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2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire


Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire! Some of your playoffs start next week so it’s important to get ahold of any and all starting assets you can!

Today, we’ll take a look at some hot new adds as well as revisiting some Waiver Wire All-Stars from previous weeks! I understand you may not be able to read every article, but there are still great players out on those Waiver Wires!

We here at FantasySixPack are here to help you dominate your leagues! Be sure to check out our full assortment of articles dedicated to helping you win your league, including our Week 13 Offensive Waiver Wire as well!

Let’s dive into my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire

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In the past, I’ve run with Low, Medium, and High Priority Adds. Now that we’re in crunch time EVERYONE is a high priority add. You need the best players available to fill spots on your roster.

At this point in the season, I don’t care what a player did last week (unless it makes me look good), I care about what a player can do for me THIS weekend to help me get another win.

Instead of chasing points, we’re gonna have the points everyone wants to chase on our roster and in our starting lineup. Chess not checkers, friends!

High Priority Adds:

Troy Reeder, LB, Los Angeles Rams

Hopefully, you follow me on Twitter or checked out my Week 12 IDP Injury Round-Up. Reeder was listed as an IDP Dream Stream Team candidate and he paid dividends this weekend.

Reeder was a free top 20 LB this week, notching 15 total tackles and a tackle for loss. He gets another great matchup this week and will be the starter until Micah Kiser returns.

Tyrell Adams, LB, Houston Texans

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Adams is coming off a monster Thanksgiving Day game, and it’s very possible that he’s going to be a hot commodity coming into Week 13, but it’s worth checking your waiver wire for him!

He draws a neutral matchup against the Colts this week, but it’s the fact that Houston averages the second-most defensive plays per game that makes this matchup pretty nice.

Emmanuel Ogbah, DL, Miami Dolphins

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Ogbah is more rostered than I’d like, but he’s not 100% rostered as he should be. Ogbah’s been having a career year this year, and he gets a great matchup vs Cincinnati’s awful offensive line and Brandon Allen this week.

Check those wires, you never know what’s out there.

Romeo Okwara, DL, Detroit Lions

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Okwara not being 100% rostered is a crime. Romeo Okwara is another unsung hero of 2020. He’s coming off a couple of down weeks but gets a great matchup against Chicago’s pitiful offensive line.

If he can come close to the production the Smith brothers from Green Bay had on Sunday Night Football, you’ll be glad you added him.

Justin Reid, DB, Houston Texans

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Reid is another guy who’s pretty heavily rostered, but it never hurts to check! He gets one of the best matchups for the DB position on paper against the Colts this week.

He’s been quietly having a solid year, so he may still be off player’s radars.

Karl Joseph, DB, Cleveland Browns

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Well, it’s official, Ronnie Harrison is made of glass. After playing only six snaps in Week 11 he left with a knee injury. He then only managed one snap in Week 12 before suffering a shoulder injury. This seems to be serious, but no news has broken yet.

Cleveland draws a very DB friendly matchup against Tennessee in Week 13. Their decent average of total plays per game, high run to pass rate, and depth per pass attempt all leave the DB position with plenty of opportunities.

While it’s a murky situation with Cleveland’s DBs, they have been productive when in a solidified role. Karl Joseph played all but one snap this past weekend (can you guess which snap it was?) and showed well.

Sheldrick Redwine is the only one that would push him for the starting role but he’s been injured as well. Joseph is more of a roll out for just one or two weeks. Another note is that the Browns recently claimed former Chief and Seahawk DB Tedric Thompson, who I assume will eventually work his way into the conversation to start.

Ashtyn Davis, DB, New York Jets

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Going back to my boy Ashtyn Davis in Week 13. He gets a matchup against the Raiders that has given the Fantasy players who start DBs against them fits. The way the Raiders’ offense operates bodes really well for DBs, so why haven’t many DBs shown well against them?

Most of the DBs that haven’t faired well are on defenses that average fewer defensive snaps in a game. Which is perfect, because the Jets average the fifth-most defensive snaps per game.

He’s lightly rostered and may make for a good streaming candidate this week if you’re missing guys like Jeremy Chinn or Antoine Winfield.

Kenny Vaccaro, DB, Tennessee Titans

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Vaccaro missed Week 11 with a concussion and was feared to missed Week 12 as well. Luckily, he only missed one week due to his concussion and was able to play in Week 12.

He draws Cleveland this week who offers a neutral matchup to the DB position. What makes it a good matchup is the fact that the Tennessee Titans come in third when it comes to most defensive plays per game.

Thank you for Checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire!

Thanks as always for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire! Be sure to check in throughout the rest of the week to enjoy more of my content! This includes my Rankings, IDP Start-Sits (that include every single game and previews of all notable player matchups!), and my IDP Injury Round-Up!

What did you think of my Waiver Wire picks this week? Any shockers? Any that didn’t surprise you? Let me know on Twitter! The handle is @Bbab_FFB, the name is Bob Van The IDP Man! Thanks again!

Much Love,


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