2020 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Bobby Shepherd
2020 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up/Down

The time has come again. That magical time of year where we get to take our sleeper pick victory laps or face the music. The 2020 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down was just like any year in that there was no shortage of surprises once again.

As the limited offseason brought about a great deal of rust, this was our first real look of the league. There were things we could see coming, like Philip Rivers throwing a few interceptions. Conversely, there was also a big shocker as the Washington Football Team's defense looked like a dominant force.

Now we as fantasy players are forced to adjust to the ever-changing landscape.

In an attempt to cut down on reading the same names over and over again I avoided anyone affected by injury. To read about injuries, you can read our guy Mike's Week Injury Impact.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

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Gardner Minshew, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Minshew may not have blown anyone away with his yardage totals, but his efficiency was impressive. With three TDs and only one incompletion, Minshew demonstrated a surprising leap forward.

Week to week target distributions aren't particularly clear yet but the pecking order seems to be less relevant than in years past. With the efficiency we saw week one, there should be fantasy relevance for at least two receivers in any given week.

Even more to his credit, when the Jags play against offenses that don't turn the ball over as many times, there is reason to believe the volume should increase.

Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles

As it seems so far, there may have been a passing of the torch in Philly. Goedert had an impressive day and shined even brighter than Zach Ertz.

The offense as a whole seems to be trending the wrong direction but Goedert didn't let that stop him. The teams woes made his 8-101-1 stat line even more impressive. Any player, but especially a TE, who leads his team in targets or yards, becomes a must have.

That being said, we've overpaid for him before so don't blow your entire FAAB. But he is absolutely worth using up waiver priority for.

John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills

Brown isn't necessarily trending up, just maintaining his stature. With the addition of Stefon Diggs, Brown seemed to be an afterthought in most people's minds this offseason. But it appears there is enough volume to sustain both players.

Now with a dominant performance (granted against the Jets) Brown looks poised to maintain his productivity from a season ago. His big-play ability means that he should always be considered as a starting option in any format.

Honorable Mentions

Scott Miller, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We all pretty much assumed Chris Godwin would be the top guy in this offense, but the emergence of Scott Miller was a bit weird to see. While Mike Evans and the team as a whole will no doubt figure it out, it's still hard to ignore that kind of production. As a life long Pats fan I can say with confidence there are enough slot targets to go around.

Logan Thomas, TE, Washington

Four catches for 37 yards and one touchdown may not sound like much, but Thomas is worth monitoring going forward. Terry McLaurin was kept in check by Darius Slay which won't happen every week, but on rough matchups like that Thomas may be the play.

Stock Down

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Mark Ingram, RB, Baltimore Ravens

I debated between putting him here or in the wait and see category. But let's be honest, there is no need to wait.

Between the rookie J.K. Dobbins and Lamar Jackson there just is not enough volume for consistency. This was highlighted in particular at the goal line where Dobbins seemed to be getting the looks.

So while it's safe to expect a few touchdowns to fall his way, it's hard to imagine he'll be getting anything consistent enough to start with confidence.

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns

The limited offseason is partially to blame, but the chemistry with Odell Beckham still isn't there. Now the Ravens are no easy opponent, but we've been seeing more "Johnny Football" vibes than "Baker the Touchdown Maker."

While it's early and the rust might shake off, the problems seem systemic at this point. And with Mayfield seeming shaky, the offense as a whole is brought into question.

The Browns play against the Bengals this Thursday in a favorable matchup in front of the nation. If Baker can't get it done against a soft defense then it's likely he won't at any point.

Honorable Mentions

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

The team's woes as a whole may be weighing on him more than any lack of talent. Wentz is clearly talented but nobody can be expected to perform well under that much pressure. For now, Wentz isn't looking like a particularly good option.

Any Minnesota Vikings Not Named Dalvin Cook or Adam Thielen

25 passing attempts in a game in which you were losing by a lot is a ridiculous way to play football. The same problems were apparent last year and are a part of why Diggs left the team. It appears history will be repeating itself so outside of Thielen and the backfield, volume can't and likely won't support anybody's performances.

Wait and See

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Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The limited off-season and less than ideal matchup may have derailed Brady. It's almost impossible for Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski to combine for 3-13-0 regularly.

So while I'm not suggesting we buy the dip in any Bucs' stock just yet, there is no reason to abandon ship just yet. When the chemistry develops there will be more production. But until that happens, there is reason to be skeptical.

Cam Newton, QB, New England Patriots

I'm skeptical about the production we saw from the Pats offense. A dominant display against the Dolphins has historically meant nothing.

The schedule gets real, with only a handful of favorable matchups over the next few months. So while anyone who drafted Newton should be excited with the goal line usage, know that the future might not be as kind as Week 1 was.

Austin Ekeler, RB, Los Angeles Chargers

Does anybody expect Ekeler to not be used in the passing game? Sure the team's terrible efficiency against a historically bad team is concerning. But there is no need to abandon ship just yet.

Ekeler should be a focal point of this offense. And eventually, the volume in the passing game should catch up. So at least for now, let's not sound the alarm. Over the next month or so, the Chargers are going to need a lot of offensive production to keep up with their tougher opponents so Ekeler should find his groove again.

Honorable Mentions

Carolina Panthers Wide Receivers

Robby Anderson made a big splash while DJ Moore seemed to be at the bottom of the pecking order. Now while you should definitely be putting in claims for Anderson if you need a big play type of receiver, let's not assume this will be the season-long dynamic. The Panthers' production might not be consistent moving forward.

Sammy Watkins, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

The same exact thing happened last year. A huge Week 1 performance sent us all scrambling for him on the waiver wire. And as a result, anyone who got him was burned. Rolling the dice on him is a fine option for a team in need. But at this point nobody can predict how this group of receivers will turn out.

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Matt Breida, RB, Miami Dolphins

Breida was hyped up this offseason as one of the sleeper options outside the RB2 ADP. As is often the case, our hopes were dashed pretty quickly on that. Myles Gaskin seemed to dominate the touches despite Breida's efficiency and Jordan Howard scoring a goalline touchdown. It appears that the backfield will be murkier than originally intended, but if you can spare the roster spot he may be worth holding. You likely didn't draft him to start every week, so give him a chance to earn more reps before you cut him.

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