2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Bobby Shepherd
2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Stock Up/Stock Down

Week 13 proved to be a great week for football fans. And it certainly left no shortage of players for the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Stock Up/Stock Down to cover.

The Steelers and Seahawks both got humbled at home by NFC East teams. It proved to be one of the few times where not having fans in the stadium may have been a good thing for the home teams.

Jalen Hurts was given the starting role in Philly.

Nick Chubb out rushed Derrick Henry, fueled mostly by Baker Mayfield's insanely efficient first half.

The Patriots scored just 14 fewer points than Cam Newton had passing yards.

And the Jets tanked so hard that they had to fire their defensive coordinator the day after.

And as always to see the injury impacts of the week, you can click here.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 14 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Trending Up

Cam Akers, RB, LA Rams

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Dare I say it? Has Cam Akers earned the starting job in Los Angeles? It's tough to say. But it is certainly looking more like a two-player backfield than it was a month ago.

Akers will likely still split touches with Darrell Henderson, but it finally looks like Malcolm Brown will no longer be cause for concern. The Rams seem intent on keeping their running backs' workloads light which is good for the long-term viability of their careers.

Akers still managed to set a career-high with 23 touches against the very capable Cardinals defense. The immediate future looks bright for the Rams rookie as his next two matchups against the Patriots and Jets certainly lend themselves to running back production. But the long term future may have improved as well.

In the meantime, it appears that Brown may be the odd man out as his touches have been limited to five or fewer for the past three weeks. His -3 rushing yards in Week 13 certainly did him no favors for his future potential.

Jarvis Landry WR, Cleveland Browns

It's been back to back weeks with double-digit targets for Jarvis Landry. And just as we need fantasy players to step it up, he has. Over the past two weeks, he's had 21 targets good for a stat line of 16-205-2.

Baker Mayfield has been playing well enough to silence his doubters. And while he may face some resistance against the tough Baltimore defense this week, the passing volume should remain consistent for Landry.

For anyone in the playoffs, the Browns schedule in Weeks 15 and 16 includes the Giants and Jets. I hesitate to call Landry a must start, but there is a relatively short list of people I'd rather have. Low-end WR2 production is a pretty safe bet for Landry over the next few weeks.

Trending Down

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Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

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Wentz has been playing poorly this season for sure. His decision making has certainly left plenty to be desired. But it appears uncertain what the future holds for Wentz in Philly.

A few short years ago behind a much better o-line and with significantly better play calling, Wentz was a borderline MVP. He has played well enough in the past to still have some dynasty value, but the contract he signed weighs heavily on his trade value.

Doug Peterson decided that Jalen Hurts is his guy moving forward, and now Wentz may be a bench warmer for the next few seasons.

The potential QB transition will certainly impact the top receiving options as it remains to be seen who will draw the most attention from Hurts. For now, there is a(nother) looming question mark over the heads of all the Eagles starters.

Raheem Mostert, RB, San Francisco 49ers

Now before I lose you, "trending down" doesn't mean bad. It means only that Mostert has lost his standing as the only back to own for this team. At the beginning of the season, a lot of guys got touches but Mostert had a clear lead over the rest of his competition.

It was clear last night that it probably won't be the case moving forward. That's not to say Mostert doesn't have the most upside, only that Mostert will have to rely more heavily on big plays than volume to produce points.

And given the goal line trickery and Kyle Shannahan's love of Kyle Juszczyk, the TD production may be lacking as well.

I'm not saying Mostert isn't a start in a positive matchup, but the matchup should weigh heavily on your decision to start him or not.

Wait and See

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

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I know it's the worst timing it could have possibly been. But Kyler Murray's elite status isn't in question here.

He's certainly looked a lot more average than we had come to expect, but that has been due to a few temporary factors. First and foremost is the minor, but nagging, injury to his throwing shoulder. That's clearly played a factor in the QB's performance and even helped to cap his rushing upside.

The Giants, despite being much better coached than most people acknowledged prior to their win, shouldn't provide the same resistance Murray has faced the past few weeks. With no cornerback good enough to challenge DeAndre Hopkins on the roster, Murray should have a bounce back game.

If you're in the playoffs and having doubts about Murray I suggest playing him. It's unlikely you have a person on your roster with the elite ability to rival Murray.

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