2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Injury Impact

by Mike Bonni
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Well, fantasy football fans here we go again with the dreaded injury article. We are in the final stretch before the fantasy playoffs, so injuries at this point are not something fantasy fans want. Unfortunately, Week 12 saw quite a few injuries. Most of these injuries were minor, but there was one that could turn out to be serious. Hopefully, the news for these players throughout the week will be positive.

As always I will be going over the minor injuries, the possible major injury, and a few players you will have to monitor throughout the week. So fantasy friends welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Injury Impact article.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Injury Impact

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Major Injuries

D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers - Ankle? (TBD)

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Oh D.J. Moore! This one hurts and I don't really know what to say about this one. All pre-season, and even during the lulls of his 2020 season, I was still beating the drum for him, and for his season to possibly end like this is unfortunate.

Late in the 4th quarter D.J. Moore was going for a TD catch from Teddy Bridgewater when he planted and then landed awkwardly in the endzone. It didn't look horrible, but everyone knows that a non-contact injury is not good, especially around the ankle area. As of right now, they are just saying it is an ankle injury. It could be just an ankle sprain which would be the best-case scenario, but honestly, I think it could be his Achilles with the way he planted and landed. If it is his Achilles, more than likely his season would be done.

If that's the case, Robby Anderson will continue to get fed targets, and Curtis Samuel will be a fantasy-worthy starter every week also.

Minor Injuries

There were a few notable minor injuries that happened in Week 12. The impact isn't huge for fantasy that much, but more so for real-life football. The New York Giants just took the lead in the division and now they might have to go a few games without their "franchise" signal-caller Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants - Hamstring (1+ Weeks?)

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As you can see I put a question mark behind the 1+ weeks. I did that because hamstrings can be tricky to figure out, they are different for everyone in terms of heal time. For the most part, the players who have injured their hamstrings at least miss one week. We will know how serious the hamstring injury is by Monday hopefully. Before exiting with his hamstring injury Daniel Jones was 16 of 27 for 213 yards. He also ran the ball six times for 19 yards. Daniel Jones didn't have any interceptions (three straight games without one) or touchdowns (two straight games without one).

There will be a slight downgrade in the pass catchers if Daniel Jones were to miss time, but I believe Wayne Gallman will continue to put up solid RB2 numbers.

Phillip Lindsay, RB, Denver Broncos - MCL Sprain (1-3 Weeks)

For the most part, you weren't starting or possibly even rostering Phillip Lindsay this year, but still, he is worth mentioning here because of the injury and the possibility of being a viable fantasy option. After only rushing the ball nine times for 20 yards Phillip Lindsay went down with a knee injury. The news right now is that he suffered an MCL sprain and will be out for one to three weeks.

With Phillip Lindsay missing a couple of weeks, Melvin Gordon should receive a ton of the work going forward with a sprinkle of Royce Freeman in there. Hopefully, by the time they play their next game, they will actually have a quarterback to play.

Injuries to Monitor

Throughout the week I highly suggest monitoring these two players throughout the week. Something could come up during the week that could turn out to be bad news.

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals - AC Sprain

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For most of the week leading up to Week 12, Kyler Murray had an injury designation because of his AC joint. He ended up playing on Sunday but you can tell his arm wasn't the same. He completed 23 of 34 passes for 170 yards and one interception. He also added 31 yards on the ground.

Again, just monitor this injury going forward. He should be fine, but there might be something bugging him which would explain his poor play this week.

Josh Jacobs, RB, Las Vegas Raiders - Ankle?

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Once touted as a possible top-three fantasy football running back this year, Josh Jacobs has not been able to live up to the hype as of right now. Will he be able to even get close to the hype? After only rushing the ball seven times for 27 yards, this performance left many fans wondering what happened.

Yes, they were down big the whole game, but Josh Jacobs was basically non-existent only playing in 59 percent of his snaps - his lowest since Week 7 against Tampa Bay. It was only the third time this season he was been under a 60% snap share. so there had to have been something nagging him during the game. So just lookout throughout the week to see if he picks up an injury designation.

Well, Fantasy friends that is it for the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 12 Injury Impact article. I hope you all come check out Week 13's article.

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