2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

by Bob Van Duser
2021 Fantasy Football Week 5 IDP Rankings

Welcome back for Part 2 of my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit! There was so much information it was impossible to fit it all in one article! So today we'll look at the rest of the Week 12 IDP matchups!

If you haven't yet be sure to go check out Part 1LINK of my IDP Start-Sit for Week 12, as well as my Week 12 IDP Rankings!

Let's dive right into Part Two of my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit article!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

Arizona Cardinals Vs New England Patriots


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Budda Baker is a stud, obviously you're starting him regardless of the matchup. New England ends up pretty neutral in terms of how they favor the DB position.

Hicks is an obvious start in this LB group. Campbell is a sit for me as I feel it's likely he still sees little to no action as he returns from injury. Which leads me to Simmons. In primetime this dude showed up. As I mentioned in my Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire, he's a MUST ADD if he's available. He lit it up in primetime and it could be his opportunity to shine going forward.

Markus Golden draws a tough matchup, I'd lean towards sitting him but couldn't blame you for flexing him.

New England

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Kyle Dugger was a guy I thought would take a full year to really pop, however he's shown flashes of his talents here and there. He and Phillips draw a stellar matchup for the Safety position Vs Arizona. J.C. Jackson is a corner, and I know we don't talk about those, but he's a good one.

Bentley draws a solid matchup thanks to the amount of plays Arizona runs as well as their run to pass ratio. It leaves Bentley with an awful lot of opportunity. I'm not gung ho about starting him, but if you're in a pinch, you could do worse.

We're all waiting patiently for the Winovich breakout. Oh. Just me? Well I'm waiting patiently. I think it's a year out yet. Unless it's a great matchup Wino is a sit for me. Which guarantees he'll breakout this week.

Miami Dolphins Vs New York Jets


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This is kind of a fascinating situation. The Dolphins DST have a premier matchup this week against a terrible offense. However, a great matchup for DST doesn't necessarily equate to a great matchup for IDP players.

Part of why the Jets suck as an offense to face with IDP players is that they run so few plays, with the 3rd least amount of plays run per game in the entire league.

On top of that, the Dolphins run such an odd defensive scheme where few players see a bulk of the workload; and they're all kind of sharing the work. Think of a running back by committee but as an IDP defense.

Coupled with the structural inconsistencies of this defense (brought down from New England), and poor matchups, very few players warrant a start. I'd be willing to flex Ogbah in desperation, but that's it.

New York (Jets)

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Marcus Maye has been seeing all the snaps but hasn't done much with them in terms of Fantasy Scoring. Ashtyn Davis has been the DB to roster here. This week they have a neutral matchup.

Harvey Langi has kind of popped up out of nowhere, and has been a stud as of late. Hewitt has been solid at LB too, but after the Williamson trade that was expected. In a "Meh" matchup I'm willing to flex these guys as needed, but I'm not sure there will be enough opportunity going around for both of them.

Williams draws one of the worst matchups for DLs this week. The Dolphins are near the bottom in terms of total plays per game which limits the opportunity Williams will see. Between that and his lack of production on the year, he's an easy sit for me.

Las Vegas Raiders Vs Atlanta Falcons

Las Vegas

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The Falcons offer up great matchups to the DB and DL positions and sit neutral vs the LB position. Nick K has been killing it since his return, and with Littleton still out on COVID-IR I expect it to continue even in a neutral matchup.

Maxx Crosby has been somewhat inconsistent and disappointing at times this season. However, he draws arguably the best matchup he's had all season this week.

Abram has really come on this season, and in a favorable matchup he's a must start. I'd start Joyner too if he was playing, he's been underrated this year as well.


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Las Vegas offers one of the best matchups to the DB position. Neal hasn't been an all-star this season by any means but he should thrive in this matchup.

Deion Jones has continued to disappoint this season. He'll make plays from time to time but it's been proven that Foyesade Oluokon is the LB to roster here.

All of the Atlanta defensive line leaves a lot to be desired. Jarrett has flashed here and there this season but for the most part it's been tough to roster any of these guys. Coupled with that this week they get one of the least favorable matchups to the DL position.

New Orleans Saints Vs Denver Broncos

New Orleans

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Malcolm Jenkins is one of those great examples of players who are much better on the field, but it doesn't translate to Fantasy. Jenkins along with CGJ find themselves in a tough matchup against Denver.

However, Denver offers great matchups to the LB and DL positions. Davis should feast this week while Kwon likely plays second fiddle.

Cam Jordan and Trey Hendrickson get to the QB early and often this weekend. I often haven't been a fan of Jordan, but I'm a big fan this week.


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New Orleans offers solid matchups to the DB and LB positions. Simmons has been great this year and finds himself in an excellent matchup.

Johnson and Jewell have to be the most frustrating LB Duo in the league. Super inconsistent, and I think that's just how head coach Vic Fangio likes it, very unpredictable.

Where the New Orleans matchup doesn't favor the DL, it is a neutral matchup that a talent like Chubb could easily exploit.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Los Angeles Rams

San Francisco

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The Rams offer a great matchup to the LB position with how much they run the ball, combined with how many plays they run in a game. Warner is a smash start and Greenlaw is an okay start this week but ideally a flex play.

Where the matchup isn't terrible for DB, the 49ers just don't have much skill at the position worth starting. Same situation with the DL group, okay matchup, just no one to exploit it.

Los Angeles (Rams)

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Note: With Micah Kiser being placed on IR he's obviously a sit. However it brings Troy Reeder into flex consideration

The 49ers simply aren't favorable to any IDP position. Part of this has been due to the QB carousel between Jimmy Garrappolo and everyone else.

However, knowing the reasoning doesn't help anything. You're starting John Johnson, he's too good not to. If I had other options, I'd sit everyone else.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City

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How exciting. Sit the Chiefs whole defense. A lot of this is due to Tampa Bay not offering favorable matchups to any position. However, it should be noted that they're all neutral matchups.

I'm just not real wild about these guys as positional talents for IDP purposes. Willie Gay would likely be a flex if I knew he was going to get 100% of snaps, however I don't see that coming this season.

Tampa Bay

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Oddly enough, I'm starting everyone on Tampa Bay. Where Kansas City offers a tough matchup to the LB position, you're not benching David or White.

Winfield gets a great matchup this week thanks largely in part to the way the Chiefs like to work the ball downfield.

JPP pulls a neutral matchup but he's been too hot to not start with confidence.

Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers


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Green Bay operates very efficiently so they don't run many plays. This knocks down everyone on the defensive side. However, Green Bay does work the ball down the field more frequently which plays benefit to the DB position.

Eddie Jackson just got placed on the COVID-IR and it's yet to be determined if he'll be able to be cleared prior to the game. If he's playing, he has the best matchup on this defense.

You're not benching Roquan Smith but I'd keep in mind Green Bay offers one of the worst matchups to the LB position. So I'd at least temper expectations. Smith is extremely talented and can overcome the matchup though.

Green Bay is one of the toughest matchups for the DL position. Between their quick plays and efficient offensive line, there's little time for the pass rushers to get to Rodgers. A lot can change in a Divisional Rivalry though.

Green Bay

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The Packers defense sucks. Sorry. As a Packer fan I had to get that off my chest. Their DBs really aren't worth rostering at this point. They seldom stuff the stat sheets. Chicago also books as the 2nd worst matchup for DBs. Between their run to pass ratio and their low yards per attempt they're very unfavorable to opposing DBs.

Someone's gotta tackle someone. May as well be Kirksey.

Z. Smith is the only Smith worth rostering on this defense. Preston Smith has been a huge disappointment this season, on the field as well as in Fantasy.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Philadelphia Eagles (Monday)


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The Eagles are favorable to the DL and LB positions. Large in part due to their trash offensive line, low yards per pass attempt, large amount of plays ran per game, and Wentz' high time to throw statistics. However, they're very tough towards the DB position.

Adams may have a tough matchup, but you're not sitting him. Wagner is a future Hall-of-Famer. Wright will do work in his hybrid DL/LB role. Dunlap is my DL1 for Week 12. Keep in mind the damage Olivier Vernon caused in Week 11, against this same offense.


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These DBs get a neutral matchup but I'm just not wild about the talent. I'd side with McLeod if you're desperate.

These LBs get a tough matchup this week and it makes it easy to sit Edwards, who's been inconsistent at best. However, Singleton is worth a look in the flex considering how well he's played lately. Maybe he'll force the Eagles to make fans happy and cut Nathan Gerry. Doubt it, though.

Brandon Graham has been reborn this season. Maybe no off-season was good for him. He gets a great matchup this week against Seattle's porous offensive line and pass happy scheme.

Thank you for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit Part Two!

I appreciate you sticking through this with me! I know it was a haul but I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Start-Sit! Did you enjoy viewing each matchup? Do you disagree with any of my Start-Sit picks? Let me know on Twitter! The handle is @Bbab_FFB, Bob Van The IDP Man is the name. Thanks again for checking out my 2020 Week 12 IDP Start-Sit article!

much love,


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