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2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets


Week 3 was intense. We had a slew of players score multiple touchdowns along with some people getting hurt. I want to add that not all trade high/low targets are guaranteed to return value. These players listed in the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets are just players I am eyeing for future weeks and do not mind trading for that particular week. They are also players I want to keep on people’s radars.

That being said if you traded for Allen Robinson last week as recommended, congratulations! Nick Foles, has been designated as the starter until further notice. I didn’t predict this would happen this week, but we all had a feeling that this was a possibility.

So let’s get going and talk about 2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets. I’ll cover buy-low, buy-high targets, as well as sell-high players.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Targets

Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Last week I had Mike Evans as a sell high, and in this case, I will honorably mention selling high on Evans again. This week Chris Godwin is a primary buy low for me. The Buccaneers are a very efficient football team offensively. They play to their player’s key strengths and zone in on it. Godwin’s strength is being the route running, big body, over the middle, swiss army knife wide receiver.

Godwin left Week 3 during the third quarter and still managed sixty-four yards and a touchdown. The minute Godwin became injured, the passing game took a significant loss, losing its safety net. Tom Brady absorbed three sacks after this point. This is a stat line to take notice as it shows how much Godwin impacts the offense.

Although Godwin is expected to be out for approximately two weeks, target him as a high-end WR2. He will minimally return those numbers in all PPR formats. Do not let him slip by as there is no lower value than going into a multi-week injury.

Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos

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Noah Fant‘s is currently the 3rd highest scoring tight end in fantasy football in half-PPR leagues. People overall across the board didn’t pay a premium price for Fant, and he’s still not a big name. This generally will keep his price pretty leveled. Add in Jeff Driskel and his mediocre play now you have a Fant with only five receptions on forty-three yards.

Did I mention that Fant had 10 targets in week 3? With Courtland Sutton out for the rest of the season, Fant is the Broncos’ target leader. If the first-round pedigree at tight end isn’t enough for you, know that Drew Lock is expected back Week 5.  This week and next week is possibly your only chance to get a top-five tight end at a low price.

Buy High Targets

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I promise you, I am not a Seattle homer. That being said, both wide receivers Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, are buy highs. Both wide receivers are putting up wide receiver one numbers, and the offense as a whole is efficient. Seattle is creating wide receiver duo history with future Hall of Fame quarterback Russell Wilson. Both wide receivers are on pace for 1,400 total yards and over twelve touchdowns.

Both these players will require Brink trucks levels of value, but if you have the depth to pry them from someone, I would consider it. Don’t be afraid to buy high, be afraid to face those players in future weeks.

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks

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Tyler Lockett has caught 24 of his 29 targets coming into Week 4. There will be a drop-off in efficiency as its currently 82%, as this is unrealistic to sustain. That being said, Lockett’s targets will not change. He is on pace for 130 targets and you can expect Lockett to hit career highs in yardage and touchdowns.

Lockett is a dynamic pass catcher with great vision to make plays in the open field. Lockett is the number two fantasy receiver on the year and based on these previous three games, it would be hard to argue that Tyler Lockett won’t finish as a WR1 over the next 13 weeks.

D.K. Metcalf, WR, Seattle Seahawks

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Coming into his sophomore year, D.K. Metcalf had a lot of hype and a lot to live up to. He was being drafted around the fourth round. He has done more than lived up to it. Metcalf is a big body physical receiver with speedster level speed.

He is currently averaging seven targets a game and is catching a little above the fifty percent mark. His yards per catch is at 23 yards per reception. I do not believe this is sustainable, but with Wilson throwing to him for 13 more weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed above 17 yards per reception.

Metcalf benefits from having the perfect storm surrounding him. Already having beaten defensive player of the year Stephon Gilmore, it is hard to argue that Metcalf isn’t the real deal. I will point out though, buyer beware, Metcalf has been known to accumulate injuries through his football career. Otherwise, enjoy this year’s Kenny Golladay breakout.

Sell High Players

Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings

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Thielen is a great player in real life, and this isn’t a must sell, but I believe there is better value out there. Thielen had a great Week 1, finishing with 110 yards and two touchdowns. In Weeks 2 and 3, he combined for less than his Week 1 production alone, recording 60 yards and one touchdown over the last two weeks.

I don’t see Thielen as a wide receiver one.  That being said, there is someone in your league who may want Thielen especially facing off against Houston this week. Throw out some feelers to see what you can get. I would try to get a wide receiver two plus something on the side.

Mike Davis, RB, Carolina Panthers

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Mike Davis had a great game against the stout San Diego Chargers defense, currently, the only running back to do so this season. Teddy Bridgewater has always been a conservative passer, taking what the defense gives him. The Panthers coaching know this and built an offensive scheme that heavily utilizes their running backs to attack the underneath routes as a safety net. In two games, Davis is sitting on 16 receptions out of 17 targets. Sprinkle in approximately ten or more rushing attempts and Davis will provide stable RB2 numbers.

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Davis will continue to eat and is an excellent rental if you were able to waiver wire him. That’s all Davis will be throughout the season though, a rental. Christian  McCaffrey is set to return within five weeks, and every week you are losing a chance to trade Davis to the McCaffrey owner or another running back needy team. Cash in while you can, before the value goes cold.

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