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2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down


Were approaching the quarter mark of the NFL season. The stocks of several key NFL players are rising and falling daily. We discuss in the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down article.

As we continue to get deeper into the season, you will see a lot of the same names continue rising and falling. This week and weeks before have set the tone for the players on this list.

Hopefully, you are lucky enough to own the players in stock up, and hopefully, you don’t own any stock down players. Now let’s get into this stock up and stock down players in this article.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Football Team

Let me start by saying I have a man-crush on this guy. His size, his speed, his quick feet, his everything. I believe that Gibson is a difference-maker. He’s a true playmaking running back with elite level skill at the position. His quick feet and ability to make jolting cuts through small homes is absurd. The pass-catching abilities and open field quickness elevate him to a pure three-down runner. I promise you this guy is the real deal.

The only problem I see with Gibson, the team and quarterback. The Washington Football Team is just plain horrible. Not to mention that Dwayne Haskins might be the worst starting quarterback in the league if not the worst. That’s a big downside for a running back to have such a garbage quarterback, considering in this case they will be down often in games.

Well, no fear here. This guy is special. Clearly, the Football team is seeing it. Gibson’s snap count and overall touches have continued to rise from Week 1. It’s obvious they are starting to trust him, he’s in the game when it counts and they are giving him meaningful carries.

His uptick in carries and on the field presence isn’t the only thing exciting. His work in the passing game and on the goal line is increasing as well. Gibson had 3 touches on the goal line as well as three receptions in Sunday’s game versus the Browns. Gibson continues to see production and work in every aspect of the game.

Buy this guy in every format you can. As the touches continue to come so will the value for Gibson. I’m excited about his overall production and with the schedule starting to clear up, better days are ahead for Gibson.

David Johnson, RB, Houston Texans

You might be asking, “why am I buying David Johnson?” Well, that’s a great question, upside is the answer. Going up against arguably three of the hardest run defenses in the league and still averaging over 10 fantasy points a game is amazing.

The schedule is getting better for Johnson, he goes up against teams such as DET, MIN, JAX, GB, and TEN. All of these are bottom third run defenses in the league, and some are even bottom five.

Not only is the schedule clearing up but he’s the only show in town. With Duke Johnson hurt and Hopkins being gone there aren’t many options. The Texans traded Hopkins for Johnson and need to get their values worth out of him.

Johnson should be feed early and often in these games meaning major production.  His work in the passing game is a big factor and his clear goal-line dominance should mean at least a 10 point floor per game.

Buy Johnson if you can, the schedule, elite quarterback, bad defense, and a healthy body is a big thing for Johnson. It was never a question of talent or role with Johnson just a question of health. As he continues to stay healthy he will continue to rise in fantasy with his soft schedule. Buy him as much as you can.

Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears

Wow, welcome to the show Mr. Robinson. After a lights-out performance on Sunday versus the Falcons, Robinson is now center stage. Establishing himself as a fantasy staple for the past few years, Robinson enters 2020 and now week 4 as a megastar.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky is out and now enter Nick Foles. The former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles that is. On Sunday, Robinson and Foles looked more than comfortable as they both lead the Bears back from a 16 point deficit with six and a half minutes left in the game.


After Trubisky was pulled Foles threw three touchdowns and one going to Allen Robinson that was a 37 yarder. Robinson on the day caught 10 passes for 123 yards and one score. His fantasy value climbs tremendously with Nick Foles.

The value of Robinson is that he’s a clear cut wide receiver one in fantasy. The best part about Robinson is he’s only 27. With this being his last year in Chicago potentially he can pick his spot this offseason. No matter where he goes he has at minimum WR2 upside in fantasy. If he does remain in Chicago or goes anywhere else he’s still absolutely viable, grab him if you can before the value skyrockets.

Stock Down

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Washington Football Team

I’m out, I’m so totally out on this guy right here. And honestly, I was never really in. I thought Haskins stunk from the moment I laid eyes on him at the combine. In my eyes, he possessed no rare skills, terrible accuracy, and didn’t have enough ability to make it in the NFL as a starting-caliber quarterback. Well, all this stuff is starting to become true and people are starting to realize it quickly.

Here are Haskins numbers through the first three weeks of the NFL season.

  • 56% Completions
  • 625 Yards Passing
  • 4 Touchdowns
  • 3 Interceptions
  • 4 Fumbles
  • 38.7 PFF Passing Grade

Let’s start with the PFF grade. DEAD LAST, yes dead last among 35 qualified quarterbacks so far this season. Brutal play so far this season, 625 yards through three games is terrible, four touchdowns are bad, and the increased turnovers are the cherry on top. Haskins is horrible this season and I don’t see it getting any better.

It’s over for Haskins, he’s garbage and could be benched for Alex Smith very soon. Look for Smith to come in this week if Haskins is benched. He’s a complete fade in every fantasy format and if you own him just drop him. It’s over for him.

Kenyan Drake, RB, Arizona Cardinals

Disappointing is fair to say so far for Drake. Analysts were clamoring for Drake after his production skyrocketed when he first took the field last season for the Cardinals. He was arguably a top 10 fantasy back last season in his role with the Cardinals. After the flashes and glimpses of major upside, there was a major rise in Drakes stock. And so far he hasn’t lived up to the hype.

The production for Drake just hasn’t been there, he has been getting the workload but he hasn’t been producing with it this season. He has 54 carries this season through three weeks for 219 yards. That’s 4.05 yards per carry. Not horrible, but when you aren’t doing much in the passing game and arent scoring touchdown that isn’t helping for fantasy.

Drake is getting killed by Kyler Murray‘s new best friend in Deandre Hopkins, and the fact that whenever the Cardinals get near the goal line Murray tends to take off and run the ball in himself. I’m not completely out on Drake, if anything I’d consider buying low on him. But for now, the stock is down.

Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

Where do I begin? If you invested any sort of high-end capital in this guy, whether it is via trade or draft its killing your team. Its only week three and you hate to hit the panic button on a guy you invested so much in, but it might be time.

He’s getting the carries but he’s not getting the production. Yes, he does have a great quarterback, and yes there are loads of talent around him at receiver, but so what? The supporting cast isn’t scary enough to warrant not stacking the box and stopping Mixon. And honestly, is Mixon really that scary of a runner to being with? Probably not.

The Bengals are down in every game because of the nature of their weak defense and a young quarterback. For a running back that’s a killer, especially because Mixon isn’t getting nearly the volume you’d expect him to receive in the passing game. In three games so far here are Mixon’s targets and receptions.

Targets – Receptions

  • 2 targets –  1 Reception
  • 4 Targets – 4 Receptions
  • 3 Targets – 2 Receptions

No really much involvement. Being down in every game early and not having a great offensive line is killing Mixon’s value. In redraft, he’s actually being shopped for players like D.K. Metcalf.

I’m personally out on Mixon entirely. The offensive line and defense are shotty and I don’t see those getting fixed anytime soon. I also worry that now that he got a big contract he won’t ever live up to it. Sell Mixon if you can before the stock plummets entirely.

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