2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

by Davis Peng

With a painful Week 2 of the NFL season officially behind us, it's time to make adjustments if you took a serious injury on your team. Even better, this is an opportunity to take advantage of a team that is 0-2 with injuries.

However, if you're on the 0-2 side, it is still early in the season, so avoid making any panic trades as we still have more weeks to come. Hopefully, you listened to last week's trade targets, as both Diontae Johnson and David Montgomery had killer weeks, and they were both in my pickups last week.

So let's get this started and talk about 2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets. I'll cover buy-low, buy-high targets, as well as sell-high players. 

2020 Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Targets

Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears

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Right now, we have many Allen Robinson owners losing their minds as their WR1 has put up 107 yards and no touchdowns over two weeks. Mitchell Trubisky's prime target is Robinson; there isn't a doubt about that. In the last eight out of nine regular-season games, Trubisky gave at least seven targets to Robinson.

Robinson is going to face a weak Atlanta Falcons defense this week, and I am expecting a bounce back. Take advantage of his subpar production so far and make him your trade target. The Chicago Bears are less than likely to ever take over a game. Expect the Bears to dial-up pass plays all season long. This is your chance to buy Robinson at a WR2/3 price.

Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

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It's not looking great for Joe Mixon in the boxscore as he comes into Week 3 with 40 touches for 157 total yards in the first two weeks. Mixon's outlook is a bit better this week as he faces a mediocre defensive team in the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the perfect time to buy Mixon as an RB2 with upside.

The Bengals will get Mixon open lanes once Joe Burrow begins to gain more respect as a thrower. In addition, Mixon is a relatively good pass-catcher. With CJ Uzomah out for the season, prepare to see Mixon become the safety net. Mixon's overall outlook isn't the greatest as he still has four total matchups against strong defensive lines in the Steelers and Ravens.

On the same note, Mixon is also facing bad defenses in the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 4 and eventually New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. I am not expecting Mixon to compile great games every week, but I believe he stabilizes and can go for 80 total yards every week and ten total touchdowns by the end of the season.

Buy High Targets

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

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Josh Allen has been nothing short of fantastic this season, and I don't believe this will stop. We have been hearing "Let Russ Cook" for the last few weeks, and I am grateful for that, as it's overshadowing what Allen has been doing. Stefon Diggs and John Brown have consistently been relevant these past two weeks. The coaching staff gameplan looks to be more about airing the ball out rather than the usual heavy run scheme.

This has given their young quarterback real game-time experience along with the confidence to play to his strengths. The next eight games for Allen are all possible shootouts, giving owners the ability to stand up against top tier quarterbacks. Allen is on pace to finish as a top-five quarterback, maybe even as a top three option this season. 

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers

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With the news of Christian McCaffrey being out for four to six weeks, this is the time to begin attempting to buy DJ Moore. In my opinion, this is one of the safer risks that can also provide plentiful upside as Moore is clearly the primary weapon for the team without McCaffrey. 

Moore has been targeted 22 times in the last two weeks and I believe this trend will continue but with the addition of red-zone targets. McCaffrey had four touchdowns in the previous two weeks, and with him being sidelined, somebody has to be able to score points. I believe Mike Davis will be able to step in for McCaffrey to an extent, but there is a clear talent gap between them. DJ Moore should be targeted as a risky WR2 buy, with possible upside.

Sell High Players

Mike Evans, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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I will start off by saying that Mike Evans is an extremely talented player. He is one of the best wide receivers in the league and a legend in Fantasy Football. That being said, this is the time to trade off Evans. I believe that we just saw a top three-game for Evans this season. Evans finished with nearly 20 points against a bad defense and without competition in Chris Godwin.

Even without Godwin's competition, Evans saw only ten targets with Tom Brady throwing the ball 35 times. Not to mention that Brady hasn't breached 250 yards yet and is averaging 6.3 yards per completion. With the run game establishing itself and Godwin set to return, I don't believe we will see a WR1 outing for Evans rest of the season. There is someone out there that will bite on Evan's big game and get as much as you can while you can.

James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

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James Conner had a fantastic game against the Denver Broncos, and I believe Conner will continue to have good games because he is an excellent running back. That being said, if you want out of the James Conner injury scares, this week or next week would be the time to do it (if he can even finish back-to-back weeks). 

He is one of the few cowbell backs in the league, and that alone should garner Conner's attention. Send some feelers out there and see what you can get. I would target a mid-tier RB2 plus another low-end bench stash.

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