2020 Fantasy Football Week 1 F6P Rapid Reactions

by Kevin Huo
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Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 1 F6P Rapid Reactions!

Each week, a rotating cast of Fantasy Six Pack writers will give their immediate thoughts about the biggest storylines of the weekend games.

This week, we're looking at some players we're 1) already taking a victory lap on, 2) worried about, 3) interested in but need to see more, and 4) considering picking up on the waiver wire.

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Let's get started!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 1 F6P Rapid Reactions

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1) Which player are you already taking a victory lap on after Week 1?

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Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers

Obviously he was going to be good. However, I repeatedly said that he was a better pick in the first round than any of the RB7 or later. I also threw out that he might get 200 targets. - Michael Tomlin

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

I’m taking a big ole’ victory lap for Aaron Rodgers. After a rough offseason where the front office added nothing in terms of weapons, Rodgers came out firing and looked sharper than I’d seen him look in years. Freshly focused and seemingly reenergized, if the Rodgers of old is truly back, the NFL is in trouble - along with my Fantasy League opponents. - Bob Van Duser

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

I was big on Kyler Murray heading in this year. He didn’t disappoint in week 1. The scariest part is that he is only going to get better as he plays softer defenses than the 49ers and gets even more comfortable with DeAndre Hopkins. Murray could end up in the same neighborhood as Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson by the end of the fantasy season. - Dave Eddy

Jamison Crowder, WR, New York Jets

I have been saying all offseason that Crowder was going to be the one player on the Jets that you're going to want to own. He saw 13 targets and caught seven passes for 115 yards and a touchdown. He will continue to be the target hog in the Jets offense. - Dylan Clemons

Cam Newton, QB, New England Patriots

Sure, Cam didn't throw for any touchdowns in Week 1, but going into the season my biggest concern was going to be his usage as a runner. Would he have the same legs and scoring ability of old? Would Bill Belichick be willing to utilize him that way? 15 rushing attempts and two rushing touchdowns later, the answers seem to be yes and yes. The passing will come. - Kevin Huo

2) Which player are you concerned about after Week 1?

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Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Cleveland Browns

The Browns were down the entire game and he still had just three catches for 22 yards. There seems to be a disconnect between him and Baker Mayfield. - Michael Tomlin

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

I have a few concerns but the big one for me is the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Dealing with yet another injury-plagued season, Carson Wentz struggled Week 1. The Eagles offensive line allowed eight sacks on Wentz and were unable to move the ball against a defense that wasn’t considered great coming into Week 1. Though Wentz was able to support two tight ends, I see a bumpy road ahead if they can’t get the offensive line right and get their skill players back on the field. - Bob Van Duser

Tampa Bay Offense

I am not saying this offense won’t gel and start putting up great numbers. But they have so many mouths to feed that I think it’s going to be fantasy suicide to guess who is going to do what in any given week, very much like Tom Brady’s time with the Patriots. - Dave Eddy

I wasn't high on Mike Evans coming into the season, and now that he is nursing a hamstring injury I'm glad I stayed away. He only saw four targets, catching one for a touchdown. He and Tom Brady looked like they weren't on the same page. - Dylan Clemons

Mark Ingram, RB, Baltimore Ravens

If you drafted Ingram, you were counting on a steady diet of high-value touches, especially on the goal line. However, in a game where the Ravens scored five touchdowns, Ingram only had 29 yards on 10 carries. More worrisome, he had no targets and rookie JK Dobbins scored two goal-line touchdowns. If Ingram is just an equal part of the rotation now, he loses significant value. - Kevin Huo

3) Which player intrigues you, but you need to see more?

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Logan Thomas, TE, Washington

Washington does not have a lot of receiving options and Dwayne Haskins looked Thomas’s way frequently. However, I am not going to over-react to that weird game. - Michael Tomlin

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers

I’m intrigued by Robby Anderson’s outing. My main concern is that most of his production came on one 75 yard touchdown. We’ve seen these plays come and go for him and be what defines his Fantasy relevancy. We’ve been clambering for his breakout for a couple of years now. Maybe the change of scenery is just what he needed. If he can stay involved in this offense as a regular contributor I’d be willing to buy in. - Bob Van Duser

Anderson has been very boom or bust throughout his career. He looked great today for the Panthers after being reunited with his college coach Matt Rhule. If he sees eight targets every week, Anderson should be a pleasant surprise. - Dylan Clemons

Kareem Hunt, RB, Cleveland Browns

Was Week 1 was an outlier as far as his workload compared to Nick Chubb due to game script? Or can we expect Hunt to get fairly equal touches week in and week out? I think it was more game script but I need to see how a few more weeks shake out because the Browns might be in similar situations often this year. - Dave Eddy

Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles

While Goedert had two more targets and 83 more yards than Zach Ertz, it'll take more than one week to convince me he has eclipsed him as the go-to guy in this offense. Not to mention there will be a lot fewer targets to go around once this offense gets healthier. That being said, there has been talk about Ertz being on the way out of Philly, and Goedert's talent may make that an easier decision for Eagles' mangement. - Kevin Huo

4) Who is your number one waiver wire target?

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Adrian Peterson, RB, Detroit Lions

He had four more carries than De'Andre Swift and Kerryon Johnson combined. They also threw to him three times. I did not expect him to get that much run already, but apparently the Lions don’t trust Swift (and I can see why after he dropped an easy, game-winning TD). - Michael Tomlin.

He was absolutely the best RB for Detroit in Week 1. While that may or may not continue for an extended period of time, it’s likely to last at least a couple weeks. With such little quality depth at the RB position you might be able to ride a little wave of production from AP. - Dave Eddy

Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts

My number one waiver wire target is easily Nyheim Hines of the Indianapolis Colts. Hines did show well scoring before Marlon Mack exited the game. With Mack likely out for some time, Hines will see a larger role. While I see Jonathan Taylor taking the larger role between the two, Philip Rivers still loves targeting his running backs. - Bob Van Duser

If Nyheim Hines is available in your league, pounce on him. To me it seems pretty clear he has a clear role with this team as the pass-catching back, and with Philip Rivers as his quarterback, that's great news. With Mack going down with an injury, Hines's value goes up even more. - Dylan Clemons

Malcolm Brown, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Brown wasn't overly impressive in the Rams' debut game, but he was clearly the lead back in this "committee." He had 21 total touches for 96 yards and two touchdowns, while Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson combined for 18 touches for 39 yards. While I don't expect Brown to score two touchdowns every week, his performance demonstrates his upside as the starter in this offense. - Kevin Huo

That's it for the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 1 Rapid Reactions. Check back in next Monday morning for our Week 2 Reactions!

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