2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

by Kyle Williams
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Welcome to 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down!

Finding a player whose stocks go up and down frequently in dynasty leagues is a bit tough. Narrowing down ones you think have clear correlation is even tougher. Trying your best not to give the wrong information to all the readers, well that's the hardest.

Each week I've been giving out three stock up players and three stock down. And each week it seems like a stock up player and a stock down player seem to switch spots. But hey, you can't hit 100% am I right? Now let's dive in.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

D'Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions

The Swift breakout is finally upon us. After battling off an old Adrian Peterson and a shaky Kerryon Johnson, Swift has established himself as the top dog in the backfield. In recent weeks he has seen his snap count, carries, targets, and overall production tick up to season highs and career highs.

Swift in his first career start on Sunday absolutely ate up the Washington Football Team run defense and pass defense. He was a force recording the following stats:

  • 16 Carries - 81 Yards
  • 5 Catches - 68 Yards - 1 Touchdown
  • 25.9 Fantasy Points

Stellar, and encouraging to say the least considering he played only 73% of the snaps (a career high). Swift's been trending up for 5+ weeks now. He's scored 11.5+ fantasy points in four out of his last five games and his snap count is ticking upward as well. It's only a matter of time before the electric rookie runner is starting every week and scoring 20+ fantasy points a week.

Jakobi Meyers, WR, New England Patriots

Have the Patriots found themselves another diamond in the rough? Wes Welker, Troy Brown, and Julian Edelman are just a few gems the Patriots have found before. The more you watch the Patriots play the more you start to feel that Meyers is legit. Just like people doubted Brown, Welker, and Edelman, people are throwing water on Meyers' fire.

You want to know why you should be a believer and not a doubter? Not only is he clearly productive, but the Patriots like him, and star QB Cam Newton talks highly of him. It's easy to see the connection there between Newton and Meyers. Meyers is earning the trust of the staff and the QB quickly - and not just catching passes.

Take a look at what OC Josh McDaniels and HC Bill Belichick had drawn up for Meyers versus the Ravens.

What undrafted WR would be trusted enough to make a pass? Oh, that's right they did the same stuff with one of the Patriots' favorite WRs, Julian Edelman. If they trust you they will use you.

Just like Swift was trending up the past few weeks, so is Meyers. He has scored 10+ fantasy points the past four weeks. He also has seen a 99% snap percentage in the past three weeks. And with snaps come more and more targets. In his last four games, he has averaged over nine targets per game. The offense is flowing through Meyers as he's called upon on nearly all third down passing situations.

He is trending upwards big time as it seems likely Cam Newton will be back next season at QB. I have faith the Patriots found themselves a gem with Meyers and he's worth exploring a trade for in dynasty leagues.

Jamies Winston & Taysom Hill, QB, New Orleans Saints

I know a two-parter? Strange right? Well, it's because of the Drew Brees injury. I'm not sure which of these guys will shine if either. But one has to in some form or way. That's why it's a two-parter.

For Winston, he signed a 1-year contract in the offseason in the hopes to revitalize his career. For Hill, he signed his contract tender in hopes of one day becoming the QB of the Saints. Now they both battle it out for the future of the Saints. And yes I said for the future of the Saints.

It's no secret that Drew Brees is nearly done in the NFL. At one time he was an iron man, rarely missing games in his career, but he has recently seen those days dwindle. He's been injured the past two seasons and missed several games and will continue to this season as well. It's rumored he could miss as much as six weeks with his injury.

But it's not just the injuries, it's his arm. It lacks pop, almost like it's dead. He can barely throw the ball downfield or even with any zip past 10 yards. It may be a blessing if one of these guys steps up and takes the job.

It's worth taking a flier on both as they both look to jumpstart their careers. At this time next week, I expect to be writing a stock down on one of these two guys. But for now, both of them are trending upward.

Stock Down

N'keal Harry, WR, New England Patriots

When one player on your team is stock up and you are stock down that's never a good thing. I must admit, I was a huge advocate of the Harry pick. While I didn't think that he was better than guys like A.J. Brown or D.K. Metcalf, I didn't mind the pick. At the time the Patriots needed a WR badly and drafting Harry in the first round was a good call.

Fast-forwarding a year later it's pretty obvious that Harry is not good. He lacks that thing that made him a 1st rounder. He has no clear thing that makes you say "wow he's an excellent WR." He lacks speed, toughness, footwork, vision, and the ability to break tackles. Harry simply just isn't a good player in my mind. I'm already declaring him a bust and a wasted draft pick in my book.

In the past five weeks, he's missed two games and in two of the other three games, he has gone receptionless. His targets, snaps, and receptions are all down. I'm selling Harry with the rise of new star Jakobi Meyers.

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints

As I touched on above in the stock up, Brees is an obvious trending, downward player. A myriad of injuries lately mixed with inefficient play. His dead arm and his poor play is a sign of his age and play leveling off.

Younger players like Winston and Hill have a major ceiling and untapped potential. Brees had a great career and is undoubtedly a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But it's the end of a storybook career.

Iron man was just one of the words that described Brees but now he's potentially going to miss what could amount to a season's worth of games over the past two years. His arm once one of the league's best has leveled off to that of Phillip Rivers or Peyton Manning in his last season.

I want to thank Brees for his time in the league and his awesome career. He has meant so much to the Saints, to the community, and New Orleans, but it's time. His days are numbered and you might have seen him take his last snaps on Sunday as a Saint.

Devante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

As much as I love Tua Tagovailoa, he is killing Parkers fantasy value. Maybe it's him, maybe it's the offense, maybe it's the coach, or maybe the defense that is taking the snaps away from the offense. Whatever it is, Parker's fantasy value is sinking.

Here's a look at Parker's fantasy points since Tua time began.

  • 7.3 fantasy points
  • 12.4 fantasy points
  • 5.2 fantasy points

Gross. His targets are down, his routes run are down, his overall productions down; everything is trending down for Parker. Not only is Parker trending down but when Preston Williams comes back it's going to get worse. There is a notable reduction in his production when Williams is on the field. He sees three fewer targets per game and two fewer receptions per game.

I'm really down on Parker for now. The value continues to drop with Tua at QB. With Williams coming back on the horizon things may get even worse. Sell Parker now while you still can.

That's it for the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 10 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down. Check out the rest of our 2020 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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