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2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down


Another interesting NFL Sunday is in the books. With the quarter mark of the NFL season behind us, stuff is starting to become more clear. In this edition of 2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down I’ll be touching on the stocks on several players who are on the rise and on the fall.

Players around the league continue to fall flat on their faces, while others continue to push themselves into fantasy football stardom. With players around the league’s stocks rising and falling due to a myriad of factors from injuries to lack of production, it’s a great time to capitalize on several players’ stocks.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Justin Herbert, QB, Los Angeles Chargers

He’s here to stay ladies and gentlemen – the Justin Hebert arrival is upon us. He put on an absolutely dominant display in a near win versus an above-average defense in Tampa Bay. Herbert displayed poise in the passing game to go along with a strong arm and great decision making. Herbert flashes great deals of excellence at times which is exceptionally exciting as a young rookie.

In just three career starts for Herbert here are his stats:

  • 72 Completion %
  • 931 Yards passing [310.3 per game]
  • 6 Touchdowns

Herbert has been balling out in his short period of time and playing the Chiefs and Buccaneers to the wire is no small task for any quarterback, let alone a rookie quarterback. The stock is trending in the right direction for Herbert, especially after this week. Three touchdowns and 290 yards passing is impressive.

My confidence in him is growing rapidly, and as the level of play increases, I expect major fantasy potential with Herbert. The touchdowns haven’t come yet but when they do he is clearly at the elite level with most of the young quarterbacks. Once the touchdowns come for Herbert so will the fantasy points, it’s been correlated so far. When he scores more than two touchdowns he scored more than 22 points both times.

If you have Herbert you have to feel good about the spot your in. He’s already one of the better quarterbacks in the league not only just in fantasy but in the NFL. The stock is rising rapidly with him. Look for Herbert to be a top-10 quarterback in fantasy for the next 8-10 years.

Terry McLaurin, WR, Washington Football Team

Can we make a rule to get this guy out of Washington? He deserves better, honestly. Sometimes I think to myself, “what if McLaurin were on a good team, with a good quarterback?” The answer to that question is that he would be a no doubt, elite WR1 in fantasy football no questions asked: if he’s already not that.

You may be asking: “If his quarterback is so bad and his situation is so bad, then why is his stock trending up?” Simple: he’s bust proof in fantasy. So far this season he has yet to score less than 11.2 points. Yes, that’s right, he’s yet to put up anything less than 11 points, and pairing 11.2 points with 30 point ceilings is super appealing. If you can get 30 points upside with a high-level floor that’s all you need in fantasy.

It’s not just the production, it’s the volume. He’s the only wide receiver Washington has that can be trusted. Here are McLaurin’s targets for the first four weeks of the season.

  • 7 Targets
  • 10 Targets
  • 8 Targets
  • 14 Targets

That’s what we like to see, especially out of a stud year two receiver. McLaurin is an elite playmaking receiver – arguably one of the league’s top receivers. Cornerbacks and opponents like Darius Slay talk about McLaurin as already being elite. The stock is rising, and once he finally gets a real quarterback he will elevate to the levels of Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins in fantasy and in reality.

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Football Team

Ironic that I spent my time trashing Dwayne Haskins last week and now I’m highlighting two players on the same offense. Am I right? All I’m going to say about this guy is that he has officially arrived. I’ve been preaching for Gibson all offseason long, pounding the door down for everyone to draft him in every single format that you could. His film stood out and his clear cut workload did as well.

Exploding in Week 4, Gibson racked up 22.8 fantasy points versus arguably the league’s top defense in the Baltimore Ravens. Gibson finally broke out in the passing game as I talked about in last week’s article. I touched on how the only thing stopping Gibson was the playing time and the passing game work. Well, both of those things so an increase and look at what happened when it did. Here are Gibson’s stats from Sunday versus the Ravens.

  • 44% Snap Percentage
  • 13 Carries – 46 Yards
  • 1 Touchdown
  • 5 Targets – 4 Receptions
  • 82 Yards

When you give him carries the fantasy points will come. What the Football Team is starting to figure out is that Gibson is the clear best player they have on offense besides McLaurin. Things should get interesting as Gibson gets more snaps and touches.

Now that Gibson has arrived at the front and center stage he is a clear cut number one back. If you have him in fantasy you can feel comfortable with him being a stud RB1 for now and for the future. Play him every week with high confidence and let the stock of Gibson continue to rise.

Stock Down

Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If you watched on Sunday you saw the two ‘backup’ running backs for the Bucs light it up. With Fournette sidelined, the Bucs ran the ball effectively to the tune of 20 carries for 111 yards with Ronald Jones.

Players like Jones and rookie Ke’Shawn Vaughn also saw work in the passing game, combining for 8 receptions, 22 yards, and a touchdown. The rookie and the third-year runner Jones both looked great in this game. Fournette’s inability to stay healthy is also a big mitigating factor in why he’s stock down.

I’ve not been impressed with Fournette in two of his three games this season as well anyway. His lack of production and workload makes him a less than ideal player to own for the long term. With the competition being the way it is, and the offense being pass-first, I’m down on Fournette. In the short term, I consider Fournette having little value. Wait and see where he goes next season before making a move to trade for him or just trade him away.

Preston Williams, WR, Miami Dolphins

Williams is another sleeper pick that got overblown in the hype and flopped on his face. Williams was an extremely hot add over the offseason as several analysts pounded the door down for him. So far not so good for that prediction. With Williams’s lack of production and role being limited in the offense, I’m starting to sour on him.

After another poor showing on Sunday it’s becoming clear Williams isn’t the answer. I don’t even believe that Williams is the WR2 on his team. Williams was actually out-snapped, out targeted, and out produced by his counterpart, Isaiah Ford. Here is a tweet displaying the stats so far this season.

If you look at those stats and aren’t scared of owning Williams, well, then I can’t help you. There is something wrong with Williams. He’s not getting the targets or playing time he lusts for. Even with a banged-up Devante Parker and a lack of run game, Williams can’t produce to make him even fantasy relevant.

I’m out on Williams for fantasy and if you own him I’d consider trading him if you can get anything for him. If you can’t, he’s droppable for someone with more long-term upside.

A.J. Green, WR, Cincinatti Bengals

Once an elite generational wide receiver, Green has seen his day’s windle down after injuries and rehab. Green’s injuries and Father Time have finally caught up to him. He’s slow, consistently heading to the sideline, and lacks the elite tools he once had.

After drafting Tee Higgins in the offseason and having Tyler Boyd emerge, how could you feel comfortable with Green? It’s clear he’s being replaced if not he hasn’t already been replaced. The last two weeks Green is third on the team in targets for wide receivers behind Boyd and Higgins.

Even with Green’s targets this season he just isn’t producing. He is struggling to catch the ball as he’s caught just 14 of his 33 targets. But it’s not just the lack of receptions, it’s the lack of yards as well. Green has just 109 yards on the season on his 14 receptions.

The evidence is coming clear for Green, he’s being phased out and pushed to third on the depth chart. It’s not a great sign for an aging wide receiver to look bad in a contract year. The only thing that could save Green is for him to head to another team this offseason who is lacking a true big sized wide receiver like the Patriots. While the stock is down for Green for now and for the future, things will get clearer this offseason.

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