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2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Stream Team


Welcome to my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Stream Team! Yes this is a little different than the IDP Injury Round-Up article I’ve been posting. If you’re looking for that don’t go anywhere. This article will have it!

I’ve gotten the sense that people have really enjoyed the IDP Dream Stream Team I’ve implemented into the round-up, and want a little more focus on that. And quite honestly the team hit like a dump truck last week! So we’ll highlight some injuries and then I’ll dive into some players that have great matchups this week.

If you haven’t yet be sure to enjoy the rest of my content from Week 13. This includes my IDP Waiver Wire, IDP Rankings, IDP Start-Sit: Part One, and my IDP Start-Sit: Part Two. So much info!

The weeks keep coming, and you need to be able to start the best roster possible. Let’s get into it!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Stream Team

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First things first, let’s get the injury updates out of the way.

The Questionables and the Outs

IDP Injury Round-Up

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With Abram out Jeff Heath will be the one to step in for him. Some blurb writers will tell you it’s Lamarcus Joyner, but he’s really just coming back into the rotation after being placed on the COVID-IR. Jeff Heath was playing for Joyner, now he’ll play for Abram. I’m sitting them both in this matchup.

With Willis and Okereke out, Tavon Wilson (DB) and Anthony Walker (LB) will start. I’m sitting both of them, however, Julian Blackmon should garner flex consideration.

Dante Fowler isn’t good and has a terrible matchup. Sit him and don’t sweat it. Better yet, cut the dead weight.

Chuck Clark picked up a knee injury in the Wednesday Night thriller against Pittsburgh. Something to monitor, but with Clark playing Tuesday you could avoid the risk by sitting him. He has a poor matchup as well.

Khalil Mack will be fine I think. It’s an injury that’s been nagging him for a few weeks but he’s managed to play through it so far. He draws a great matchup so hopefully he can be healthy enough to exploit it.

Wilson is tough to gauge with no practice reports in yet. However he does play Tuesday, so if reports start coming that he’s not practicing it might be best to sit him as a precaution.

Za’Darius Smith draws the IDP DL Matchup of the week against Philly. As a Packer fan it seems that Smith always has a nagging injury of sorts. He always manages to find a way to play through the unbearable pain, oddly enough.

Jeffery Simmons’ chances of playing don’t look great this weekend. However his matchup is pretty poor anyway, so he’s an easy bench for me.

Now let’s dive into the Stream Team!

Stream Team Defensive Linemen

Rashan Gary, Green Bay

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You’d be hard pressed to find someone who disliked the Rashan Gary pick in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft more than yours truly. I wasn’t a huge fan of him coming out, and the Packers just didn’t need him. We had paid the Smith Brothers a king’s ransom to pass rush for us. Gary spent most of his rookie year on the bench.

This year it’s been quite different. So different that he got the start over Preston Smith last week due to Smith’s underperformance. I’ll also mention that Gary looks JACKED this year. When he came in last year he seemed a little slow and stocky (says the couch athlete), but now he looks fast and lean.

Combine that with the fact that he gets the Philadelphia Eagles this week (a DL’s dream matchup) and this could be a big coming out party for Gary this weekend.

Dre’Mont Jones, Denver Broncos

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Who? Dre’Mont Jones is who! Speaking of coming out parties, Jones has been having a little one of his own. The Chiefs run a ton of offensive plays per game, and the Broncos run a ton of defensive plays per game. This alone opens up a lot of opportunity for IDP players.

The Chiefs have the ninth highest pass rate in the league, which will lead to a lot of pass rushing opportunities for Jones. This isn’t a smash start, but if you’re desperate you could do much worse.

Leonard Williams, New York Giants

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I’m going back to last week’s well of IDP Dream Stream Team players and picking Leonard Williams to have a serviceable game.

I’m going to explain why a little later (a little teaser for you).

Stream Team Linebackers

Troy Reeder, Los Angeles Rams

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Sadly there’s a decent chance Reeder’s already been picked up in your leagues, but you never know. He’s been great filling in for Micah Kiser this season, and draws a great matchup against Arizona this week. Arizona runs a lot of plays, and a lot of run plays at that. Simple.

Neville Hewitt, New York Jets

This one is also pretty cut and dry. The Jets defense runs the fifth most defensive plays per game on average. Las Vegas doesn’t run a ton of plays, but when they do they prefer to run more than they pass. However, that game plan could change a bit with Josh Jacobs out this week.

Stream Team Defensive Backs

Ashtyn Davis, New York Jets

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DB and LB matchups often run together. The Raiders already matchup well to the DB but if the game plan does change to pass a bit more, that could play to Davis’ advantage as Las Vegas pass yardage per attempt is fairly high.

Davis has shown that in good matchups he can be relied on, and this is a great matchup.

Andrew Wingard, Jacksonville Jaguars

Wingard is a guy who came on early in the season but got injured and missed several weeks. Since then he’s worked his way back into the lineup (mostly due to Daniel Thomas‘ injury) and has shown well since his return.

Minnesota doesn’t run a lot of plays on average (third least in the NFL). Thankfully, Jacksonville averages a safe amount of plays per game on defense. Minnesota yields a high run to pass rate (second in the NFL) and a high pass yards per attempt. Both of these play well to the safety position.

The only thing to monitor is the return of Josh Jones. He was designated to return from IR, but that doesn’t mean he’ll play this week. It’s something to monitor, since if he returns it’s likely Wingard’s value fades to nothing.

Karl Joseph, Cleveland Browns

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With Ronnie Harrison likely out for a significant amount of time, Karl Joseph is firmly in the driver’s seat of the starting strong safety position. This week he draws a great matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee is in the middle of the pack when it comes to average plays per game, however, when it comes to run to pass ratio they rank fourth highest in the league. On top of that, when they do throw, they average the seventh most yards per pass attempt. That mix of high run rate, and high yards per pass rate is key when it comes to DBs.

Sheldrick Redwine is a non-issue. He’s only seen time when Joseph and others have been injured.

One for the road!

Alex Highsmith, DL/LB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Highsmith is set to replace Bud Dupree after Dupree tore his ACL. With all of the other threats on this defensive line, there’s a great chance Highsmith gets lost in the shuffle and sees a lot of one on one opportunities to get after the QB.

He has a pretty get matchup this weekend, but unless you’re desperate I’d recommend sitting him and seeing what his workload looks like before starting him. Sometimes you gotta play to plan ahead of waivers.

Thank you for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Stream Team!

Thanks as always for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Stream Team! What did you think of my streaming options? What injuries are you suffering from? Let me know on Twitter! The handle is @Bbab_FFB, the name is Bob Van The IDP Man! My DMs are always open to Fantasy Football discussion!

Much love,

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