2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit: Part One

by Bob Van Duser
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Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit: Part One! It's Playoff Season and there's no better time than now to set your best lineup.

My IDP Start-Sit articles are extremely unique in two ways. For starters, there's so much information I break down the articles into TWO parts! Second, there isn't a matchup or notable player I leave out! This article will have coverage on over 60 players. Stay tuned for Part Two and don't miss out!

In case you missed it be sure to check out my Week 15 IDP Waiver Wire as well as my Week 15 IDP Rankings articles. Still to come this week are my Week 15 IDP Start-Sit: Part Two, and my Week 15 Stream Team! Don't miss those quality pieces of content incoming!

Let's dive into the belly of the beast that is my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit

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Los Angeles Chargers Vs Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers

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The Raiders heavily favor the DB position with their high run to pass rate as well as their high yards per pass attempt. Rayshawn Jenkins was going to be a full-on start this week, but with Henry Ruggs set to miss this game, I'm fearful that the average yards per pass attempt will be dramatically lower than their season average.

However, there is a decent chance that the Raiders will end up behind early and have to air it out.

This linebacker situation is almost one I want to avoid entirely. With Murray's inconsistent play and the return of Kyzir White, it's possible these two eat into each other's workload and don't end up providing much production.

Las Vegas Raiders

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This defense is a mess. Between all the players that are set to miss this week, as well as the Raiders firing their defensive coordinator earlier this week, it's possible this defense is in for a long day against the highest average plays per game offense in the league.

However, no one on this defense has been able to provide consistent production regardless of the matchup. Maybe the canning of their former DC can provide some better production going forward?

Littleton should return to a full-ish time role with Morrow out, not that he'll do much with it.

Buffalo Bills Vs Denver Broncos

Buffalo Bills

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I think it's likely Milano gets back to a close to a full-time role this week. When he returned from injury earlier in the season he only played about a third of the snaps for two games before ultimately being placed on IR. This time around he spent his first game receiving a third of the snaps, however in his second game he received just under half.

This defensive line is nothing to get worked up about. Plain and simple.

Denver Broncos

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Kareem Jackson is one of my sneaky starts of the week and a likely Stream Team candidate. Buffalo favors the DB position heavily with their higher run to pass rate and high yards per pass attempt statistic. This keeps the ball in play for safeties at a higher rate.

The Bills are a tough matchup for LBs for the very reason they favor DBs. The ball gets pushed downfield as opposed to close to the line of scrimmage. Johnson and Jewell are pretty meh anyway, and it's likely you have better options.

Green Bay Packers Vs Carolina Panthers

Green Bay Packers

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This defense stinks. Well, correction, Mike Pettine stinks. There's so much talent here, and Pettine just isn't the guy to put it to work.

The Panthers are one of the teams that don't really favor any one position, as they kind of fall in the middle of all the statistical categories I look at.

But in Pettine's scheme, it's really only up to the MLB to make tackles. If he can't it's a 20-yard play guaranteed. Kirksey will be busy against this Carolina offense, however, neither the Packers defense nor the Carolina offense average many plays per game, which limits opportunity.

Carolina Panthers

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Green Bay is one of the better matchups for DBs as they have a high run to pass rate, and a high yards per pass attempt. As mentioned before this keeps the ball around the DB position and keeps them in play at a higher frequency.

However, Green Bay is one of the worst matchups for the DL position. Boasting the second least sacks allowed per game, coupled with Aaron Rodgers' low time to throw statistic, and high run to pass rate, this offers little time and opportunity for the DL to create pressure.

Houston Texans Vs Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans

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One of the more interesting storylines of the season is that of Tyrell Adams usurping Zach Cunningham as the "LB1" of sorts in Houston. From a production standpoint, Adams has frequently outdone Cunningham. However, when it comes to efficiency Zach Cunningham is still close to top tier.

The Colts offer another terrible matchup to the DL. Indy boasts the third least sacks allowed per game, and Rivers boasts the second-fastest time to throw in the league. This offers little time and opportunity for Watt and company to get to Rivers. You'll be hoping for tackles, as opposed to high impact plays.

Indianapolis Colts

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The biggest thing to monitor here is the health of Darius Leonard. If he ends up out I'd say both Walker and Okereke become start-worthy. However, if he plays I'd probably sit Okereke and Walker especially.

Detroit Lions Vs Tennessee Titans

Detroit Lions

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Another defense that stinks. Hopefully next year some of this talent will be put to use. With Patricia's "Belichickian" scheme no one really thrived on this defense as a Fantasy asset besides Okwara.

There's likely a ton of fallout looming with this defense over the off-season. Do former Patriots Duron Harmon, Trey Flowers, and Jamie Collins stick around? Do guys like Tracy Walker and Jarrod Davis return to relevance?

Tennessee Titans

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This defense is one that's very hit and miss. Byard is usually big-play dependent, Vaccaro is fine when healthy. Evans doesn't seem to have any extra pop in production since Brown was lost for the season.

I like Landry and Simmons to do some work this weekend. But everyone else on this defense just leaves me uninspired.

Chicago Bears Vs Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears

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Eddie Jackson is another big play guy who's very unreliable week to week. He's just not the type of player I want in my lineups.

Roquan Smith is quite the opposite. He's really come on to the scene this year and showed he's a mainstay in the top of IDP Rankings for years to come.

Mack has been tough to trust this season as he's been able to be schemed out of most matchups. This is what happens when a team can't compliment elite pass rushers with additional threats. They get doubled or schemed away from, which has been the case with Mack this season.

Minnesota Vikings

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If Eric Kendricks manages to play Todd Davis becomes a sit. However, he's a high floor play if Kendricks is forced to miss another game.

Harrison Smith has really caught fire down the stretch this season. I thought he was a guy that was fading out but I've been proven wrong for now. He draws a tough matchup against the Bears, who throughout the season haven't favored the DB, but with a newfound Mitch Trubisky at the helm, it could open up new opportunity for Smith.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Washington Football Team

Seattle Seahawks

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Pretty cut and dry here. Start your studs folks!!!

Dunlap is a sit whether he plays or not. Tough matchup against Washington for the DL (Who knew?!), and he likely won't be 100% for a while yet.

Washington Football Team

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Am I crazy for thinking the Washington Football Team has a shot to win this week? I just see Sweat and Young absolutely wrecking this offensive line and getting to Wilson early and often.

Full disclosure, I almost ranked Young and Sweat at DL1 and DL2 back to back this week. Besides Curl, the rest of this defense really isn't worth starting most weeks unless you're in a deep league.

New England Patriots Vs Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

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Miami is another one of those teams that just doesn't offer great matchups to the opposing defense.

Considering you likely have better options on your defense than these guys, I have zero issues sitting all of these guys.

Miami Dolphins

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Continue to monitor the Elandon Roberts injury situation. If he misses this week Jerome Baker is a smash play. New England heavily favors the LB with their high run to pass rate and low yards per pass attempt.

The matchup doesn't line up well for Ogbah and Lawson, however, these two are hard to sit. They've managed to have career years in 2020 despite being written off as draft busts. It's a pretty cool story if you ask me.

Thanks for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit: Part One!

Thanks for checking out my content! I hope you all enjoyed my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Start-Sit: Part One! Stay tuned for Part Two, as well as my IDP Stream Team later in the week! Follow ya boy on Twitter @Bbab_FFB! The name is Bob Van The IDP Man! My DMs are always open for anything and everything Fantasy Football!
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