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2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down


Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down.

The injuries in Week 2 were a killer for everyone. Losing several high-level players for the season that not only could affect this year for your fantasy league but for years to come.

There will be a lot of players stocks that should be moving up and down drastically over the next few weeks. It’s going to be a rough ride in fantasy this season but I’ll be touching on several guys that stocks are rising along with falling. Take this information and try to trade for and get rid of some of these players, and build yourself a championship roster.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons

All aboard! The Ridley train has arrived and he’s here to stay. If you didn’t think this man was a number one wide receiver option in this league, think again. After two back-to-back weeks with monstrous performances its clear that Ridley is an elite number 1 option in an offense.

Ridley has outperformed his elite counterpart and arguably the leagues best receiver Julio Jones in two straight weeks. A crazy stat for you is that Ridley has out targeted or tied Jones for targets in both of his week. Ridley has 12 targets Week 1 while Jones had 12, then in Week 2, Ridley had 10 and Jones had four. Ryan is forcing the ball to Ridley in the offense so far and it’s evident that he’s the number one so far.

Ridley’s finally starting to blossom in his 3rd year as a 25-year-old receiver. Things are only getting better for Ridley as he enters his prime and things are only getting worse as father time starts to creep up on his teammate Julio Jones. If you can find a way to get Ridley I would, he’s going to be a monster receiver for years to come and is just showing it now.

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

Wow, that’s all I can say about how Allen has played over the past two weeks. The clear progression in his game from last season to this season is absolutely absurd. Through two games this season he’s been a top-five quarterback in fantasy football and arguably one of the leagues elite so far as well.

Here are Allen’s stats through his first two games:

  • 729 Passing Yards
  • 6 Passing Touchdowns
  • 75 Rushing Yards
  • 1 Rushing Touchdown

Through two games these stats are crazy. Allen is averaging 31.5 points per game so far this season. You want to talk about a stock up, its this guy.

Clearly giving him another elite passing option in Stefon Diggs has done wonders for his development. As you can see by the game on Sunday Allen and Diggs have tremendous chemistry. The duo racked up 153 yards and a touchdown together on eight receptions. Diggs getting added in the mix with already great receiver John Brown is a match made in heaven for Allen.

Deep balls are getting throw and fantasy points are being racked up like never before with Allen. His stock is rising quickly and is arguably a touch five option in fantasy football moving forward.

Justin Herbert, QB, Los Angeles Chargers

Have the Chargers found their next heir to the throne? It sure looked like it on Sunday versus the reigning Superbowl champion Chiefs.

Herbert looked poised showing great confidence, flashed high arm strength with light finesse on some balls. The score was misleading as the Chiefs won the game 23-20. I promise you though on that day the Chiefs were not the better team.

In the first half, Herbert and his squad carved up the secondary for the Chiefs marching up and down the field. Herbert made a lot of great plays and showed he’s clearly better than Tyrod Taylor.

Here are Herbert and Tyrod’s stat lines compare to each other:

Passing Table
No. Player Age Pos G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate QBR Sk Yds NY/A ANY/A Sk% 4QC GWD
10 Justin Herbert 22 qb 1 1 0-1-0 22 33 66.7 311 1 3.0 1 3.0 35 9.4 8.7 14.1 311.0 94.4 77.8 2 15 8.46 7.74 5.7
5 Tyrod Taylor 31 qb 1 1 1-0-0 16 30 53.3 208 0 0.0 0 0.0 37 6.9 6.9 13.0 208.0 75.4 25.6 2 1 6.47 6.47 6.3 1 1
Team Total 25.8 2 1-1-0 38 63 60.3 519 1 1.6 1 1.6 37 8.2 7.8 13.7 259.5 85.4 4 16 7.51 7.13 6.0 1 1
Opp Total 2 50 83 60.2 495 2 2.4 1 1.2 6.0 5.90 9.9 247.5 80.1 4 33 5.3 5.3 4.6
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 9/25/2020.

Although the Chargers didn’t win with Herbert they played a much tougher opponent then Taylor did and actually looked a lot better on offense. If you judge it by the offensive success and the number of pure yards Herbert had versus Taylor it’s clear this kid is better.

It may take another game or two for Herbert to finally get the starting job but he will eventually. Taylor looked horrible and he’s not the future. They will eventually wind up doing what the Giants did with Eli Manning and Daniel Jones last season. I’m very impressed with Herbert and if you have him as a quarterback in your dynasty league you should be feeling very gitty about the situation.

Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals

Last, but certainly, not least is the number one overall pick and clear franchise quarterback Joe Burrow. If you didn’t believe in this kid then your starting to look crazy. Fast feet, big arm, smart plays, excellent poise, these are just a few things that Burrow has displayed in his first two games as a pro.

As you can see from the clip above this kid is the real deal. Judging by the stats which I will post below you should be impressed.

Regular Season Table
Passing Rushing Scoring Fumbles Off. Snaps Def. Snaps ST Snaps
Rk Date G# Week Age Tm Opp Result GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD TD Pts Fmb FL FF FR Yds TD Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
1 2020-09-13 1 1 23.278 CIN LAC L 13-16 * 23 36 63.89 193 0 1 66.1 3 20 5.36 4.11 8 46 5.75 1 1 6 1 0 0 0 -5 0 68 100% 0 0% 0 0%
2 2020-09-17 2 2 23.282 CIN @ CLE L 30-35 * 37 61 60.66 316 3 0 90.6 3 31 5.18 6.16 7 19 2.71 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 -22 0 92 100% 0 0% 0 0%
2 Games 0-2-0 60 97 61.86 509 3 1 81.5 6 51 5.25 5.40 15 65 4.33 1 1 6 3 1 0 1 -27 0
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 9/25/2020.

Burrow lit up the Browns and played very well the week before versus and elite Chargers defense who help Patrick Mahomes the leagues best quarterback to only 23 points through 5 quarters of play.

Have confidence in playing Burrow as your QB1 for a decade-plus and that’s including this year. The offense and Burrow are only going to get better and better as he adjusts to NFL life and his weapons around him.

Stock Down

Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants

I hate to see it, especially in the world we live in today but do we ever expect to get Barkley back to normal? And even if we do, do we expect him to play 16 games? Probably not, right?

This guy is special in every meaning of the word. He is a powerful runner with elite pass-catching ability. He’s arguably the leagues second-best running back behind McCaffrey. But know this is his second knee injury in two years and clearly can’t stay healthy.

Listen, I’m not completely ditching Barkley but I’m starting to sour on him. Running backs only have an expiration date of about five to seven years if they are lucky, and that’s only the truly elite ones. Saquon is elite but his body is already breaking down at such a young age, and the position he plays that’s not great.

I’m urging you that if you can get something of equal value like a Jonathan Taylor or a Clyde Edwards-Helaire I would consider pulling the trigger. Don’t give up on Barkley, try being cautiously optimistic but trade, trade, trade if you get the right offer.

Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants

To lead off with two Giants is not a great sight for Giants fans. So if you like the Giants or believe in them for fantasy you might want to close your eyes.

I was pounding the door down all offseason for Jones. I thought he possessed rare skills but just had a bad wrap for the turnovers because of the below-average team around him and terrible offensive staff. While that may be true for the cast of characters around him, he still clearly has regressed from his rookie season.

Jones continues to struggle with turnovers going into his second year. He still flashes signs of brilliance play at times but through two games it’s not enough to play him right now. Here’s a video of Daniel Jones’s interception versus the Steelers on Monday night football.

Just a brutal boneheaded play from Jones. Its plays like this that kill him in fantasy and for his future as a quarterback in this league. He needs to limit his turnovers in order to have future value and upside. I’m still optimistic about Jones as he is a second-year quarterback and shows those flashes of brilliance. Below is a clip of why I believe Jones is still a great player.

Clearly, Jones is a great quarterback, don’t sell on him yet in dynasty. Just hold him, if he can improve on certain things in his game then I consider him an elite QB1 in fantasy football. I suggest you try and swindle him in dynasty from a team if you have assets to trade for him. But for now Jones stock is down.

T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts

Elite receiver in his day injured riddled in his present. Hilton’s time as an elite wide receiver in the NFL has come to a close. Another case of father time has opened and closed as father time remains undefeated.

It’s been two games and I’m already pronouncing Hiltons fantasy career as damn near finished. He looked flat on Sunday in a victory versus the Vikings. If you are going to go out an only get three receptions for 28 yards, you have to do it against a team that has a solid to above-average defense. Well, the Vikings defense is neither. Actually, they might have the worst unit in the league, and if not a bottom five for sure.

Hilton has lost not only a step but where have those hands gone? On Sunday he dropped several balls including the one I’m going to show you below. Brutal to say the least.

I’m really souring on Hilton for the long term and even the short. If you can find a way to trade an aging wide receiver like Hilton for a decent young wideout with upside I would do so. Especially with guys like Pittman Jr getting drafted and Parris Campbell coming into his own. (Although he got hurt)

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