2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire

by Bob Van Duser
2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Waiver Wire

Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire! Another week is in the books as we march towards the playoffs! It's crunch time and you need to know who the players are that you can add from the waiver wire to put you over the top to make a deep playoff run!

Not only that but it's also important to know what players you can cut bait with to be able to add these players! The good news is, I got your back on both accounts!

This will be an interesting IDP Waiver Wire article because quite frankly, at this point in the season circumstances are a little different. The Waiver Wire isn't as ripe with fresh new options as it was early in the year. So we'll be going back over some of the "Waiver Wire All-Stars" of the past that still show low roster percentage.

Every week I've worked diligently to bring you at minimum five new options as solid Waiver Wire targets. However, this week there's just not a lot of great options out there. As opposed to digging through the ugly "leftovers" that just popped off as a random good week, I figure it's a good practice to revisit some great options you might have missed, as well as a few new options! As I understand you can't read every article.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire

Please Note: The roster percentages are all pulled from Sleeper. With that, these percentages show the roster percentages over ALL of Sleeper's Leagues. Including those that don't use/roster IDP players. However, I've found that 20% is about the mark for the rough equivalent to 100% in IDP Leagues. So each % is roughly 5% in IDP Leagues. So 2%=10%, 5%=25%, 10%=50% and so on.

Low Priority Adds:

Low priority adds consist of players who have newfound opportunity and possess enough talent to make an impact and possibly garner weekly starting consideration. They also might be low priority solely because they might be flying under the radar, and able to be acquired cheaply.

Daniel Thomas, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 10 Stats: 8 Tackles (5 Solo) - 2% Rostered

Let's start with a fresh face. Thomas had been pushing Josh Jones for snaps over the past few weeks, and with Josh Jones being placed on IR that opened the door for Thomas to take the role over, for what I think will be the long term.

Josh Jones was a Green Bay Packer long before he was a Jaguar, and quite frankly he never jived well on the field or in the locker room. Thomas is someone that the coaches have been trying to feed snaps, and when asked, Head Coach Doug Marrone had mentioned it was more of a situation of Thomas' potential and getting him more snaps. As opposed to Jones playing poorly.

Then after a full week of practice, Jones comes down with a chest injury and gets shifted to the IR. Just interesting to me.

Terez Hall, LB, New England Patriots - <1% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 10 Tackles (8 Solo)

Who? Exactly. Hall, a little known name, has earned the favor of Head Coach Bill Belichick. In the past two weeks, he's filled in for the injured Ja'Whaun Bentley.

For me, this is another interesting case of injury keeping a play out of a game. Where it's fully possible and quite frankly more likely that Bentley just wasn't ready to play, perhaps ol' Bill just wanted to see what Hall could do for another week. Maybe Hall is the short term answer for the position. Even after Bentley returns.

He is being reverted back to the practice squad, however. So there is a chance he's utilized if they choose to sign him to the main roster. Something to monitor.

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, DB, New Orleans Saints

Week 10 Stats: 8 Tackles (6 Solo), 1 Sack, 1 Tackle for Loss, 1 Pass Defensed - 4% Rostered

CGJ is our first revisit. Coming off a solid week he didn't disappoint the small few who roster him. However the same can't be said about each of his weeks, as he's been very inconsistent.

However, when he has good weeks, he actually has GREAT weeks. He's a playmaker to sum it up. Naturally, that leaves him vulnerable to some bust weeks. Granted he fought Michael Thomas in practice and took a punch from ALL-STAR Javon Wims in a game and didn't flinch - if only those counted for points.

Medium Priority Adds:

Medium Priority Adds consist of players who are either in positions of new or greater opportunity. These players are very talented and will consistently garner starting or streaming consideration. Likely harder to acquire, at a higher cost.

Leonard Floyd, DL/LB, Los Angeles Rams - 4% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 5 Solo Tackles, 3 Sacks, 2 Tackles for Loss, 1 Fumble Recovery

Leonard Floyd is literally what Dante Fowler was to the Rams last year and the year prior. I'd say if anything, just a little more inconsistent.

He's very similar to CGJ in that he's very boom or bust. This is a player I'm looking to snag and stash for the Fantasy Playoffs. He draws the New York Jets in Week 15 and Seattle again in Week 16. The Jets are obviously a great matchup, but Seattle is so significant because that's the team he hung this stat line this past weekend.

Jordan Fuller, DB, Los Angeles Rams - 7% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 3 Solo Tackles

It was very nice to see Jordan Fuller return to action. Where his statistical output left a lot to be desired, he played all but nine snaps. Give him another week to get back in it and I think he'll be solid.

Sadly, R.I.P. to my boy Taylor Rapp, getting only 12 snaps. I'll touch on this more later.

Ronnie Harrison, DB, Cleveland Browns - 8% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 6 Solo Tackles, 1 Pass Defensed

Ronnie Harrison has taken over as the safety to roster in Cleveland. He plays a majority of the snaps, makes plays, and has shown to be a reliable piece of the Cleveland defense.

He's had solid output in each week since he began starting, and he's still criminally under rostered.

High Priority Adds:

High Priority Adds consist of great players who have excellent opportunities. These players will garner weekly starting consideration. These players will likely be harder to acquire, but far more valuable for your team.

Emmanuel Ogbah, LB/DL, Miami Dolphins - 12% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 1 Solo Tackle, 1 Sack, 2 Passes Defensed

Ogbah is a big part of the renaissance on the defensive side in Miami. The wild part is how NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

The one caveat here is that he is fairly heavily rostered. However, he's still rostered significantly less than he should be. Let's change that!

Nick Kwiatkoski, LB, Las Vegas Raiders - 11% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 8 Tackles (6 Solo), 1 INT, 2 Passes Defensed

It's clear to me since Kwiatkoski's return, that his LB role is the valuable one to roster on this defense. It seems he's getting better and better with every game he plays.

He's somewhat more rostered than players I usually like to highlight, but I still feel he's well under the radar. I'd easily prefer him over teammate Cory Littleton.

Kamren Curl, DB, Washington Football Team - 3% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 8 Tackles (6 Solo), 1 Sack, 1 Tackle for Loss

Mentioned as a IDP Start this past week, Kamren Curl showed out again in Week 10.

With sacks in back to back weeks and a boatload of tackles, Curl is filling in admirably for Landon Collins. Add him before it's too late.

Romeo Okwara, DL/LB, Detroit Lions - 8% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 4 Tackles (2 Solo), 1 Sack, 1 Tackle for Loss

I feel like I've made my feelings about Romeo Okwara very clear. The dude's a stud. Yet he doesn't garner the respect or roster percentage that he deserves.

He's what we wanted Trey Flowers to be. There, I said it.

A.J. Klein, LB, Buffalo Bills - 5% Rostered

Week 10 Stats: 11 Tackles (10 Solo), 1 Sack, 1 Tackle for Loss

I should just let the stat line speak for itself. I've been harping on grabbing him since my Week 9 IDP Injury Round-Up. If you would've grabbed him you'd have gotten two top ten LB weeks for free.

He has a Bye Week this week, and then Milano's return could be right around the corner. COULD BE. He's a must grab and hold until Milano returns and is playing a full assortment of snaps.

IDP Drop List:

Taylor Rapp, DB, Los Angeles Rams - 13% Rostered

Embed from Getty Images
With Jordan Fuller returning to the lineup, this leaves Rapp with little to no role. He's an easy drop in redraft, but a strong hold in Dynasty.

Cory Littleton, LB, Las Vegas Raiders - 16% Rostered

Embed from Getty Images

There might be a little spite here but Littleton has been such an astounding disappointment this year. He hasn't broken 10 tackles in a single game, and he hasn't forced or obtained a turnover. His value is minimal at this point. It's likely with where you drafted him that you may not have the luxury of being able to drop him, but I'm going to where I can.

Aldon Smith, DL/LB, Dallas Cowboys - 10% Rostered

Embed from Getty Images

Smith just hasn't had it since Week 3. It's okay to let go. The Honeymoon is over. The only thing I can say is that he has okay matchups in Weeks 14 and 16. However, he's had plenty of great matchups along the way that he's done nothing with.

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Thank you for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire!

Thanks for checking out my content and diving into my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire! I know it was a little unconventional but I still hope you were able to find value in it! So what did you think? Did you like revisiting options from previous weeks that you may have missed? Did any of these players surprise you? Are you shocked some of these players are so available? What players will you be targeting? Let me know on Twitter @Bbab_FFB! I am Bob Van The IDP Man and my DMs are always open to discussing all things Fantasy Football. Give me a follow, and let me know what you thought of my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire!

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