2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit

by Bob Van Duser
2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit

Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit article! It's coming down to crunch time in the push for the Fantasy Football Playoffs! You need to be sure you're setting the right lineup! Knowing who to trust and knowing who to steer clear of is a big part of the equation!

Today I'm going to do things a little differently! Normally I'd highlight players who I had above ECR as players to start, and players who I had ranked lower than ECR as sits. This week will be similar but a little less positionally focused and more highlighting great matchups that aren't being talked about.

We at FantasySixPack are here to satisfy all of your Fantasy Football needs! Check out our bevy of resources including my Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire, Week 11 IDP Rankings as well as my Drew Brees Injury Replacement Options article! Not to mention our team's Week 11 Rankings, and Week 11 Waiver Wire!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit

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Emmanuel Ogbah, DL/LB, Miami Dolphins vs Denver

My Rank: DL4

I'm sick and tired of Emmanuel Ogbah not getting any respect. The dude has eight sacks on the season, and has at least a half-sack in nine straight games. What's wild is it's possible he's available in your league.

I'm guessing the disrespect boils down to the inconsistent and disappointing start to his career. Lemme tell you what, it's time to wake up and put some respect on this dude's name. He's apart of a newly reborn Miami defense that is going to be heading into a great matchup against an injured Drew Lock or a terrible backup. I'm firing up Ogbah everywhere this weekend.

Ashtyn Davis, DB, New York Jets vs Los Angeles Chargers

My Rank: DB11

When I was going through match ups I got stupid excited about Davis. I went through my checklist of what I look for in a great matchup for a DB and all the stars aligned on Davis.

Ever since I saw film on Davis I felt like he could be special. Prior to his Bye Week he didn't light up the stat sheet. However, he did have a sack, tackle, and tackle for loss negated by a bad penalty (says the Ashtyn Davis fan). Those statistics would've really fattened up his stat line.

According to my projection model, Jamal Adams is the only DB this week with a better matchup. Of course, overall talent plays a role too, but I made a bold call that he finishes in the top 12 DBs in Week 11, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Denver Linebackers vs Miami Dolphins

ECR: (AJ)LB24, (JJ)LB27
My Rank: (AJ)LB25, (JJ)LB29

Alexander Johnson and Josey Jewell find themselves in the spotlight. It's a bit of a cop-out to list both starting linebackers here, but hey, I really like them both this week.

Miami poses a favorable matchup to linebackers as a whole, but Fangio seems to really like dialing up the pressure on less experienced quarterbacks. I think Tua might be seeing a lot of Josey Jewell this weekend, and Alexander Johnson will be doing most of his damage in stopping the run.

Tyrell Adams, LB, Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots

My Rank: LB24

Adams is the last of my highlights of who to start this week but certainly not the least. He finds himself in a great matchup against New England's inconsistent run-heavy offense.

When New England does throw they have a lower yards per throwing attempt average, which makes it more likely that the play stays in front of or near the linebacker, as opposed to being thrown further downfield.

Adams has been someone who's proven to be somewhat inconsistent, but I'm willing to trust him in this matchup.


A quick note: I'm about to rip on some players here. I understand these are NFL players and they are VERY talented, but they have ZERO business being ranked in the Top 20 at the position on a weekly basis.

Jonathan Allen, DL, Washington Football Team Vs Cincinnati Bengals

Embed from Getty Images
My Rank: DL50

Jonathan Allen has a great matchup and he's still not going to do anything this week. Just like every other week this season. He has two sacks on the season.

How does a DL warrant being listed in the top 20 rankings almost weekly if his sack opportunity is so low. It's not like he's racking up tackles, or other stats. With DL's you NEED sacks to be productive and worth starting. Allen ain't it, even in this great matchup.

Vonn Bell, DB, Cincinnati Bengals Vs Washington Football Team

Embed from Getty Images
My Rank:DB37

Get outta here with that top 20 ranking for Bell. The dude's been a bust this year. I'll admit I liked him coming into the year, but I, unlike others, have adapted.

What's worse is he's done nothing, NOTHING, playing 100% of the defensive snaps. Yet he's still ranked here. Do yourself a favor, outside of the deepest leagues (20+ teams), cut him and Jonathan Allen. It's time to trim the fat and add players worth rostering.

Pittsburgh Steelers Linebackers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Embed from Getty Images
ECR: RS(LB33), VW(LB34), AW(LB44)
My Ranks: RS(LB40), VW(LB43), AW(LB50)

This is less of a cop out because I just want to avoid the whole situation. For starters, it's a bad matchup. The Jaguars are one of the least run heavy teams and yield little opportunity to LBs to make plays.

Then you add in the factor of who the heck is going to get playing time. Avery Williamson started getting worked in last week but only played 11 Snaps. Where as Robert Spillane notched 45 snaps and Vince Williams took 34 snaps, and NONE of them played 100% of the snaps in Week 10 (60 Snaps).

I don't hate any of these players as they've actually produced. However as predicted this is starting to turn into a mess. Coupled with the poor matchup, I'm going to leave these guys on my bench this week.

Thanks for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit!

Thanks as always for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Start-Sit article! What did you think of the new structure (Or lack thereof)? What do you think of my Ashtyn Davis call? Do you dislike the high rankings of Jonathan Allen and Vonn Bell as much as I do? Let me know on Twitter! The handle is Bbab_FFB, I am Bob Van The IDP Man! My DMs are always open, and I'm always down to chat about anything Fantasy Football!

Much Love,


Ya boy made his podcast debut this week, I'd love for y'all to check it out!

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