2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Bobby Shepherd
2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up/Down

Here we are one week into the fantasy playoffs. Hopefully, you made it through the week and you need the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up/Stock Down to help find some extra depth for next week. Seeking reaffirmation that the players who cost you the playoffs are as bad as you think (here's looking at you Steelers) is also a perfectly valid reason to be reading.

Either way week 14 left us with no shortage of excitement.

Jalen Hurts stunned the Saints in what has been an ongoing trend in NFC East revivals.

Cleveland and Baltimore played the game of the year that played out more like a Disney movie toward the end.

The Andy Dalton revenge game has come and gone. Interestingly enough it was Dallas' first win this season over three points.

But perhaps the best Christmas miracle of the week of week fourteen, the Chargers won a close game with a last-second field goal of all things.

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2020 Fantasy Football Week 15 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Trending Up

Lynn Bowden, WR, Miami Dolphins

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Bowden came alive in a surprisingly close game against the Chiefs. The rookie had seven receptions for 82 scoreless yards.

With injuries to just about every receiver other than Mike Gesicki, the Dolphins don't have a lot of other people to consider. Mack Hollins and Bowden tied for the team lead with nine targets. Hollins led the team in receiving yards.

Next week Bowden gets to take on the New England Patriots in a game that should prove to be fruitful for him. Bowden's role has been predominantly slot receiving which should keep him away from the Patriot's dominant outside corners.

Should you happen to find yourself in a championship game with Bowden on your roster, he'll have a Saturday night revenge game against the Raiders. One which will no doubt see plenty of opportunity for Bowden to score points as the Raiders have been pretty vulnerable to wide receivers this season.

Jalen Hurts, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

If you didn't watch the entirety of the game Sunday, it was easy to miss how much of an impact Hurts really had in this game. In addition to making some magic happen on offense and getting a much-needed win, Hurts made almost no mistakes.

Hurts and the entire offense had only two negative plays - both tackles for loss, and one turnover. Given what we had come to expect from the Eagles, I'm sure it was a welcome change for their fans.

Hurts was a bit lacking in overall fantasy production through the air, but his 18 rushing attempts, planned or otherwise, provided one of the best floors we could have expected. If his role remains unchanged moving forward there is absolutely Lamar Jackson (2020 not 2019) potential.

Hurts is also a welcome sign for his receivers and running backs as well. The RPO that the Eagles are famous for directly benefits Miles Sanders as he saw his highest snap count. He was over 80% for just the second time this season.

Trending Down

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Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

I know we were all watching the same game. For the second week in a row, Diontae Johnson struggled with drops in a Steelers loss.

It makes perfect sense that a person targeted ninth-most in the league would lead the league in drops. But now it has gotten to a point where it is costing the Steelers games. As a result, Johnson was benched for the remainder of the second half.

So while he managed a little bit of a bounce back and wound up with four catches for forty yards, it's hard to ignore Johnson's mistakes. If his snap percentage is in Jeopardy it becomes necessary to consider other options.

Whether it be DFS, the championship run, or next year's drafts, this is going to be a problem limiting his upside moving forward.

Jerry Jeudy, WR, Denver Broncos

Jeudy had the potential to overcome what we expected to be a bad QB situation. He had low WR2 upside, it just never came to fruition this year.

Jeudy not only has been letting us down, but he has also been less productive than three pass catchers on his team over the last month. I know football is a pretty random sport, but how is K.J. Hamler outperforming Jerry Jeudy?!

I still have faith in Jeudy long term as the top option. And should the Broncos get their QB situation improved, Jeudy could find himself being a very valuable dynasty asset one day. But it's clear that won't be happening this season. And without a Josh Allen-like huge third-year leap from Drew Lock, it may not happen for a while.

The good news is that his 86 targets lead the team by a very wide margin. Should Judy take a step into the number one role next season he has top 30 potential for sure.

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