2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

by Kyle Williams
2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down edition!

After a long grueling Week 12, the NFL made some questionable decisions and made some unprecedented ground. With the ability to finally sit down and write this article after an elongated week I'm super excited.

With the 2021 free agency class approaching--we could see several big-name players be on the move. Guys like Kenny Golladay and Dak Prescott top the list of impact offensive players. The landscape this time next year could be drastically affected.

That being said it's officially Week 13 in the NFL and it's playoff time in your fantasy leagues next week. It's the perfect time for you to think about the future. If you are a rebuilding team that wasn't lucky enough to make the playoffs now is the time to get cracking.

Some of my favorite players and guys that have been frequent flyers on this list have popped back up. With big games from players that are well-known, anonymous, and just about everything in between, we can expect some new faces to make the list.

Let's dive into this masterpiece and help you set up your dynasty team with some stock up and stock down players.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up:

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Football Team

New week, same player, another elite performance. Antonio Gibson was front and center stage with a breakout game on Thanksgiving. Gibson was one of the league's top backs last week and arguably one of the league's top players. Here's a look at Gibson's stat line in a career day:

  • 20 Carries - 115 yards rushing - 3 touchdowns
  • 5 receptions - 21 yards
  • 36.6 fantasy points

That performance on primetime has now introduced Gibson to the world. I've been pounding the door down for this guy since the start of the season. This kid is elite.

"First rookie since Randy Moss?" If you hear that in any sentence with a player then it's already a great group to be in. Gibson has been insane on a low-end team in just year one.

He's averaging a whopping 16.5 fantasy points per game. He has nine games this season with 10+ fantasy points. This kid is a machine and is trending upwards. Over the past three weeks he has scored 22.5, 17,4, and 36.6 fantasy points. He has seen his snaps, targets, and overall production tick up.

Gibson is by far and away my favorite young rookie runner. Grab him even if the price is astronomical.

Denzel Mims, WR, New York Jets

The magic number is seven. Well, maybe it's one too. Seven is the number of targets Mims is averaging since coming back from injury in Week 7. What is one you ask? One is the projected draft position of the New York Jets this offseason. With help at QB on the way in Trevor Lawrence (hopefully), things look promising for Mims.

Since returning from injury, Mims has looked damn near elite. He has shown great hands, quick feet, and the ability to beat defenders one-on-one. He is quickly gaining the trust of the offense.

The Jets are starting to unleash and target Mims more and more as the weeks go on. He's even burned a few defensive backs so bad they had to pass interfere with him to stop it. He has drawn three flags for DPI since his return. He is scorching defenses with his over-the-top ability.

Mims is one of my favorite players on one of the least likable teams. I'm putting my eggs in his basket. His talent is showing and his surroundings should be improving. His stock is about to skyrocket soon, so get in while the price is moderately low.

Damien Harris, RB, New England Patriots

The Patriots have a long-standing tradition of playing with your hearts when it comes to fantasy football - especially at the running back position. Head coach Bill Belichick loves playing several guys, rotating them in and out and not allowing one guy to establish dominance. Although that's usually the case, I believe it’s different with Damien Harris.

Harris has shown major flashes in 2020 after he missed his rookie season with injury. He was drafted from Alabama in the 3rd round and is a powerful runner with the ability to hit the holes quickly with speed and shows excellent yard after contact strength.

Harris' stock is trending upwards. The offense next year could be totally retooled and revitalized. Players like N'Keal Harry and Cam Newton could be thrown out the door and replaced with high-end talent.

It seems like the Patriots will have a middle-round pick meaning a few good high-end players. They also have enough money to make some free agency splashes. Pairing some better offensive talent with Harris will open up major holes and explosive plays for him.

Stock Down:

Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Finally, we can move past this guy. It's abundantly clear Ronald Jones is the lead back. At this point, Fournette is nothing more than an average NFL runner at best.

Jones has been putting up monstrous performances when given the opportunity. So far on the season, he is averaging a whopping 5.1 yards per carry. When he sees 20+ touches in a game he’s been all but certain to get 100+ yards. So far this season he has four games of 100+ yards. Jones is doing all this even with Fournette in the mix.

Fournette has been so bad that even PFF writers have resorted to trashing him.

Garbage. He is so incredibly bad it's not even funny at this point. He is losing playing time to Jones and is the odd man out it seems as of late. It's a bad sign that he is in a contract year and not producing. With Jones in tow and rookie Ke'Shawn Vaughn waiting in the wings, it's hard to envision Fournette back in 2021. His stock is spiraling out of control right now.

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

It's only year one and the fast burner out of Alabama is already hurt and unproductive. Some people are comparing Ruggs to Darius Heyward-Bey, the former Raider, who was also a burner who never could survive in the league.

All over Twitter the past few weeks is talks of a potential bust.

Since returning from injury, Ruggs has been pushed out of the top wide receiver spot. Rising star Nelson Agholor has been QB Derek Carr's favorite WR so far.

I'm down on Ruggs in the short term. His rookie season is all but lost. The division is getting better and so is the team. It may be time to bail on Ruggs as a whole or buy really low if you believe in the talent.

Will Fuller V, WR, Houston Texans

There isn't much to write with this one. Fuller was in the middle of a breakout year. He was finally staying healthy and establishing himself as an alpha dog.

Fuller may have been healthy and he may have been trending upwards, but what stopped it you may ask?

A positive drug test. This past week Fuller tested positive for a banned. He is now suspended for the rest of the season and into the first game of 2021. Not great for a guy who has never stayed healthy and is now a free agent.

I'm sold on the talent, the scene, the ability, What I'm not sold on is the health. I can't trust Fuller's health and with this news it's even more reason to be stock down.

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