2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

by Bob Van Duser
2021 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Rankings

Welcome back for Part Two of my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit! If you haven't yet make sure you check out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit: Part One! Today we'll dive into the rest of Week 13's IDP Matchups!

This IDP Start-Sit article is special because we're diving into every single IDP matchup of the week! No more having to worry if your players aren't being included! In fact, I can guarantee several of them will be mentioned in Part One, or in Part Two!

If you need to see where players stack up this week specifically, check out my Week 13 IDP Rankings! And if you're looking for a player to start in a pinch be sure to check out my Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire!

Let's dive in!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

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New York Giants Vs Seattle Seahawks

New York Giants

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Seattle is near the middle of the pack when it comes to average plays per game. The Giants defense, however, averages the ninth least defensive plays per game. This has me concerned about how many opportunities will be there for these players.

Blake Martinez is an elite Fantasy IDP option so you can't sit him. Peppers is almost in that same range where, now that he's healthy, you can't really sit him with how he's been playing.

Logan Ryan has been fairly inconsistent, but this is a matchup he can really shine in. The Seahawks run the ball the 10th least in the league, which doesn't bode well for the LB/SS positions. The Seahawks do pass a ton, and when they do Russell Wilson averages the fourth-most yards per attempt which plays well to Ryan.

If you follow me on Twitter or follow my IDP Injury Round-Up for my IDP Dream Stream Team players you were able to cash in on Leonard Williams day. It was modest production, a sack, and a couple of tackles, but they came as free points. He finds himself in a similar matchup this week.

Seattle Seahawks

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Obviously, you're starting Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams. They're arguably the best LB/DB duo in the league, and it isn't close.

Wright has a pretty unique matchup. The Giants offer a good matchup to the LB and DL positions. They have a bad offensive line and a short average yards per pass attempt plays really well to those positions. Wright's matchup is unique because he plays a lot of off-ball linebacker as well as down line linebacker along the defensive line. Wright could have a big day.

Dunlap is questionable with a foot injury. It's not looking likely that he'll play, and I'm not really wild about starting anyone else from this defensive front even in a pretty good matchup. If you're desperate you could give Jarran Reed a look.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams

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First off this game has a lot of potential to be the IDP Matchup of the Week. Both teams are top five in average plays run per game, which alone will open up a ton of opportunity for each side.

With Arizona running the ball as much as they do, coupled with how many plays they average per game really offers a lot of opportunity to the DB/LB positions specifically. This makes John Johnson and Reeder easy picks to start. Fuller is a solid option this week but I'm just not wild about him.

Personally, I'd sit Aaron Donald if I'm just looking at the raw numbers. Arizona is bottom 10 in sacks allowed, they run the ball significantly more than they pass, and when they do pass they get the ball out quickly. However, I know how Donald likes to take over games, especially games that matter like this divisional affair. Floyd will see the same tough matchup but he's far less impactful than Donald.

Arizona Cardinals

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The Arizona DBs/LBs draw a great matchup against this week. The Rams run a ton of plays offensively and run the ball much more often than they pass. You were starting Baker anyway, but it's nice knowing you can start Hicks and Campbell with some confidence.

It's sad to see that Simmons is back to having little to no role after a couple of break out games. I guess it was nice to get a glimpse of what could be on the horizon.

Los Angeles runs a similar system to Arizona. They run a lot more than they pass, and when they do pass they get the ball out of the QBs hands quickly. This offensive line, despite its injuries, has given up the fifth-fewest sacks per game in the NFL. That said, Golden is bench fodder this week.

New England Vs Los Angeles Chargers

New England

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Chargers average the most offensive plays per game believe it or not. This is a great starting point for determining if a matchup will be good or not. What sucks for the sake of this matchup is that the Patriots actually average the least defensive plays per game. How poetic.

The Chargers offer one of the best matchups for the DB position with their high pass to run rate and yards per pass attempt. Dugger has been tough to trust but I'm excited to see what he can do this week. Phillips is definitely a safer play.

Bentley has been super inconsistent this season, however, he has shown well in good matchups. My chief concern with him is if the Patriots can hold the Chargers to significantly fewer plays than they're accustomed to.

Winovich gets the tough draw this week. The Chargers despite running the most plays per game on average offer very little opportunity for the DL to create sacks.

Los Angeles Chargers

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New England is terrible for IDP matchups. They average the eighth least plays per game, and they're in the middle of every statistic I focus on for identifying good IDP matchups. Jenkins has proven to be a pretty solid fill in for Derwin James this season and is worth flex consideration.

In this matchup, I wouldn't be starting Joey Bosa if he wasn't elite. If you don't have a better option that you can start, I'd lower your expectations for this one.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles run the fourth-most defensive plays per game on average which obviously boosts the opportunity for these players. The Packers run more than they ever have, coming in at 10th in run to pass rate. This coupled with Aaron Rodgers's high yards per pass attempt plays well to the DB position. Mills and McLeod have been too inconsistent for me to be all on board with starting them, but they do draw flex consideration.

Singleton has been on fire as of late, if Gerry doesn't return this week he's proven he deserves to be in your lineup in some capacity. Philly fans are hoping that he's Gerry's permanent replacement. Time will tell. Edwards has proven to be pretty matchup dependent, and this matchup doesn't play well to Edwards' skill set.

Green Bay has the 10th lowest pass to run rate, while also giving up the third least sacks per game on the season. This offers very little opportunity for DLs to make an impact... which is just how Rodgers likes it.

Green Bay Packers

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You wouldn't have guessed it if you asked any Packer fan, but the Packers average the third least defensive plays per game. What a Packer fan who hates our defense (me) will tell you is that it's because we give up 60 plus yard runs to start drives and the opposing offense doesn't need a lot of plays to score on us.

The Eagles run a surprisingly high number of plays per game despite being a seemingly inept offense this season. Also with the fifth-highest pass to run rate, they throw an awful lot. This takes DBs and LBs out of the game a bit.

What this does do is open up opportunities for the DL. The Eagles give up the most sacks per game, have the fifth-lowest yards per attempt, run the seventh most plays per game, and Carson Wentz averages the fifth-most time to throw. All of that statistical noise boils down to the DLs matchup equivalent of paradise. This defensive line, much like every other defensive line against the Eagles, is going to EAT.

Denver Broncos Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos

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The Kansas City Chiefs run the eighth-most plays per game, while the Denver Broncos defense run the sixth most defensive plays per game. This game should offer plenty of opportunity to IDP players. Where the matchups aren't great all around, there should be quite a bit of opportunity to exploit the advantages this matchup does offer.

The Chiefs have the ninth highest pass to run rate in the league and the third-highest yards per pass attempt. This leaves the DB position in a pretty positive matchup.

That same note kind of leaves linebackers in no man's land seeing as the Chiefs run the ball very little and when they throw they're throwing downfield as opposed to close to the line of scrimmage.

The DLs are in a pretty volatile spot in this matchup. They have the opportunity to get to Mahomes, but he rarely lets defenses make good on that opportunity. The Chiefs have the sixth least sacks allowed per game, yet they run a lot of plays per game, and a lot of those are pass plays. Chubb is tough to sit with the type of player he is, and Jones has been a pleasant surprise this season and as of late. There's opportunity here to make some noise in a divisional game.

Kansas City Chiefs

Embed from Getty Images

Denver finds themselves towards the middle of the pack with plays per game. Oddly enough Kansas City also finds themselves amongst the middle of the pack when it comes to defensive snaps played per game.

Denver ranks 15th in run-to-pass rate. That's pretty much right in the middle, so it doesn't benefit DBs/LBs much. However when you mix in the fact they have one of the lowest yards per attempt in the league that helps the LB. Hitchens just isn't a great talent in my book.

I like Jones to make an impact in a divisional matchup. The matchup isn't great, but Jones has the ability to wreck games.

Washington Football Team Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Football Team

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You may be surprised to learn that Washington actually runs the seventh-fewest defensive snaps on average. While Pittsburgh runs the ninth most plays per game on average. It'll be interesting to see how the disparity between the two plays out.

These two DLs are up against one of the toughest matchups for their position in the league. They have the least sacks allowed per game, and the least amount of time to throw. If these DLs weren't named Montez Sweat and Chase Young they'd be easy sits for me. However, if any tandem can break through and give Big Ben a tough time it's these two.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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There's a high likelihood that there's a very low snap total in this game. The Steelers average the eighth least defensive plays per game. While the Football Team sits right around the middle of the pack with offensive plays per game.

Fitzpatrick is tough to sit, being the playmaker he is. The low yards per pass attempt doesn't play well to his skill set. Coupled with the middle of the road run to pass rate there's just not a lot to get excited about there for the DB position.

This LB situation is just annoying. Tough to rely on either one of them on a weekly basis. I'm fine cutting either of them at this point.

You're not sitting T.J. Watt. Period. Washington offers one of the better DL matchups. However, Pittsburgh running so few defensive snaps hurts their prospects in this one. Washington passes more than they run, and have given up the fifth-most sacks per game this season.

I will mention if you're bored and want to make a preemptive waiver wire add, take a look at Alex Highsmith. He'll be taking over for Bud Dupree and will have some opportunity to show some things.

Buffalo Bills Vs San Francisco 49ers

Buffalo Bills

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The Bills find themselves in the middle of the pack when it comes to defensive plays per game. The 49ers are 13th when it comes to average plays per game.

Bills DLs just aren't there yet. Oliver hasn't developed much this year to be the powerhouse we want him to be yet. However, the Bills MVPs thus far have been A.J. Klein and Jordan Poyer.

Personally, I'm hoping Milano sits at least one more week. Klein has been so much more impactful in comparison to Milano. If he does return I'm going to hold onto Klein for at least a couple more weeks. Milano's injury has plagued him all season, and I'm not willing to say he's good to go until he plays two full games likely.

San Francisco 49ers

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It's a pretty gross defensive matchup for the 49ers this week. The Bills don't run a lot of plays per game (12th least), and the 49ers run the fourth-fewest defensive plays per game. This is just set up for low IDP production.

It's likely you have to start Warner but I'm not wild about it if you have better options. Greenlaw is heavily reliant on tackle totals and I don't see a lot of action coming his way with the Bills' low run to pass rate.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Baltimore Ravens

Dallas Cowboys

Embed from Getty Images

Introducing the "All Start Squad"! The one big downside to Baltimore is their very low plays per game average (8th in the league). However, there's hope for that to be rectified with Dallas' higher defensive plays per game.

Donovan Wilson has been seeing all the defensive snaps for the past few weeks and is really starting to find a groove at the position. He's had a similar rise to Kamren Curl, just no one is talking about it.

The Ravens have the second-highest run to pass rate in the league which really bodes well for the LB/DB positions.

It's hard to sit Lawrence when he's been getting hot down the stretch. It's not a great matchup, but in primetime, they say, "When the lights come on, the stars come out".

Baltimore Ravens

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Dallas averages the second-most plays per game. While Baltimore averages the 14th most defensive plays per game. So it's likely we fall somewhere in the middle which will help this defense.

Dallas throws a ton with the sixth-highest pass to run rate, however, their low yards per pass attempt favors the LB position.

Their offensive line is a shell of the great offensive unit that it used to be. Ngakoue has been inconsistent since joining the Ravens, but he's got a great matchup this week!

Thanks for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two!

I really hope you enjoyed this breakdown of each player's matchup! If you haven't yet make sure you go check out 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Start-Sit: Part One! For more IDP Content follow me on Twitter! The handle is @Bbab_FFB, the Name is Bob Van The IDP Man! My DMs are always open to discuss anything Fantasy Football!

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