2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

by Bob Van Duser
2021 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Rankings

Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two! The only IDP article you know that has so much info, it just can't fit into one! We're trying to make a playoff push, and it's important to know how the matchups play out! That's what I'm here for!

If you haven't yet, please take a minute to check out Part One of my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit! Along with that, be sure to check out my Week 14 IDP Waiver Wire, as well as my Week 14 IDP Rankings!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two

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Indianapolis Colts Vs Las Vegas Raiders

Indianapolis Colts

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If Khari Willis is able to play I'd switch Blackmon to a sit. Much similar to the situation with Anthony Walker and Bobby Okereke. The Colts have shown they want to get Okereke more involved, much so at Walker's expense.

Darius Leonard is the only real safe play for me here. This defensive unit of the Colts has been impressive this season, averaging the fifth-fewest defensive plays per game. While it's great for their real-life defense, it leaves little room for IDP production.

Las Vegas also sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to plays per game, so it's likely that this will be a game with less opportunity for IDPs.

Las Vegas Raiders

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What an absolute mess this defense is. I want them healthy just so we can chill out with this revolving door of a defensive lineup. I'm at the point where I almost don't want any part of it.

I definitely don't want any part of this linebacker situation. Coming into the season it was supposed to be Littleton leading the charge, but he's SUCKED. There were also folks out there pulling for Nick K, but he was injured early in the year and struggled to get back, and it seemed like HE was gonna be the guy. But now it's Nick Morrow seeing a full amount of snaps. Just count me out.

With the DBs at least when everyone's healthy Abram seems to be the guy. But with him injured Harris and Heath are all getting run while Joyner is getting worked back in. Count me out on everyone besides Abram until this mess gets cleaned up.

New York Jets Vs Seattle Seahawks

New York Jets

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Oooooh how exciting, an ALL FLEX team. The Seahawks don't make for a great defensive matchup, but the Jets average the second-most defensive plays per game on the season.

The fact that this team has a high probability of being on the field for 70+ snaps this weekend bodes well for these players. Ashtyn Davis is a start for me if he were able to play, however, he's listed as doubtful.

Seattle Seahawks

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With both Wagner and Wright questionable it puts Barton and Brooks in play. However, I'd call it quite likely that these two manage to suit up on game day. But it is something worth monitoring.

The Adam Gase led offense is terrible and doesn't run a lot of plays per game. While Seattle started off the season as the defense averaging the most plays per game, they've improved significantly in recent weeks. I'm concerned for the output for Wagner and Adams, especially considering the Jets have ruled out Denzel Mims and Jamison Crowder is questionable.

This Jets offense is pretty bad with their full assortment of "weapons." It'll reduce their ability to keep drives alive.

Green Bay Packers Vs Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

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You wouldn't guess from how terrible the Green Bay Packers defense plays but they actually average the third least defensive plays per game. This caps the floor of all IDPs, especially when they're not extremely talented to begin with.

Seeing as it's a divisional game a lot of predictability gets thrown out the window. I kinda like Gary and Smith to have a good game and make a few plays here and there. The Detroit offensive line has been suspect, allowing the eighth-most sacks per game.

Detroit Lions

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This defense has been a mess for IDP Production. With Patricia out, I'm curious to see if traditional roles play out and if guys like Jarrod Davis and Tracy Walker can get back into the starting lineup.

The Packers really only favor the DB position. With their high plays per game, high run to pass rate, and high yards per pass attempt they work the ball downfield as well as give the safety opportunities to come up and help in the run game.

The Packers are one of the worst matchups towards the DL position. Their second-lowest sacks per game rate leave little opportunity for DLs to get to Rodgers for sacks.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Los Angeles Chargers

Atlanta Falcons

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Speaking of defenses that have improved the Atlanta Falcons fall right into that category. Without Dan Quinn they've been able to improve as a whole as well as perform better as IDPs, talk about a win-win!

Los Angeles has been a great matchup for DBs this season, Neal has been hot and cold but I like him in this matchup. Deion Jones has also had somewhat of a resurgence as we come down the home stretch of the season.

I like everyone who isn't on this defensive line. Fowler just hasn't been the same in Atlanta as he has been the last couple of years with the Rams. Between injuries and performance, he's been a major bust this year.

Los Angeles Chargers

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Is Kenneth Murray's production here to stay? Who knows? It may be a byproduct of the game script as the Patriots shifted to a very heavy run scheme early this past week, which left Murray all sorts of opportunity.

I love Bosa and Tillery this week. Tillery belongs at DE, get Melvin Ingram out of there and just roll with Tillery and Bosa at the ends. Tillery will be a Dream Stream Team candidate this week against a suspect offensive line in Atlanta.

Washington Football Team Vs San Francisco 49ers

Washington Football Team

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As of now it definitely seems as though Sweat is the DL1 on this team. However, that could just be because he's putting in the work in the stat column. Young likely draws a lot of double teams with his pedigree.

This LB group is a mess. I'd like to see Holcomb continue to receive more work, but until it happens neither of these LBs are all that great.

Curl has been one of the waiver wire gems of the season. Everyone keeps expecting him to falter, but here we are, several weeks prior to him filling in for Collins, and he has yet to really let us down.

San Francisco 49ers

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Hyder has quietly been having quite a good season. While his matchup isn't great, I feel it's mostly due to the lack of opportunity that's likely in this game. Washington is in the middle of the pack in plays per game, and San Fran runs the fourth-fewest plays per game.

Warner has been pretty hit or miss this season, but I have a tough time sitting the guy. It's "Start Your Studs" season. This is why you drafted these guys.

New Orleans Saints Vs Philadelphia Eagles

New Orleans Saints

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The interesting element here is Jalen Hurts is drawing his first start. So a lot of these analytics that drew me to this matchup could be thrown out. However, it's more likely to impact the DB/LBs more so than the DL.

It's still the same offensive line. You may say "Well Hurts is more mobile so he'll be able to get away from these  DLs" which is a fair point. However, mobility is much less of a get out of jail free card and more of a time buyer.

Look at Taysom Hill. He's mobile. Very mobile even. With that narrative, you'd expect that he has a lower sack rate than Drew Brees. WRONG. Over three games he's managed to be sacked on average one more time per game. The Saints also have a much better line.

I'm starting Cam Jordan with confidence, same goes for Hendrickson if Davenport misses this week, sit him otherwise.


Philadelphia Eagles

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This Saints team offers a lot of opportunity to the DB/LB with their high run to pass rate and high plays per game. But these DBs just aren't great for Fantasy. They were unable to capitalize on a great matchup last week and face a similar type of game this week.

As I mentioned this offensive line is very good. I can see opportunity emerging for a guy like Brandon Graham, I'm just not banking on it.

Alex Singleton is likely going to end up a league winner for some. He has a great matchup this week. Fire him up everywhere.

Pittsburgh Vs Buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Bills are very susceptible to a good pass rush. Watt is a must-start regardless, but this week could rival Joey Bosa's Week 12 effort.

Avery Williamson is finally in line to take on the full time starting linebacker role. He has a solid matchup and will be looked to handle a large workload because no one else really can.

Buffalo Bills

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The A.J. Klein and Matt Milano situation is going to be painful to work through. I'd say it's likely we see another week with a split snap share and then maybe Milano takes over. Either way, I don't want any part of it.

Edmunds will still be garnering the main role I'm fine with him this week in a solid matchup.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cleveland Browns

Baltimore Ravens

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DBs and LBs draw a great matchup against this Browns rushing attack. They carry the third-highest run to pass rate in the league.

However, these DLs draw one of the worst matches for their position. Ngakoue has been inconsistent especially in tough matchups.

Cleveland Browns

Embed from Getty Images

This Browns defense is tough to trust outside of Garrett. But if you gotta go with someone Goodson and Vernon have solid matchups this week. Baltimore's high run to pass rate plays well to the LB and their susceptible offensive line offers a lot of opportunity to the DL.

Thank you for checking out my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two!

Thanks as always for checking out my content! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two! What did you think of my picks? Any further questions? Hit me up on Twitter! Bbab_FFB is the handle, Bob Van The IDP Man is the name! My DMs are always open for anything Fantasy Football!
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