2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

by Kyle Williams
2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down report!

Grinding out DFS research, writing 3+ articles a week, endless preparation & research: so many things go into my week and how I break down fantasy and I love the process. Fantasy football is a treasure and I'm so glad you, me, your family, my family, and the world gets to enjoy it.

We are approaching Thanksgiving fast and there is so much to be thankful for. What you really should be thankful for are these awesome articles I write for you that give you keen insights and amazing tips that will help you dominate your fantasy leagues for the decade to come.

I'm kidding. Well, sort've. All jokes aside it's a great time to be thankful and cherish what you have and those around you. Now let's dive into this article and revisit some stock up and stock down guys from the Week 12 slate for our dynasty fantasy football teams.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up:

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Football Team

It's Monday when I'm writing this and that only means one thing, it's man crush Monday. And boy, oh boy, do I have a man-crush on this guy. Since the start of the season, I've been pounding the door down for Gibson. His high motor, elite speed, big body, receiving capability, and big explosive power is a dream combination for the Football Team and fantasy owners.

Look at the speed, the tackle-breaking ability, the burst, the insane quick lightning-filled feet, and the overall ability to read the holes. Gibson is a sure-fire star back in the NFL and a no doubt fantasy RB1 when he gets his chances. Well the past few weeks Gibson has gotten his chances and he has done nothing but perform. Check his performances out the past four weeks from Weeks 7 to 11.

  • vs DAL: 20 CAR / 128 YDS / 1 TD / 18.8 Fantasy points
  • BYE:
  • vs NYG: 6 CAR / 20 YDS / 1 TD / 12.5 Fantasy points
  • @ DET: 13 CAR / 45 YDS / 2 TD / 22.5 Fantasy points
  • vs CIN: 16 CAR / 94 YDS / 1 TD / 17.4 Fantasy points

In his past five games, Gibson has been a top-12 RB. So far on the season he has been a force. He is ESPN's 11th best RB in PPR scoring. His stock is skyrocketing majorly right now. With the Washington Football Team trending upward and slowly building their team we can expect even more future production from Gibson.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

A future RB1 in the making, Edwards-Helaire has produced endlessly when given the chance. He has great hands, quick feet, elite level burst, and a great frame to bully over defenders. Here is a clip where Edwards-Helaire shows his upside running the football.

He has been extremely good lately. Since Le'Veon Bell joined the Chiefs people were souring quickly on Edwards-Helaire. They were dumping him to the side in hopes of a Bell revival. You can cancel that revival and even survival. Edwards-Helaire has shown he's the top dog in the offense.

In Week 11 in a rematch versus the Raiders, Edwards-Helaire racked up 14 carries for 49 yards, while also securing two touchdowns for a total of 20.7 fantasy points. It marks the first time this season Edwards-Helaire scored two touchdowns.

Edwards-Helaire is extremely interesting in terms of fantasy. He has failed to score less then 11 points just one time this season. He currently ranks as the 10th best RB in fantasy PPR formats as of now and that's with Bell being in the fold. Since Bell joined the team, his carries and receptions have been trending down weekly, but that hasn't stopped Edwards-Helaire.

My faith in the long term with Edwards-Helaire is all time high. A breakout performance was just the right thing to kick him back into gear. Once Bell leaves this offseason, it's full RB1 territory for Edwards-Helaire and potentially even a top-five finish.

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

He has arrived: WR1 terriorty, top-10 WR, everything. Johnson is here to stay ladies and gentlemen. After he underperformed and didn't break out last year, everybody was jumping in line to push Johnson to the side. The additions of Chase Claypool and Eric Ebron, along with the pairing of JuJu Smith-Schuster quickly shot down Johnson’s value big time this offseason. With the talent being there and the big play offensive scheme in the fold, Johnson was a clear breakout candidate from day one. Now with his production skyrocketing, he is quickly escalating to WR1 territory in fantasy football.

The Johnson breakout is real and it's upon us. Here is a tweet that sums up just how much Johnson means to the Steelers, in fantasy, and to Big Ben.

Johnson is setting the fantasy landscape on fire with his volume and playmaking ability. Here’s a look at his last five games.

  • 7: 29.0 Fantasy points
  • 8: 1.6 Fantasy Points [Hurt]
  • 9: 14.1 Fantasy Points
  • 10: 23.6 Fantasy Points
  • 11 23.1 Fantasy Points

With rumors of the Steelers letting JuJu Smith-Schuster go in impending free agency the value of Johnson can only get higher. The future is bright for the shinning star and I'm all aboard Johnson as a rising star.

Stock Down:

Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It's official: Fournette's fantasy value is dead. He is getting completely outplayed and outclassed by Ronald Jones. He's on a 1-year deal that's less than ideal for Fournette. Here is a tweet that shows the snap counts.

After Monday's game versus the Rams, Twitter was roasting Fournette for his poor play. Here is a clip of the vision Fournette portrayed.

His snaps and play are declining rapidly. The offense is starting to phase him out at this point. As Jones continues his hot streak it will only get worse for Fournette. It's the last year of his contract and he could potentially be out of the league at this time next season.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys

Missing Dak Prescott is presenting major issues not only for the Cowboys but for RB Ezekiel Elliott. The once great arguably top-3 RB in the league has seen his days dwindle. Now he's considered an average overpaid RB on a poor team. He is not the same as he used to be at all. Here are the splits from the start of this season compared to last season.

Until Dak comes back there is not much hope for Elliott. He had three fantasy points on Thanksgiving in which he ran for 30 yards and fumbled. He is playing extremely poorly but it presents a great buy-low time for now. Try buying Zeke at the moment, but be cautious RBs fall off a cliff quickly.

Todd Gurley, RB, Atlanta Falcons

A former MVP candidate turned into one of the worst RBs in the league - the rise and fall of Gurley is a shame. His greatness has shrunk due to the degenerate tearing and injuries to his knees. Gurley has moved so bad lately he arguably could be looked at as having the same athleticism as a couch. He is slow, old, injured, and aging quickly.

Did I mention injured? This Sunday Gurley has been ruled out with a injury and backup Brian Hill will officially be the starter. Hill has looked great at times and if he performs on Sunday it could spell trouble for Gurley. He is on a one year deal and has played super ineffectively his job is in jeopardy if Hill performs.

I'm ditching Gurley in all formats for anything I can get. He has been averaging less than three yards per carry for a month and scored just three fantasy points last game. He is trending downwards rapidly and the injuries are pilling up. It could be the end of the once great running back.

Check out the rest of our 2020 Fantasy Football content from our team of excellent writers.

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