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2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up


Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up! This is where I put together all the pieces of a player’s situation and project their outlook for game day! We’ll look at the practice reports as well as any information we can find on social media and try to paint a bigger picture!

In my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up we’ll take a look at players who will be returning,  players whose situation is up in the air, as well as some players who won’t be available come game time! After that, I’ll highlight some options that may be available to stream this week!

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2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up

Note: FP=Full Practice, LP=Limited Practice, DNP= Did Not Practice

Good To Go:

Joey Bosa, DL, Los Angeles Chargers

Practice Week: FP, FP, FP
Injury Designation: None

After a two week absence, Joey Bosa is set to make his return to Fantasy lineups everywhere! Excuse me while I rejoice with excitement!

*has a brief inner dance party*

Ah, that’s better. Where was I? Oh yeah. Joey Bosa’s back! He’ll return in a solid matchup against the New York Jets. After a disappointing start to the season that’s been riddled with injuries (that he’s played through aside from the concussion), Bosa looks to make us feel a little better about sticking with him all season.

Quinnen Williams, DL, New York Jets

Practice Week: LP, LP, FP
Injury Designation: None

While not as exciting as Joey Bosa’s return, Williams being back is great for this Jets defense. This defense isn’t great even with Williams, but having him back is an improvement.

He’s been fairly inconsistent this season, but this weekend he’ll be looking to sack the fresh haircut of Justin Herbert. Yikes.

In? Out?

Cameron Jordan, DL, New Orleans Saints

Embed from Getty Images
Practice Week: DNP, LP, FP
Injury Designation: Questionable

Where he isn’t great for your Fantasy lineup, Cameron Jordan is a huge asset to have on the field. The fact he was able to practice fully by the week’s end makes me confident he’ll be able to play.

Whether or not he’ll be worth starting, I can’t say I believe so. Depending on the depth of your league he draws rightful consideration to start, however, in smaller leagues you likely have a better option.

Jason Pierre-Paul, DL/LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Practice Week (Thus Far): LP,
Injury Designation: ?

Being that the Bucs don’t play until Monday night they’re not required to list a designation until Saturday afternoon. However, I’m not concerned about JPP’s availability come Monday.

He’s been a limited practice participant throughout most of the season, and I tend to lean towards it being centered around load management. Being the professional and experienced player he is, he likely doesn’t need a full week of work. I like JPP to play this week.

Demarcus Lawrence, DL, Dallas Cowboys

Practice Week: DNP, DNP, DNP
Injury Designation: Questionable

Lawrence missed time with a non-COVID related illness this week. However, all signs point to him being available Sunday.

It sounds more as though the team had Lawrence stay home all week as a precaution than as something that would’ve truly limited him if he was needed for a game. I’m optimistic he’ll be available for you come Sunday.

Deatrich Wise Jr., DL, New England Patriots

Practice Week: LP, LP, LP
Injury Designation: Questionable

I’m far more interested in this situation because of how it seemed to have impacted Chase Winovich last week. Winovich played all but a handful of snaps in Wise’s absence (65 snaps, the most he’s played all season).

Winovich, when given the opportunity, has proven to be a great player. He started the season off hot with a handful of sacks over the first few games, and then was seemingly demoted out of nowhere.

What’s even more interesting is his recent playing time at inside linebacker. Could it have been matchup dependent? Definitely. Baltimore yields one of the best matchups for linebackers, perhaps Coach Belichick thought adding Winovich into the mix was best to try to halt the Baltimore run game.

I don’t know if Wise plays, but having Winovich on the field seems like a wise play.

See what I did there?

I’ll show myself out.

Ja’Whaun Bentley, LB, New England Patriots

Practice Week: LP, LP, LP
Injury Designation: Questionable

“Bob, does this mean we’re going to talk about the Patriots more?” Yes my friends, yes it does. Another interesting case is that of Terez Hall seemingly taking the starting linebacker role from Bentley.

Does he keep the role? Who knows? What I do know is Belichick likes Terez Hall and that means a lot. Now the Pats have a similar matchup against Houston as they did against Baltimore last week, which could yield a similar game plan for Hall and Winovich provided Bentley and Wise remain out.

It should be noted that Hall is expected to be signed to the official 53 man roster by the Saturday afternoon deadline.


Calais Campbell, DL, Baltimore Ravens

Practice Week: DNP, DNP, DNP
Injury Designation: Doubtful

He’s not technically listed as out yet but his odds of playing are slim to none. If he does play you should probably bench him anyway, or cut him. Sorry, not sorry.

Myles Garrett, DL, Cleveland Browns

Practice Week: DNP, DNP, DNP
Injury Designation: COVID-IR

This one hits hard. Garrett has been a stud this year, losing him to COVID this week sucks.

What’s worse is there’s a good chance he misses next week as well. Do you need a drink? I need a drink.

IDP Dream Stream Team:

Be sure to review my IDP Start-Sit article as well as my IDP Waiver Wire for some excellent options this week! These players may be available in your leagues and look to be great streaming options this week!

Neville Hewitt, LB, New York Jets

He’s the official starting linebacker of the Jets and has a great matchup against the Chargers!

Cole Holcomb, LB, Washington Football Team

This is a bit of a deeper dive! He’s been being eased back in from injury but played 100% of the snaps last week and draws a decent matchup against Cincinnati, who runs the third most plays per game, which will offer a bevy of opportunity for Holcomb.

Ashtyn Davis, DB, New York Jets

I know I’ve pounded the table for this guy a lot this week but I’m very confident in him this weekend and going forward! Must add in Dynasty and I don’t think you’ll regret streaming him this weekend!

Chase Winovich, DL/LB, New England Patriots

Embed from Getty Images
If the stars align and Wise is out again I’m starting Winovich. The matchup plays well to his skillset, especially if they choose to use him similarly to last week. However, this matchup plays well to an inside linebacker as well as a defensive lineman!

Thanks for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up!

Thanks as always for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Injury Round-Up! Did any of these injuries hit you hard? Did you like my IDP Dream Stream Team? Let me know on Twitter @Bbab_FFB! I am Bob Van The IDP Man and my DMs are always open to discuss anything Fantasy Football!

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