter weekend, the much-maligned HC/GM of the Texans traded a second-round pick (57th overall) for Cooks and a fourth-round selection.

After all of Houston’s big offseason moves, they ended up trading DeAndre Hopkins and a fifth-round pick for a fourth rounder, a second-round pick swap, and two bad contracts for skill players who could have trouble staying on the field. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just extend Hopkins?

When he’s on the field, Cooks will be yet another deep threat for Deshaun Watson. However, Cooks has suffered five concussions in his six-year career, including two in within a month this past season. The 26-year old never considered retirement like some other NFL players, but the number of mounting head injuries is concerning.

Cooks did not fare well in the 14 games he played last season, catching just 42 passes for 583 yards and two touchdowns. If he manages to stay healthy, he should have no problem becoming Watson’s No.1 target, especially if (when?) Will Fuller gets hurt again. Depending on where he falls in the draft, he could present solid value as a WR2/3.

In Los Angeles, both Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods get upgrades. Tyler Higbee is another big winner of the trade and should continue building on the potential that he showed last season. Josh Reynolds also comes into deep-league consideration as the new WR3.

– Jonathan Chan

Vikings Trade Stefon Diggs to Bills

Embed from Getty Images
Buffalo is sending the 2020 first-round pick along with some extra picks to Minnesota for star WR.

Diggs was not happy in Minnesota and we have been waiting for them to trade him for quite some time now. However, Diggs did not land in a much better situation with the Bills – things might be worse for him in 2020 actually.

Like Minnesota, Buffalo is a run-first offense in an attempt to limit Josh Allen‘s turnovers and keep his confidence high (and the media away). Allen attempted less than 20 more passes than Kirk Cousins last season but completed more than 10% less of his attempts. Allen (5.71) also averaged two fewer yards per pass attempt (net) than Cousins (7.73) and was bottom 10 in the NFL among QBs with 400+ pass attempts.

All that being said, the Bills offense has tons of potential with Diggs lining up opposite John Brown with Cole Beasley in the slot and Devin Singletary in the backfield. Hopefully, TE Dawson Knox can improve upon his rookie season in 2020.

Brown was able to gain 1,060 yards and scored six touchdowns on 115 targets. Diggs went for 1,130 yards and six touchdowns on just 94 targets with the Vikings last year. These two were both top 20 in air yards last year. Their ability to get behind defenders, plus Josh Allen‘s cannon of an arm will lead to some big-time highlight-reel touchdowns!

– Keith Lott

Denver Broncos sign Melvin Gordon (2yr/$16 million)

Embed from Getty Images

I’ll be honest this is a strange signing. Do I think Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman are top-10 running backs? No. Are they capable to lead an NFL backfield? Yes, especially in a committee.

Gordon comes to the team as a high volume back, having averaged just 4-yards-per-carry in his career. He saw a lot of goalline work and pass-catching work with the Chargers which kept his value elite in Fantasy. It is anybody’s guess if he sees the same kind of workload in Denver. My guess as of right now is no.

With that said his value takes a slight hit, but he should be the primary guy, especially on third-down as the best pass-catching back the Broncos have. This will keep him very useful as an RB2. Now if they Broncos trade Freeman or Lindsay then that will help for sure. As for now with both there though I think RB2 is the best we can expect.

– Joe Bond

Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2 yr / ~30 mil per year)

Love of the game has a pull, especially if the big paychecks continue. Tom Brady joins Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning by stapling on an extra sheet to a stellar career by donning a different label.

Brady comes into Tampa Bay less than a nutritive objective, but more as a nutritive object. With Jameis Winston still in the loop, for now, the Bruce Arians offense certainly cannot turn on a dime to accommodate both styles. Brady remains an on-field OC, but the “Edelmentality” will certainly need some pruning.

Both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are Winston bred receivers and Brady’s presence doesn’t exactly burst with glowing intensity for their fantasy outlook heading into September.

The main potential beneficiary, oddly, is the infamous 2019 bust O.J. Howard, whom Brady could derive a massaging transition.

Overall, the smart fantasy money needs to be on the running game and whichever back emerges with the best-receiving hands between Ronald Jones and a veteran added via free agency and/or a rookie RB.

The draft choices for the Buccaneers now become focal to gain some insight where the Bucs are taking this Brady excursion.

Maybe Julian Edelman will play QB for the New England Patriots in 2020! But no, seriously, will they turn to Jarrett Stidham?

– Richard Savill

Atlanta Falcons sign Todd Gurley (1 yr / $5 mil)

Embed from Getty Images
It did not take long for Todd Gurley to find a familiar home.

Less than a day after being released by the Los Angeles Rams the former Bulldog will return to Georgia on a one-year deal with the Falcons.

Gurley struggled to remain productive in 2019 as he dealt with arthritis in his left knee, possibly stemming from the ACL tear he suffered in 2014. Following a pair of All-Pro seasons in which he posted a combined 3,924 yards from scrimmage, Gurley managed just 1,064 total yards last season.

The 25-year old averaged just 3,8 YPC, the second-lowest mark of his career, and had his workload significantly scaled back as the Rams attempted to maintain his health. In that same vein, Sean McVay targeted Gurley just 49 times in the passing game, compared to 81 targets the year before.

Gurley now joins a Falcons’ offense that, on paper, remains one of the most dangerous in the league.

Atlanta’s offensive line did Devonta Freeman no favors last season but they’re a stark improvement over the Rams’ porous o-line, as they were graded 11th (63.9) by Pro Football Focus last season compared to LA’s rank of 26th (53.0)

If Gurley gets another 200+ carries and regains the work he lost in the passing game, the consistent threat of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones should give him plenty of opportunities to thrive with his new team.

– Jonathan Chan

Emmanuel Sanders, WR, New Orleans Saints (2 yr / $19 mil)

Embed from Getty Images

With Sanders’ move to NOLA, Deebo Samuel elevates to the clear number one receiver role, but the San Francisco 49ers remain a run-first offense. That said, he was an important aspect of their Super Bowl run and indeed overshadowed George Kittle down the stretch and through the 2019 playoffs. For most involved with fantasy, clarity in the 49ers passing game needed major defogging before we could trust anyone outside of Kittle. We also see the elevation of Kendrick Bourne as a red-zone threat and he himself has strong B-list Best Ball value. Overall, Deebo is the guy for regular draft league arsenals, but his ADP will probably suffer some over-inflation hype.

As for Sanders, the move with a two-year contract is good for him, but not really for us. Michael Thomas remains our number one fantasy receiver, and barring injury, will likely revisit his record setting boundaries of 2019. Sanders seems like a needless upgrade on Ted Ginn and Tre’Quan Smith in the scheme of things. With Drew Brees hinting that retirement is not far, the Saints want to give him the best tools for one last good run for another title. Sanders helps that in real football, but much less for fantasy.

– Richard Savill

Philip Rivers, QB, Indianapolis Colts (1 yr / $25 mil)

Embed from Getty Images
I know, the suspense was killing you. Once we knew that Rivers wasn’t staying with the Chargers, this was one of the most expected signings on the board. The only question was really the details of the deal and we now know. One year at 25 million makes sense for all parties. Well, maybe not Jacoby Brissett who is definitely the biggest loser in this deal.

Don’t rule out the Colts grabbing a rookie QB in the 2020 NFL Draft either. The Colts have one of the best offensive lines in football and it will be a breath of fresh air for Rivers, who was hit often due to the Chargers having one of the worst lines due to injuries.

In addition, Rivers reunites with Frank Reich who was with Rivers during the best three year stretch of his career when he passed for over 13,000 yards. As he often is, expect Rivers to be a fringe QB1, high-end QB2 while with the Colts.

Will the Chargers make a move for Cam Newton or Nick Foles? If not, who will lead the team in pass attempts in 2020?

– Mark Strausberg

The Colts are managing some kind of quarterback transition by adding Philip Rivers.

Rivers erratic passing harmed the week on week consistency of Keenan Allen and the advancement of Mike Williams on the Chargers. Williams, as the deep threat, fell sharply into boom or bust territory – often only lifted by fourth quarter desperation shots. We can presume a quarterback 1A and 1B situation is entirely possible between Rivers and Jacoby Brissett during 2020. Primarily, the fantasy issue at hand remains the viability of T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell.

The bottom line is that it’s a sound perspective to envision Rivers and Brissett splitting starts at various points in 2020. With the aforementioned Indy receivers limping into the early off-season programs, optimism for the fantasy passing game of the Colts will begin low.

– Richard Savill

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Carolina Panthers (3 yr / $63 mil)

Embed from Getty Images
Teddy Bridgewater is slated to be back in the QB1 role for the first time since 2015. As a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Bridgewater’s 2016 campaign was over before it could begin as a result of torn ACL, and the former 32nd overall pick hadn’t been a starting quarterback since the injury.

Bridgewater will be taking the helm from the polarizing superstar, Cam Newton, who has had a myriad of injuries of his own as of late.

The Panthers are under new leadership with Head Coach Matt Ruhle and Joe Brady as the offensive coordinator. Bridgewater played for Brady in New Orleans.

In 2015 (the last and only full season as a starter) Bridgewater received Pro-Bowl honors, racking up 3231 yards through the air with 14 touchdowns. He also rushed for 192 yards and a trio of touchdowns.

Christian McCaffrey is likely to lead running backs in targets and catches again as Bridgewater averaged 4.8 air yards per attempt last year in a handful of starts with Drew Brees sidelined. Who knows though, maybe Ruhle & Brady will want to be a bit more aggressive in their first season.

Bridgewater will inherit a wide receiving corps that is headlined by the multi-talented D.J. Moore. Moore missed the final game of the season but was able to produce at a high level for the majority of the season, even with Panthers’ back-up QB, Kyle Allen under center. He posted 87 receptions for 1,175 yards and four touchdowns.

Outside of Moore, Bridgewater’s options are marginal, but with the ability to utilize his athleticism, Bridgewater should be able to contribute to fantasy squads both through the air and on the ground. The team has moved on from TE Greg Olsen, but Ian Thomas has been a Dynasty league stash for a while now. Curtis Samuel is a talented playmaker and will line up opposite Moore.

Now that the Panthers have completely stripped Newton of any real trade value, it will be interesting to see what team is willing to trade for him and what Carolina receives in exchange for Cam.

– Tyler Mulligan

From the XFL to the NFL – Panthers Sign QB P.J. Walker

Well, that was fast, but not really a surprise. Starting today (March 23rd), all XFL players are welcome to sign with NFL teams. Unlike its more professional counterpart, the XFL is doing right by the people that helped make it successful. Yes, I believe the XFL’s reboot has been more successful than many expected. And yes, the XFL should likely be back next year. However, some of its key players will likely be moving on to the undoubtedly greener pastures or at least paydays of the NFL and that includes Walker.

There is not much more Walker could have done in the XFL to earn his NFL shot. Walker would have easily won the leagues MVP had one been awarded when the XFL cancelled the season.

In five games, Walker completed 65 percent of his passes with a tidy 3:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. He was a legit stud in college too, throwing 74 TDs during his time at Temple. Panthers Head Coach Matt Ruhle was his coach in college!

I often recommended Walker as an XFL DFS option, he’s that good. If you’re a Bridgewater owner, I’d be very nervous. I think the Panthers want Bridgewater to win the job but Carolina will be very comfortable with Walker backing him up. Given that Bridgewater has started 16 games just once in his five year career, Walker becomes an immediate draft-worthy option in 2-QB leagues.

– Mark Strausberg

Austin Hooper, TE, Cleveland Browns (4 yr/$44 mil)

Hooper spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan fell in love with his new tight end quickly and they hooked up for 214 receptions (277 targets) and 16 touchdowns. Hooper has now turned that into the largest TE contract in the NFL!

Browns QB Baker Mayfield adds another weapon to his list of targets:

Have no fear about Njoku already being on the roster. Cleveland’s new Head Coach, Kevin Stefanski, ran utilized 2-TE personnel 57% of the time with the Minnesota Vikings last season, leading the NFL.

Hooper was the 12th tight end drafted according to 2019 ADP. That will change in 2020. At a minimum, he moves up five spots leaping over Eric Ebron, Delanie Walker, Vance McDonald, O.J. Howard and Njoku.

We were all excited about the potential of the Cleveland Browns offense heading into last season and despite that leading to us overvaluing Baker Mayfield in Fantasy draft, I would say the risk will be too tempting for many owners again in 2020. His ADP won’t be nearly as high this time around but I imagine he will still be one of the first six QBs selected which is too early for me to pull the trigger.

Hooper leaving the Atlanta Falcons offense, along with them cutting Devonta Freeman, leads to the Falcons offense having some huge holes as we head into the NFL Draft. Good news there is that they should have a healthy offensive line, and adding a young, exciting, running back via the draft.

UPDATE –  And just like that, the Falcons have traded a 2020 second-round pick for Ravens TE Hayden Hurst! Hurst and Hopkins were both traded for second-round picks. Let that sink in!

– Keith Lott

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers (2 yr / $20 mil)

Embed from Getty Images
This is a great move for Carolina. In addition to pass catching RB stud Christian McCaffrey, Carolina now has what might be one of the better trio of WRs. However, for that same reason this is not great move from a fantasy perspective for Anderson.

The good news for Anderson is he is getting more money and is now playing for a more talented team. But the odds of Anderson seeing even the 96 targets he saw last year is slim.

If you own Anderson this year and he has even 50 catches for 750 yards you should consider yourself lucky. The real beneficiary of this signing is Teddy Bridgewater who will take advantage of Anderson’s ability to both stretch the field as well as work underneath.

– Mark Strausberg

Ravens Trade Hayden Hurst to Falcons

Embed from Getty Images
The Falcons replaced the hole left by Austin Hooper by trading a second and a fourth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens for former 2018 first-round pick Hayden Hurst and a fifth-round pick.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve just traded for DeAndre Hopkins instead since that’s all the Texans traded him to the Cardinals for.

Hurst tallied just 43 catches for 512 yards in his two years with Baltimore, but he’s a talented athlete who steps into a big-time opportunity. With Hooper’s departure freeing up ~95 targets, Hurst has the chance to be a TE1 in 2020.

– Kevin Huo

Tennessee Titans Re-Sign Ryan Tannehill (4 yr/$118 mil)

You can forget about all those Tom Brady to the Titans rumors. Shift your focus to the Bucs, who are now the favorites to land Brady!

The total dollar amount is insane but if it’s just 15% of the salary cap, that is completely reasonable.

We all know the Tennessee Titans are only as successful as Derrick Henry and their defense can carry them. Last year, with Tannehill under center, they made it to the AFC Championship game.

I wonder if Marcus Mariota will ever play another snap in the NFL, if and when he signs with a new team. Mariota signed with the Las Vegas Raiders

– Keith Lott

Breshad Perriman, WR, New York Jets

Personally I’d rather have Robby Anderson for just $2M more, but Jets fans are used to this.

Perriman had a career-high 645 yards last year which does not sound great until you remember that he was behind Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. And we can all hear the Jets fans sighing, “and now he’s our WR2….”. However, don’t be surprised to see the Jets grab a WR in the upcoming draft.

If the Jets spend a high pick on a WR, Perriman might fall to Sam Darnold‘s third option. If they don’t, Perriman is likely to build on his 645 yards, but expecting him to build on his 6 TDs might be asking for a bit much.

Perriman has weekly upside, but should not be one of your Fantasy WR starters.

– Mark Strausberg

Pittsburgh Steelers sign Eric Ebron (2yr/$12 million)

Embed from Getty Images
Researching Ebron before writing this I was shocked to see that he is just 26. Why does it feel like he has been in the league eight years and should be a lot closer to 30 than that?

Either way, his landing in Pittsburgh is an upgrade from last season thanks to getting to play with Ben Roethlisberger instead of Jacoby Brissett.

I still have a hard time buying fully into Ebron. Just a year removed from scoring 13 touchdowns, Ebron spent much of 2019 like he has the rest of his career, dropping passes and injured.

Ebron should take over as the primary tight end for the Steelers, over Vance McDonald, but Vance won’t disappear, meaning Ebron will lose targets to him.

– Joe Bond

Brian Hoyer, QB, New England Patriots

This should have been obvious as it makes sense for both parties. Hoyer was released by the Colts and this deal gives Hoyer a chance to at least compete for the starting role in a system in which he is already familiar.

The Patriots meanwhile are not forced into giving Jarrett Stidham the starting job or necessarily signing another free agent. However, it doesn’t mean the Patriots won’t. Furthermore, don’t be surprised to see the Patriots pull off some draft day wizardry as well to get themselves another signal-caller.

Hoyer is the definition of replacement level, not much more. With a career 52 TDs and 34 INTs, Hoyer could be an adequate starter for the Pats. However, those in standard leagues are better off leaving him in the free-agent pool come draft day.

– Mark Strausberg

Jack Conklin, OT, Cleveland Browns (3 yr/$42 mil)

This is a huge addition for the Browns, Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb. At the same time, it is a huge loss for the Titans, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry.

According to Pro Football Focus, Conklin was the 5th best run blocker among offensive tackles.

Look for the Titans to address the right tackle position in the early rounds of the NFL Draft.

49ers Trade DeForest Buckner to Colts for 1st Round Pick (13th overall)

Embed from Getty Images
The Colts already had one of the better offensive lines in football and now might boast one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

Buckner has averaged more than seven sacks a season during his four-year career and will join forces with Justin Houston who led Indy with 11 sacks last season. The Colts D was basically average at best last year but Buckner should definitely make them better.

San Francisco meanwhile still has a fairly solid defense even with the departure of Buckner. They were never going to be able to afford to keep Buckner along with the recently re-signed Arik Armstead, along with Dee Ford and Nick Bosa, especially with George Kittle due a hefty contraction extension soon. They cashed out on Buckner while they could.

Is the 13th overall pick enough in return? Let’s at least wait to see what happens in the 2020 NFL Draft before making any decisions, but there is no question that the Colts D/ST will be moving up in the rankings.

Dolphins Add Byron Jones, Shaq Lawson and Kyle Van Noy

The winds of change are blowing in the AFC EAST and the biggest improvement might be….in Miami?

After giving up a league-worst 494 points last year and a league-worst 23 sacks, Miami addressed one of its biggest issues.

Shaq Lawson was part of a Bills defensive line that helped Buffalo notch a 12th best 44 sacks.

Kyle Van Noy was an even better add who was an integral part of the Patriots defense last year that allowed the fewest points (225) in the league last year. Van Noy will reunite with Brian Flores and should only improve upon his 6.5 sacks last year and 15 quarterback hits last year.

The biggest add however was Byron Jones. The five-year 82.5 million dollar contract makes Jones the highest-paid corner in the league. IDPers, however, should be aware that Jones is the kind of shut down corner who does not get targeted very much and therefore does not rack up a lot of stats. PFF had Jones ranked as the 13th best cover corner out of 128 last year.

The Dolphins defense was so bad last year that they are still not in my top dozen defenses going into 2020 at this point. However, they are no longer a defense I would look forward to my offensive players playing against.

Or put another way, here’s a tweet from yesterday, pre-Diggs trade, that kind of nails it:

Jaguars Trade Calais Campbell to Ravens

For those that think kickers don’t matter, realize that the Ravens just acquired a five-time Pro Bowl defender for a 2020 fifth-round pick. Baltimore got that pick from the Vikings in return for their backup kicker.

Campbell is past his peak and for Jacksonville, this was likely a cap-conscious move. However, Baltimore was only 21st in sacks in 2019 and this is an immediate upgrade to their front seven.

IDPers should not expect Campbell to have 14+ sacks again like he did three seasons ago. However, expect Raven DC “Wink” Martindale to immediately incorporate Campbell into his pass rush, moving him around to different spots.

Campbell could easily approach double-digit sacks in 2020 and expect the Ravens to move from the bottom third in sacks to the top half of the league in sacks in 2020.

– Mark Strausberg

Jaguars trades Nick Foles to Bears for a 2020 4th round pick

Let Minshew Mania begin! Gardner Minshew is obviously the biggest beneficiary of this trade but don’t rule out Jacksonville bringing in competition for Minshew still either through the draft or a lesser free agent.

Some might say that Mitch Trubisky is the biggest loser in this trade, but it was well known that Chicago was looking for potential alternatives. Chicago could have brought in a lesser option, but could have brought in a better one too.

I think Adam Rank’s tweet says it pretty succinctly.

As far as Foles himself goes, this might be an even move for him other than Chicago allowing Foles to opt-out of his contract, which would have been fairly unlikely.

Nicky Franchise’s success will probably hinge completely on Trubisky. If Trubisky plays like the quarterback Chicago envisioned when they drafted him, then Foles will be worthless. But Trubisky will be on a very short leash and if he doesn’t play any better than he did last year than Foles could easily be a late-round steal and be a top-15 QB in 2020.

He does probably see a small upgrade with the receiving options around him. Allen Robinson in the meantime gets a minor bump as he either gets a Super Bowl winning MVP tossing him passes or an improved Trubisky. I would not expect 150 catches from Robinson this year, but I do think he smashes through that 100-catch milestone finally this year with Foles in the mix.

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– Mark Strausberg

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