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2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Injury Impact


Well, folks, here we go again. Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Injury Impact article.

Another week and more fantasy football stars have been lost to major injuries. We as fantasy fans can never get anything nice this year and it seems to be every week that a star goes down. Not only do we have to worry about injuries, but we also have to worry about if one of our players is going to come down with COVID.

This has been a wild year for sure and we are only a quarter of the way into the season!

As always I will be going over the impact of the injuries that happened in Week 4.

Let’s first start with the potential major injuries.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Injury Impact

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Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns – Knee (TBD)

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The Batman in the Browns terrific running back duo went down with a gnarly looking knee injury on Sunday. For a second it looked like the ankle, but the team has come out and said it is a knee injury more than likely. As of right now, they have not disclosed the severity of the injury. The Browns did not suffer in the running game or passing game with his absence as they scored 49 points and rushed for a total of 307 yards. Chubb only accounted for 43 of those yards.

I’m thinking his knee injury won’t be too serious but I do expect him to miss at least a week. The Browns have started 3-1 and I don’t think they would want to risk bringing him back early. With Chubb gone Kareem Hunt instantly becomes an every-week starter.

Kareem Hunt rushed for 71 yards on only 11 carries. He was battling a groin injury and that is why I believe they used D’Ernest Johnson and Dontrell Hilliard so much. Look for Kareem Hunt to be a big factor in the coming weeks.

Austin Ekeler, RB, Los Angeles Chargers – Hamstring (3+ Weeks)

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Here we go again with the hamstrings. You can easily tell that the lack of offseason training camp,pre-season, and practice is really affecting the muscles of a lot of players. The Chargers do it all running back suffered a hamstring injury on Sunday. The injury didn’t look good by any means as he had to be carted off the field. This was worse than the hamstring injuries to Davante Adams and he has missed three weeks so far.

So if you are an Ekeler owner expect him to be out at least three weeks and don’t be surprised if it is even more time missed. When he comes back he will be eased into action too so don’t be chomping at the bit to get him in your lineup. Joshua Kelley is going to see a major increase in touches, so pick him up in your leagues if he isn’t already owned.

O.J. Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Achilles (Season)

Talented but severely underused Tight End O.J. Howard has now lost his chance to play with Tom Brady for the whole year. It isn’t confirmed as of right now but everyone and their mothers know that it is a tear of the Achilles. This means that his season is done and he has a long road of recovery for him.

He wasn’t having the greatest year so you probably weren’t starting him, but you can now officially drop him from your rosters. Cameron Brate will get more work as he caught a touchdown pass today when O.J. Howard went out. I would like to say Rob Gronkowski will now be used more but I can’t guarantee you guys that.

Minor Injuries to monitor

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  • LeSean McCoy, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Ankle) – shouldn’t affect too many rosters to be honest.

  • Jordan Akins, TE, Houston Texans (Concussion) – probably not a starter for anyone, one less option for Tight End streamers.

  • Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills (Left Arm) – Left during first half of the game. Came back and shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

  • Tyler Eifert, TE, Jacksonville Jaguars (Concussion) – Again not a starter for most people, but another Tight End streaming option goes down.

That is all for the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Injury Impact article. Come join me next week for Week 5.

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