2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

by Kyle Williams
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Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down report!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Presents flowing, cheers are glowing, the outside is snowing, and to top it off, FOOTBALL!

Yes, that's right football. One of the top-five best things on the planet - in my humble opinion of course.

Christmas is right around the corner and we are approaching the home stretch. Less than three more weekends to get all of your stuff together. Are you prepared? No? Me either.

Do you know what I am prepared for? Another beautiful edition of dynasty fantasy stock up/down. I'm here to help you build a winning contender for the next decade.

Now let's dive in and review whos trending and whos not in this Week 14 edition of stock up/down dynasty fantasy football.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up:

Mike Gesicki, TE, Miami Dolphins

Have we found ourselves a new tight end to play with? Possibly one down in South Beach? On Sunday, Tua Tagovailoa and Mike Gesicki connected for nine receptions, 88 yards, and a touchdown. They used that to jolt the Dolphins to a 19-7 win over the Bengals.

In a lackluster game, Gesicki was front and center helping the offense move the ball on key downs and scoring one of the Dolphins' only offensive touchdowns.

Not only did Gesicki put up amazing numbers, but he also did it all nearly in the second half of the game. He single-handedly propelled the Dolphins' stuttering offense.

Gesicki has flashed at times this year and last year. He has future pro bowl and potential all-pro written all over him. By the looks of it, it seems he and Tua have a strong connection that is forming. I'm expecting Gesicki to be near Darren Waller type levels in the next year or so. He is an uber talent that's shining through.

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, San Fransisco 49ers

We have a rising star that is burning right in front of our eyes. After being placed on the COVID-reserve list for a few weeks, Aiyuk came back this Sunday. He returned with a bang, catching five of nine targets, racking up 95 yards, and scoring a touchdown. He tore up the Bills secondary.

PFF said it perfectly. In 7 of 8 games, Aiyuk has either a touchdown or 100+ receiving yards. To go along with that in 6 of 9 games this season Aiyuk has scored double-digit fantasy points.

With Aiyuk back and healthy, he's asserting himself as the alpha in the offense. In his past three games, he's had 10, 14, and 9 targets.

Aiyuk is playing in the spotlight now, overshadowing fellow young star Deebo Samuel. The stats and split show how great Aiyuk is with or without Samuel. He is quickly earning the trust of his teammates, coaches, and management. I'm all aboard and have been on board the Aiyuk hype train. In my opinion, he is a no-doubt top-25 WR over the next decade.

Jamison Crowder, WR, New York Jets

The Jets may be a laughing stock. They may stink, they may suck, and they may blow. But guess what: they are getting Trevor Lawerence. And you know what means? Big things and big fantasy points headed to the New York state.

After being declared a bust throughout his first few seasons in Washington, Crowder found his new home in New York and has thrived since. So far in the 2020 season, he has dealt with injury issues that have cost him a substantial amount of games. But don't let the missed games deter you.

In games that he has played, he is averaging a whopping 15 fantasy points per game in PPR leagues. He has topped double-digit points in every game besides two - one of which was his first game back from injury. It's also good to note that he is getting peppered with targets. In games where he is fully healthy and played the entire game, he averages just under 10 targets per game.

That's killer production and value for fantasy. I'm buying into Crowder for the future. Help is on the way for New York in the draft with Lawerence, who will make the Jets receivers' values rise in a hurry.

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Stock Down:

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

A roaring start to the 2020 season found Kyler Murray as the QB2 in the rankings. Recently, however, it seems teams have caught up. He has struggled to find his elite WR DeAndre Hopkins and even move the ball on offense. Even teams with a sub-par defense like the New England Patriots figured him out and shut him down.

Here's a look at a perfectly framed tweet that shows how poorly Murray has played as of late.

Scoring sub-17 fantasy points is not cutting it for this elite QB. Murmurs around the league are saying that Murray's height is the main cause of his inefficient play. His inability to see over the offensive line is causing batted down passes and forcing him to take sacks.

I still view Murray as a top-end QB. He is easily top-5 but the projections had him as a no-doubt top-5 or three. I'm moving his stock down for now. He can easily rebound but his height and his lack of production recently is causing his stock to fall a bit.

James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

As much as I love his story and background, I just don't think he is the future. The Steelers have struggled all season to run the football. Even with an elite offense, they have failed time after time.

It's not just Conner who has struggled, it's the backfield in general. Conner is just the main cause since he is the starter. Not only has he struggled with inefficient play, but injuries have crept into the picture. He has missed the past two weeks. He also dealt with a sprained ankle in Weeks 1-2.

Conner has flashed at times in the season don't get me wrong. However, he has struggled with consistency, and in fantasy that is EVERYTHING. Here is a look at how he produced on the season.

  1. 3.7 points [hurt]
  2. 20.1 points
  3. 24.9 points
  4. BYE
  5. 15.3 points
  6. 17.2 points
  7. 14.1 points
  8. 15.0 points
  9. 4.0 points
  10. 6.8 points
  11. 12.9 points
  12. Hurt
  13. Hurt

He has shown great upside when playing but the points don't match the production. He is averaging near 18 carries per game but hasn't topped 100 yards since Week 7. I still like Conner but his future is a bit dim. He is a free agent after next season and the Steelers continue to draft runners to replace him. His stock is down in the short term.

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

You can kiss Wentz goodbye. You can kiss the Eagles goodbye. Oh and you can kiss the playoffs goodbye. The Washington Football Team and the New York Giants will be battling it out for first. But that's a discussion for another day. Our topic is Carson Wentz.

How bad has this guy played? Terribly, horribly, atrociously, and maybe more words than just that. Wentz has struggled so badly on the season. He continually makes bad throws, takes bad sacks, and turns the ball over at an alarming rate.

The endless merry-go-round of sadness ends now with Hurts thrust into the spotlight as Hurts was named the Week 14 starter.

Wentz is getting killed in the media and on the field. Now he's benched and there is rumor of a trade or cut. The only problem is that Wentz holds a major cap hit. I think that Wentz may be on a new team next season and that's the best-case scenario. If not his dynasty value plummets. It may be time to buy super low on him with the rumors of him reuniting with Frank Reich in Indy.

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