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2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire


Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire! Hopefully, you’re all coming back off a big win this weekend! If not, well, I’m with you there. I’m also here to help you find some gems to help get you over the hump in your push for the playoffs!

Like last week, I’m going to proceed a little differently with the Waiver Wire going forward! Not only will I be adding in some new players to watch for but I’m also going to revisit some players that have been listed previously that may still be available in your leagues!

I understand you can’t check out every article, and I just want to give you as much information as possible to avoid missing players that could help you in the long run in my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire

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Note: Roster percentage is pulled from Sleeper. The percentages will seem very low, with the reason being that it includes ALL Sleeper leagues, even those that don’t roster IDP Players. I’ve been able to reason that 100% in an IDP League equates to about 20%. So treat each percentage point as 5% in an IDP League. I try to pull players that are below 10% (50%) rostered, however sometimes players need to be mentioned because you never know what their availability might be.

Low Priority Adds:

Low Priority Adds will consist of players who have my interest but for whatever reason, I’m not going to invest a lot into adding them. They’re likely players with new opportunities due to an injury. Usually, these players are only filling in for a short time. That, or they won’t be as effective as who they’re filling in for. Also, they may be easily acquired. Therefore there’s no rush or need to overpay.

Will Compton, LB, Tennessee Titans

Embed from Getty Images
Week 11 Stats: 6 Tackles (3 Solo)
Roster%: <1%

With Jayon Brown going down with a season-ending injury, Will Compton will likely draw the start in his place. Will Compton doesn’t get me excited and here’s why.

His rest of season matchups are terrible, for one. Plain and simple. Coupled with the fact that he’s nowhere near the talent of Jayon Brown. Brown was a playmaker, while Compton just fills a spot. If you’re desperate, I can’t fault you. I suspect there will be a lot of people out there that advise adding Compton, which is cool, but he’s very, very low on my list.

Medium Priority Adds:

Medium Priority Adds consist of players I’m genuinely interested in. I think they’ll garner regular streaming consideration, and they’ll be worthwhile having in your starting lineups. Acquiring them may not be easy, but nothing worth having is easy.

Olivier Vernon, DL/LB, Cleveland Browns

Week 11 Stats:5 Tackles (4 Solo), 3 Sacks, 3 Tackles for Loss, 1 Pass Defensed, 1 Safety
Roster%: 4.6%

Hopefully, you follow me on Twitter and saw my “IDP Dream Stream Team” post and were able to reap the benefits. The sad thing about Olivier Vernon is he probably only has one good week of relevance left. However, lucky for y’all, that matchup comes in Week 12 against the Jaguars!

I was concerned he wouldn’t be as efficient with Myles Garrett out, but I was proven wrong. With Garrett out again, the Browns will look to Vernon to produce again.

Kyle Dugger, DB, New England Patriots

Week 11 Stats: 6 Tackles (4 Solo), 1 Tackle for Loss
Roster%: 8%

I’ve been waiting to bring up Kyle Dugger all season. I expected him to pop a little earlier in the season but perhaps my patience has paid off.

“But Bob, it’s not like he’s done anything crazy, why the excitement?” Kyle Dugger has three of the most favorable offenses to the safety position coming up. He’ll face Arizona in Week 12, the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 13, and follow those up with the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14. He’ll finish the season with a neutral matchup in Week 15, and a poor matchup in Week 16.

You won’t be able to ride him for the rest of the season. However, he may be able to assist you to the playoffs!

Alex Singleton, LB, Philadelphia Eagles

Week 11 Stats: 11 Tackles (8 Solo), 1 Sack, 1 Tackle for Loss, 1 Fumble Recovery
Roster%: 3.3%

I was really only holding off on adding Singleton because I was worried Nathan Gerry was going to be back sooner rather than later. However, it seems the team might be ready to move forward with Singleton, with or without Gerry.

I would keep an eye on the situation; if and when Gerry returns, Singleton may lose value quickly if Gerry takes his role back.

High Priority Adds:

High Priority Adds will consist of players I’m very interested in adding. These players will warrant weekly starting consideration going forward. They will not be acquired cheaply if they are available.

Ashtyn Davis, DB, New York Jets

Week 11 Stats: 12 Tackles (8 Solo), 1 Tackle for Loss, 1 Fumble Recovery
Roster%: 4%

It always feels nice taking a victory lap. Ashtyn Davis was mentioned in my Week 11 IDP Start-Sit article as a player to start.

If you had the guts to start him, congrats to you! I like him a lot more in Dynasty than I do for the rest of this season. His matchups are neutral for the most part with none favoring him the rest of the way. This doesn’t mean he can’t still have great weeks though.

Carlos Dunlap, DL, Seattle Seahawks

Week 11 Stats: 4 Tackles (2 Solo), 2 Sacks, 2 Tackles for Loss
Roster%: 12%

Dunlap makes a return to the Waiver Wire list after an impressive game-sealing sack against the Arizona Cardinals.

He finds himself in the most favorable matchup for DLs against the Philadelphia Eagles this week and looks to steal the show in primetime yet again. He finds himself in pretty good matchups throughout the rest of the season. While he is rostered heavily, he should be rostered everywhere!

Isaiah Simmons, LB, Arizona Cardinals

Week 11 Stats: 10 Tackles (9 Solo), 1 Sack, 2 Tackles for Loss
Roster%: 16%

He’s heavily rostered on Sleeper, however, most of these leagues are Dynasty, and I highly doubt anyone’s been holding onto him in redraft.

There’s speculation that De’Vondre Campbell may come back once healthy and take his role back from Simmons. Quite frankly I don’t care. If Simmons is available, you add him without hesitation.

Simmons had a coming-out party on Thursday Night in primetime. He looked electric and was a spark plug for that defense that needs someone besides Budda Baker to step up.

On top of that, he has extremely favorable matchups throughout the rest of the season. Not adding him out of fear that Campbell is gonna take his job back is silly. If there’s a .01% chance in your head that Simmons could be the guy going forward, you go get him!

IDP Drop List:

To make Waiver claims you gotta make cuts. Below is a list of players I’m cutting bait with to free up space.

Kwon Alexander, LB, New Orleans Saints

Embed from Getty Images
Roster%: 14%

I’m not dropping him in Dynasty quite yet, however, I’m more than willing to drop him in Redraft or in shallow Dynasty formats.

This year just hasn’t panned out for Alexander. Between injury and being traded it just hasn’t been ideal. He faces tough matchups in the remainder of the season, especially in the playoffs. As a favorite of mine, it’s sad to say goodbye but sometimes it’s for the best.

Jonathan Allen, DL, Washington Football Team

Embed from Getty Images
Roster%: 12%

If you follow me even a little, you know my disdain for Jonathan Allen. Sure, he’s a valuable player on the field. However when it comes to Fantasy Football, not so much. Listing him as a Sit for Week 10 was too easy. Cut him, go get Olivier Vernon for this week, or Dunlap if he’s available.

Kyle Fuller, DB, Chicago Bears

Embed from Getty Images
Roster%: 10.3%

Fuller is a prime example of a solid real-life corner that just doesn’t move the needle in Fantasy Football. They cover well and don’t get much attention. He’s not a tackler. The ball doesn’t get thrown his way often. Why roster him?

Thank you for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire!

As always thank you for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire! Will you be adding these guys to your list of Waiver Claims? Are you dropping anyone on my Drop List? Did I miss anyone you have questions about? Let me know on Twitter @Bbab_FFB! I am Bob Van The IDP Man and my DMs are always open for discussing Fantasy Football. Whether it’s IDP, Dynasty, or any other format I play em all!

Thanks again! Much love,


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